Sunday, February 23, 2014

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent-

The quote listed in the title of this blog post typically makes me feel, "okay" or "strong." But lately when I remind myself of this quote after someone literally tries to make me feel inferior, it becomes more of a slap in the face. Not because I am inferior but because I give others the ability to let me feel so. 

Do you let others make you feel ashamed? 

I think it is human nature. Even if the person hurting you, is not even meaning to do so. We have all accidentally said things before that we have not meant, so that is not neccassary what I am speaking of. 

Do you stop to smile back at a person who is walking by? Or make a friendly conversation back when someone speaks to you? If not, then you have probably made the other side feel unworthy for that speck of moment and that spilt second can feel like a lifetime.

It seems that I am growing my children up in a world of adults who feel as if they have power over one another. It can be from a coach, a school activity or just a Mom on Facebook. 

We are adults, men, women, workers, parents and at the end of each are we not all just that.  So why, why, why must we beat one another down even with small gestures or actions.

Kids sense these things, and they pick up on our parent battles way more often than we think they notice. {Especially my kid who sometimes with her vocabulary I think I need to send her 80 year old self back to the nursing home that she came from.} Then we wonder why kids "bully" one another. 

Have you ever thought it was because they see the actions from us as adults first? Mind blowing isn't it? We look so closely at others that sometimes we fail to look into our own hearts and realize that maybe we are the start of certain issues. 

Yesterday while at a local consignment sale a lady dropped an item next to me and I quickly bent over to pick it up to hand back to her. Before I even raised back to my standing position she was already snatching it from my hand and giving me that funky "why would you even touch my soon to be item" look. So I just kind of laughed it off and then thought to myself how she probably has no idea how she actually made me feel dumb for a spilt second. Why would I feel dumb? Because she practically stomped on the fact that I was trying to do something nice for her. 

We are such a blind world that is focused to much on ourselves and not enough on others. I carry the term of bullying loosely because I feel that we have also become very sensitive within the United States BUT to be honest I am tired {so tired} of getting the cold shoulder, the dirty looks, and pushed out because of others. It's time that we as adults start setting great example for our children and start working on our hearts while working on theirs. 

"People will not always remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feels."

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Florence said...

What a great post! As someone who works with young children, it amazes me what is often now considered acceptable. I love the last quote.

Your children are very lucky to have a mommy willing to teach such important values. The hard work will pay of.

Take Care

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