Thursday, October 21, 2010

Questions for YOU!

I seen on Kelly's blog that she had came up with the idea to ask her blog followers some questions to get to know them! We all have a lot of followers that sometimes do not comment but still read our blogs on a daily basis. So this is our time to get to know you or even the ones that we talk/tweet to everyday!

{One} - Where are YOU from?

{Two} - What is YOUR favorite thing about my blog?{Three} - How long have YOU been reading?

{Four} - Do YOU have twitter?

{Five} - What is a random fact about YOU?

My random fact for example: I was randomly selected out of a crowd by a lady to be interviewed at The Grand Ole Opry for their television show, which seemed to air for weeks. Jason Michael Carrol was on stage and I thought I was going to die, because his arms and long hair were ahhhmazzzinggg.

Thanks for playing along!


Kelly said...

YEAH, I love that you are doing this too! It was fun to read everyone answers!

1. I am from Minnesota
2. I love hearing how amazing of a single mommy you are! and seeing pictures of Charli beth too!
3. I have been reading for about 2 years.
4. Random fact: I have been through 9 cars since I was 17. (11 years)

Katy said...

Not only do I wish to visit the opry some day, but yougot to be on the show! that is soooooo cool! Thanks for the comment on my gallbladder post, i am holding up well :)

Erin said...

Well I am Erin and I am your long lost BFF!! So move your butt to MN and join Kelly and I. Please and Thank You!

I have been reading your blog for awhile now but we just started to really chat because of TWITTER. YIPPY FOR TWITTER!!

Random Fact : I have to be touching chads leg or feet to fall asleep but I am not a big fan of cuddling.

The Lutz Family said...

What a fun little game :)

1. Arizona
2. Charli is always a cutie to keep up with, but I also love reading about how you navigate through the life of a single momma. You do such a great job at it!
3. Probably about a year
4. I do, but I don't tweet... just stalk celebrities
5. I raced BMX (bike racing) for about ten years when I was little

Annie said...

1. Im from Michiagn
2. Welll....I think that CB is about the cutest thing on 2 legs and that you are a GREAT mama. I love to see what you girls are up to :)
3. I think that your blogs is one of the first that I started following back when I started maybe almost 2 years now?!?
4. YES...we are twiter bff's
5. I am a pretty picky eater...and have never eaten tuna or baked beans, ppl. think thats funny b/c they are pretty common foods :)

Sarah said...

Fun idea!

1. I'm from western Arkansas!
2. I love reading about CB! She's precious! Also, I think you are a wonderful mother and you really inspire me!
3. I can't remember exactly? Maybe 8 months or so?
4. Yes, we are tweet buddies!
5. Random fact- hmmm? I still have a baby tooth. There isn't an adult tooth under it so it will stay until the roots get bad - then I'll have to get a bridge! :)

Jillian said...

1. Midwest
2. Everything
3. I don't know maybe 5-6 months
4. Yes and I love to tweet
5. I was in the military for 7 years!! If you read my blog you know that but its random!

Ashley said...

1. I am from Tejas
2. I read because I like to stay updated with your life as I feel like I "know you" from following you on Twitter. And because you and Charli are just too cute! :)
3. I have been reading for 1 year or so.
4. Random fact: I sang at Carnegie Hall when I was in High School and graduated with Kelly Clarkson.


1) from Oklahoma
2) read b/c you seem very "real" and down to earth.
3)been reading for nearly a yr.
4)Yes @hope4ou - twitter id
5)Random - im currently stalking the apple site b/c im trying to decide btw a mac book air or an ipad...

Kayla said...

1. South Carolina - I really love it!

2. You have a little girl and I just had main in June so I'm learning from you : )

3. 5 months

4. I did, but never used it so I cancelled the account

5. I'm a part-time neonatal nurse, part-time photographer, full-time army wife, full-time mom, and full-time christian!

Anonymous said...

I am from the East coast.
I have been reading your blog a few months.
I love your daughter and you. You are both so pretty and sweet!

The Garcia's said...

1. Texas
2.Your just a "real", down to earth country girl! And Charli Beth is just toooo cute!!
3.I think about 5 months
4.TweetTweet: BrainyGarcia
5. I am going to school to be a RN!!


Danielle said...

1) KY
2) your honesty
3) I'm really not sure but I'd guess about 6 months or so.
4) NO!
5) I don't like chocolate...usually!

Kristin said...

Hello dear friend! I'm finally having time to answere these questions!!1

1. I'm from Central Arkansas
2. You are a Great Mom!! I love how your blog is filled with little Charlie!!!
3. a couple of weeks i thank. but your already my Bestie! :)
4. No twitter. but I facebook.
5. I sing in the car. when i'm bymyself. only when im bymyself, cuz i sound like a hound dog when i sing.

Kristin said...

sorry! i didn't mean to put an e on the end of charli!!! It's habbit! my lil cuz name is charlie!

Anonymous said...

1. I am from Franklin, Tennessee but I live in Columbus, Georgia
2. I love when you share pictures of your outfits and some of the fun things you do with Charli Beth
3. I've been reading for close to a year now
4. I do have twitter! Follow me: wtvmtaylor
5. I have very strange phobias: feet, clowns, fur and port-o-potties

Kelly said...

I have been out of town for a week and just got a chance to catch up on my blog reading. I'm late but I want to play anyway.
1) I am from North Florida
2) I love to see pics of Charli and I love to read your blog. You are very honest and down to earth. I think you are doing a great job being a single working mom. I was widowed for 5 years with 3 small kids and I know how hard it is.
3) I have been reading about a year4) yes, I have twitter. I enjoy FB more though.
5)I love to I try to find bargains so I don't feel so guilty:)

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