Friday, January 22, 2016

Preparing for Jonas

While you're asleep several officers are taking their belongings to a localized building to rest for the night. While we are on comfy beds, they're sleeping on cots and blow up mattresses. While we are warm in our homes, linemen are working endlessly to make sure we stay in comfort. 

To say that I was overly ecstatic when my Husband text to let me know of this plan, wouldn't be a complete an utter lie. At this point in my journey through being a police wife, I slightly just had that "okay whatever" attitude. Another night/day at home a lone, I got this. 

So I took off to the store to prepare for Winter Storm Jonas. Because let's face it Kentucky folks, just don't really do snow all that well. A few inches will shut us down, but call for a quarter inch of ice, then a foot of snow. We may close down until things thaw out in the spring. While standing in the store, telling one kid to stop acting like she's riding a horse. Then reminding the other to be grateful for the toys that he already has at home, and by goodness stop asking for more. I realized that this doesn't happen to often. Even if it may be a huge slumber party of grown men acting like teenagers, so be it. If this stay over night will keep one of these deputies from getting injured, I'm okay with it. 

Another night of sleeping with either this furry fella,

Or a four year old who pushes his feet back and forth on my legs to fall asleep, is something I can deal with. 

It's just simply amazing to me how selfless people can be when it comes to the safety of others. My main question to Curtis during dinner tonight was, "how will you get back home?" His response wasn't an indication of how he will, only how he would be needed with the forecasted weather coming in. Even though it is a true fact, I must say that being a police officer wife makes me incredibly proud. He is indeed correct that no matter the conditions, or lack of four wheel drive in our county police cruisers, someone will need assistance in the morning. 

While I listen to the freezing rain fall, and pray that the electricity stays on I cannot help but to rejoice in the fact that humanity still exists. It may not come in the form of some random good deed, but rather many individuals giving their time all across this nation tonight. Whether this time be served on duty with a police force, a linemen, fireman, dispatcher, tow truck driver or medical personnel, they all chose to be within a profession that gives. As I sit within my coziness, and hope that blogging brings the sleepiness to my brain that is needed, I cannot help but to feel so very grateful and proud to be the wife of someone who gives so much more than we ever notice. 

Today as Jonas arrives, and we calculate the totals of snowfall around the south be sure to thank someone. Don't let someone's work go unnoticed. For we couldn't ever be the selfish American citizens without their hard work and time.

Be safe, and please stay off the roads so our Husbands make it back home to us as quickly as can be :) 

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