Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Bluegrass Turns White

Jonas turned the very famous Bluegrass State into a sheet of white over the weekend. The bourbon making state put everything on hold and we hunkered, {as our meterologist in the area love to say} for days as historic snow fall surrounded on Friday. Typically, when you hear the word historic you gasp in fright. But thankfully, all was well and thank the electric company Gods that we didn't loose power. Our historic snow dropped a foot of snow over south central Kentucky in less than 24 hours. Some people complained, some cried about how they couldn't get out, others rejoiced in the fact that they were snowed in and loving it. 

I was one of those people. 

The snow makes me giddy. As previously stated, I'm a lover of all things chaos. Chaotic weather sends me into this andrenaline mode, that reminds me on numerous occasions that I should've been a storm chaser. Not that you necessarily chase snow storms, but you catch my drift. Even though I would love to go out and see the beauty of this winter wonderland. I happily have stayed within the coziness of my home for the past five days. 

We've had a lot of playing going on and at some points there was even minor sibling scuffles. But it's all been quickly resolved and ended with lessons to be learned. I swear in my down time from being a storm chaser, I could totally love life as a stay at home Mom. Even through the mess of the toys, I've kept it pretty well together. Yoga pants and baggy shirts have been my calming source for the week. It's going to be more than hard to leave them behind once school is back in session later this week. But what's going to be even more hard is being away from these two and the memories we have made together.

When will we ever be able to find snow drifts in Kentucky that cover their little legs. To tell you how high the drifts are, I am 5'4 and some could reach my thighs. Simply amazing that we will probably never experience this again. 

These pictures were taken late Friday afternoon after listening to the kids beg to play for a few minutes. The wind was blowing the snow so hard during the day, that we walked out only to check measurements, grab enough for snow cream and be surprised by Curtis making it home right at shift change. The amount of ice layered underneath the snow has us guessing that he would be gone through the night. So from a wife needing reinforcements to keep my sanity, thank you to whoever made that call. 

Once the winds and snow fall came to a halt on Saturday morning we finally ventured off to play. I had set my mind to making an igloo because it seemed to be the going thing around the south. Let's just say that a woman and her nine year old daughter will never ever be contractors. 

After four hours and lots of sweat, we made the worlds tiniest igloo/tunnel. Although, we only used our hands, feet and toddler tykes rake we caught our selves laying in the snow laughing until we couldn't breathe. 

And that my friends is what a great snow day is all about. That is until you tell the overly dramatic four year old that it's naptime. Because hell hath no fiery like a kid who "isn't tired." 

I won...

So we celebrated with a pot of chili and double layer chocolate cake for dinner. Speaking of good food. I'm fairly certain that I will need a massive detox from the weight gain over this snow break. Why is it that we feel the need to as women to bake nonstop by stuck indoors. I literally just can't help myself. Not to mention, I've cooked more this week than I have the past few months. Which has also opened my eyes tremendously. 

Isn't it funny how we take so much for granted while we are stuck in the business of our ordinary lives? You may hate that snow but how can you not just love the slow down it brings. I can stay within these winter days forever. But then again, if I have a kid ask me for a horse or another animal one more time, we may not make it to spring. 

So for now, they'll just have to enjoy their snow horse and their stick horse rodeos. 

Because I'm really not so sure that the snow leaving, or another animal joining our family will happen anytime soon.

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