Monday, February 2, 2009

I haven't had much to post being that work is the only thing consuming my life at the moment. Well, that and working out at the YMCA and playing with Charli Beth there, tanning, cleaning. Yes, that consist of the life of Paige, I suppose. I'm actually am getting a bit of tan on me...and feel very proud of it. I know that people always talk bad of tanning beds and what they do to your skin, and how they "bake your insides." But I honestly love them. I love the way it relaxes me after working out most of all, and if you lotion very good after tanning your skin looks a hundred times better.

My work outs at the moment are not consisting of much, and I honestly feel like a total lazy bum being that I work out and walk for about 30 mins a piece. I would be running, but it seems that the times that I go it is full of older people on the track...and I almost knock them done by in a fast pace walking and have to say "oh my..I'm sorry" on every lap it seems.Ha! Charli always loves going to a babysitters or to anywhere that she can play with other kiddos. I haven't taken her to her regular babysitter in probably two months. Since I work such crazy hours, I like to spend time with her as much as I can. And why not save money while I can? Although today of the Nursery workers told me that she didn't play at all and she teared up whenever I came in to get her. Maybe she is just in one of the "Charli moods" because we playing b-ball and ate lunch together and we had a blast. BTW, my big girl is such a great eater {some days} we went to diary queen for lunch. And I usually do not eat there EVER; just trust me on that one. But I wanted a salad and a cheap meal for her, plus free ice cream! She hate almost half of cheesebuger and all of my big tamoatoes. She loves maters! Although, sometimes Charli doesn't eat well at all, and it frightens me a lot of days. But I do know that Kids tend to eat different all the time.One reason I love our town is the elder people that sit around at the restraunts, and always say things that make my day. They are so darn cute and funny. I honestly hope to be one of them in my old age. Sit around, gossip (about good things) and talk about the weather all while stuffing my wrinkly face. Ahh..sounds oh so nice!

I better get back to work even though there is nothing going on what-so-ever. I cant help that I love being busy up here. I tell people that I hope we have a quite night, but deep down I hope we don't in a few ways.

p.s. i hate the ground hog =)

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kels said...

oh my gosh, I am with you on the tanning beds. I LOVE them... but I know they can be bad for your skin. But I do always feel better after I've been tanning... and sometimes if I have some breakouts on my skin, it even clears it up! I love it. :)

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