Saturday, February 7, 2009

Workin Away The Weekend

I just got to work and I'm bored crazy...I know though, who would of thought?
I have become a huge, a-hole, magnet I believe. I am the worse person to call 911 and hang up on anymore. I used to be so calm and collective but anymore, it seems that people just call to test us, to see what we will do. {please do keep in mind, I'm not rude to these people} They are hateful, rude, and down right sorry to you when you are trying to call them back to make sure they are okay and nothing is wrong. Understand this dear citizens...We are not here for your pure enjoyment, or to kiss your rear. My job is to take care of ya, to save your rear when it's in need of saving. So whenever you call 911 and giggle then hang up,are a drunk older man trying to see if an officer will come to your house, a kid that says pizza hut and delta have blown up. We will find you kiddos and your parents will be darn mad. Old man...when you get rude with me, an officer will come to your house and advise you to keep your comments to yourself (and probably a few other in between words), giggly little girl...your the best, I have your phone number and when you don't answer, you voice mail says who you are, and then I probably know you or know of your family. So even if my system doesn't find you...we will track you down too. =)
Anyways, back to reality. Charli Beth has not gotten out of the phase of asking "where is my daddy", "who is he?" and now...Mom's favorite, "My daddy lost me, and now he can't find me." I'm so ready to be done with that. Sometimes, I have to admit it is funny to hear the little things she comes up with about it but it's getting old really quick. I'm tired of making up reasons, and telling lies. She asked me tonight when I told her that I would find her a Daddy one day when God wanted me to, if we were going to look for pictures of him on the computer. What? Has she been checking into Yahoo personals? haha! I wish it were that easy... Her and I also had our first "bad" throw down today. I cried, she cried. Mom said it was a spitting image of me whenever I was tot. I just pray she stops acting like me soon, because I feel the breaking point is near. She doesn't understand time out, at all. Hopefully, after today she will though, if not I guess there will be more crying on both sides.
Charli and I had a great day Friday, we got up early, at breakfast, ran errands and went to a little place that is out in the country on a pay lake ( I know kinda redneck) and they have some of the best fried corn, broccoli casserole and country fried steak you'll ever taste! We had blast and she finally ate great she loved her fried apples, all these fried foods may hurt us in the end but we love them! lol. The weather has been so very nice this weekend, in the 60's and just simply beautiful. I love spring and fall, but that darn ground hog did say we were going to have six more weeks of bad winter. Ugh, but how I dislike that ugly little animal...


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe that people are entertained by calling 911 so much. WOW! Hang in there with Charli.....I'm praying for you.

♥Southern Gal said...

Well I hope your day isn't too boring! I hope everything works out with you & Charli, she seems really interested in trying to find out the truth. Smart! Hang in there girl! God heres your praygers! Take care!
(and yes the weather here in the south has been up & down, everyone that I know has been sick some way or another)

Audrey said...

People are so rude! I am so glad there are people like you that work with the 911 service...without you guys there would really be trouble!

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