Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First Snow Day of 2016

Snow is literally one of the most magical things on Earth. The way the flakes fall, its impact, the smiles, and typically the napping. We may not be lovers of the cold weather around our home, but the snow makes us all giddy. I'm a lover for all things chaotic, and what better what to bring chaos than a midweek snow fall in Kentucky. 

Kentucky snow is few and far between. Our mediocre four inches, can close school off for days (Day two of snow day fun is already scheduled for tomorrow.) We can also shut down a town with no problem. Everyone grabs their sleds, tubes, four wheelers or whatever they can to make the most of a winter wonderland. 

While I am completely jealous that my Dad is not in town so we can go for a joy ride. I had another day full of memories with Charli Beth and Bryar. We tried for Dad to stay home with us, but duty calls and he was gone first thing this morning. 

Even though I was up all through the night checking Windows, like I would as a child waiting for Santa, my kids spared no rest. They were up around 7:30 asking to go play. But I'm a bum, and said not until after breakfast. 

Breakfast wasn't prepped until 9. 

After an hour of gathering snow clothes, then another thirty minutes trying to rig clothes on the kids we made it outside. 

Sweet Charli girl is always so kind to Bryar by wanting to pull him on the sled. Even though he resisted at first, she eventually had her fair share of tugging. 

Bryar was obviously more focused on eating snowballs or throwing them in Charli's face. 

What kind of brother would he be if he wasn't constantly picking on her? 

Even though he is adorable, he can most certainly be a handful while playing in the cold snow. Thankfully for the most part, he was quiet the trooper while rolling down hills, making snow angels and just simply making memories with his sis. 

As I sit here tonight, in my marvelous home of silence I look around and notice how dirty it appears. The toys are out of control, and there is one too many glasses on the end table. But today was fun. It's what being a parent is about. It was tiresome, but one of most favorite reasons to be a Mom. 

Days like today are more about the laughs, coyote tracking, and falling over exhausted in the snow. It's less about the dust and clothes to be put away. Even if naptime was a complete failure, and ended with a remembrance of our crying it out days, we had fun. 

The older I become the more I realize how amazing these days are. The rare snow filled, excitement of children occasions that I am only blessed to enjoy for so long. Even if I vowed to not get out in the snow again tomorrow, I'm fairly certain I will put my big Mama clothes on and do it again.

I mean how could I not? 

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Annie said...

You can have some of our Michigan snow ;). haha. I will admit - it is beautiful - but I am ready for spring!

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