Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Montgomery Gentry

Last Monday while dropping Charli Beth off at school I heard through the crackling of my radio the station I was listening to was asking for people to call in and guess what the second most stolen item is. Well, duh, I knew this one! I waited until they gave the # out, then it hit me that I was listening to a Nashville station?! What the...I called anyways, because who doesn't like to be a know it all?

I seriously thought that it would be busy or ring forever, but boy was I wrong. Two rings and they pick up, and our convo went a little something like this...

"995 The wolf, What do you think the answer is" - Radio dude

"Pregnancy test" - Me

"hahahaha...How do you know that?" - Radio dude / Radio girl
"I work at a police department, so I get calls on these silly people" - Me

"That is so gross! What do you think the number one item is?" -Mean Radio girl
"Condoms" - Me

..more eww and all went on after that.

"Well you won tickets to see Montgomery Gentry, Gretchen Wilson and John Rich this Sunday"

" Seriously!! yayyy....I'm sorry my radio is cutting in and out I am in Kentucky" - Me

"Oh okay...wait...ARE YOU AMISH?"
"Umm, Noo wayy!"
Would you date an Amish"

"haha no wayyy. " - Me (secretly I do love Amish families and their produce, but I would never ever.)

It just totally cracked me up that they labeled me as Amish since I am from Kentucky! Usually people come off with the inbred, barefoot and pregnant stereotype. The man and woman that I was speaking with, who actually I have no idea were took down my information and told me that someone from promotions would be contacting me on how to get my tickets. So I waited............and waited........and waited......until Friday morning. I figured that I would call and check to make sure that I had heard correctly and was not making plans for no reason at all. I got tossed around to promotions, promotion managers, help desk until that afternoon. It was insane. Finally, a girl told me that since I was in Kentucky and they would take my tickets with me to concert and for me to call "Scotty" as soon as I got there. So my big sister Ashley and I got dolled up and headed out Sunday afternoon, then guess who did not answer their phone....
Thankfully, after waiting what seemed like to be forever, and sweet talking the amazing Michael Hall (who ever he may be?! I believe he was a manager over The Woods at Fontanel) we got our tickets. Actually we got even better tickets than I'm sure the crappy wolf station was going to give me. We were right behind the vip section and in the middle. No big deal, but hey they were free! So we went in and started listening to the opening act, which was a terrible mixture of country singers. My sister and I were having a blast though, then came the rain...
We have not seen a drop of rain since the beginning of August, and then there we were in the middle of a Tsunami. But it did not bother us because thanks to Michael Hall we were destined to have a good time together! Here are our pictures to show for it...
We were running late, so stopped and ate gyro, which was delish!
Gretchen Wilson, is not just a "redneck" to me anymore but an amazing singer.
She seriously blew me away with "angel from Montgomery" - wow.
"If it rains any harder, I'm going to feel like we are in a Taylor Swift video"
- Troy Gentry

Yes, this would be Gretchen in the middle of the crowd on some dude's shoulders with a beer in each hand. My oh my, no wonder she is known as the redneck woman!

I have been debating all week on calling the Wolf and complaining on how ridiculous their promotions department is. But for now I have decided to just forget it, I got in to the concert and had a blast and that is what matters!

I seriously cannot get over how hilarious and funny this night was. Hopefully, this night will be the first of many big sis/lil sis nights =)

I love you Ash! Thank you for not only being here for me but for listening to me whenever I need a friend. It's truly a double blessing from the Lord to not only get a sister but to get a friend out of you as well. I cross my fingers that we will have more hilarious nights together in the future, no matter if it deals with Drop Dead Fred, Gyros, Physical Therapist rocking out at country concerts or persuading Charli to let us eat school pizza with her! & as always Charli says "askjasjsswccccccccsspllaaiiiwwjj cchar li" - (I love you Aunt Ashley, how are your dogs? Charli)


Becca said...

How much fun! Sounds like you guys really did have such a great time together! It's always great to do fun things with your sis! BOO on that radio station though. Good thing y'all were able to get in!

Oh and the gyro looks friggen DELISH!

Kendra said...

Im so glad you got in. I would have been so aggravated. I love how you knew the answers. Atleast working at the police station has benefited you.. haha.

Rosie said...

It's my first time to be able to check out your blog and it's super cute. BTW: I have NEVER heard of Kentucky being known for Amish people. If it makes you feel any better, I'm from TX and do not ride a horse or wear a cowboy hat:)
And I'd go ahead and call the radio station. You will probably get something free for your trouble.

Kristin said...

Glad you ended up having a good time!!! O and did i ever tell you thanks for the comment bout my Hubbs?!?! LOL!! THANKS!!! and I already knew that! HA! ;)

Kristin said...

your so crazy! call me stupid, but i don't really know how twitter works. HA! I know! I'm a loser!

Meant to be a mom said...

How fun, I'm so glad you girls had a good time and the convo with the radio girl is hilarious!

Jessica said...

I never would have thought that those were the top 2 stolen items! Weird! That sucks that Scotty didn't answer his phone but at least y'all got in. Glad you had fun!

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