Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Money Savin' Momma...Or not??

So you remember the blog I did a few weeks ago on how I have an obsession with dinner ware sets (plates, bowls, mugs, etc)? One of those sets that I had a picture of were the giraffe prints from target's line. I went to pick up a few items the other afternoon and they had a whole section of items that were 50% off!! What about that? I love target. Simply love love love it.

$6.24 (set of 4)


I feel like I'm a money savin momma! =) haha.
I figured they could go either as cow prints or giraffe print? What do ya'll think?

We have a boutique in our town that is also closing down. To be honest, I've seen this coming for a while now. No offense to them what-so-ever because I loved their items and they are sweet (but always get my name wrong but can know Charli Beth out of a crowed of people) But they were a little on the high side for this town. The rumor spread like wild fire today and come to find out it was true ( I did go see for myself) and everything is 50-80% off. Here is a list of what I got:

A blue Smocked dress: regular $44.00
50% off

Purple Duffel bag:$26.50
50% off

2 preemie cow outfits: $15.00 each
50% off

Pink Swing top Dress $28.95
50% off

Pink striped pants that match $24.00
50% off

Brown Dress w/ multi colored flowers $48.95
60% off

Spring Large Diaper Bag $36.00
50% off

----saved 116.00 =) what about that!

I wanted to let you all know (esp. if you live in or near my county) that our Sheriffs office is having an awareness program on Meth. This class is to be held Thursday, February 19, at 6 until 8pm.Topics will include: signs of a meth lab, how meth impacts you, and the dangers of the drug.Everyone involved in this program includes the following ACSO, SPD, AC Drug Task Force, and the Kentucky State Police. The Kentucky State Police will be bringing a "simulated meth lab" trailer for viewing. There will be a power point presentation including photos and videos of meth labs, discussions with officers from the front lines, and questions from the audience. Also, if you are a member of a fire department in our county you will be given state fire hours for attending this seminar.

(I know Tuesday tribute's are not suppose to be about you...so I'm going to pause for a sec) Meth is a horrible horrible drug that has impacted my life is such awful ways. A lot of you know that I am a single Mother due to this drug and the effect it had on my "first love." I had no idea whenever I first met him that he was doing drugs, how awful that the drugs had made him, how long he had been doing them/selling them, and how he would turn out to be and the things he would do to me. I was simply clueless. I didn't know what to look for. I won't go into discussion about these things because I don't feel that it is the time or the place to do so. No matter how good of a person that you are or you think someone is, this drug can ruin and change a person within the first time they "try" this drug.

Anyways, Charli Beth is feeling much better! So yay to that. We did go to the doctor yesterday because her temperature was still continuing to go up but she did test negative for the flu and her white blood count was normal. Major blessings! There were several other children in the waiting room with the flu and rsv, so I was very happy to hear our news.

& Just to make you think...



Nichele Lynn said...

WOW. That last list made me REALLY think! It breaks my heart to be honest with you. And what is even worse than that is the fact that most of those kids have no one who really care. I SO wish I lived in your town, becasue then Id be your date to the awareness day. Maybe then we can scope out our Prince Charmings!! haha

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

OK where do I start? I love Target too! But more so a bargin of any kind~it's the law aroung here!

So glad Charli girl is better! She will marry my Little T one day~ we will blog about that later!

Glad about the meth awareness~what a terrible thing and people are clueless. As old as I am~I know what my kid is going!

As always!
love to both of U!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute plates! I just love Target too. I always find something cute there.

Sounds like you got some cute stuff at the boutique. you'll have to share pictures!

Glad to hear Charli is feeling better.


Ivana Clay said...

Glad that Charli is feeling better!

I love, love, love the dishes!!! And love Target even more. I can't ever get out of that place for under 100 bucks! So I have to limit my trips! LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

Was just searching thru BLOGS and saw yours...very cute!

Adorable daughter too!

I LOVE Target too...you got some great deal!

Good job on the meth awareness...way to spread the word.

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