Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday


So being that saturday (I think?) is Valentines Day, I figured I would post of what I look for in a man. You girls may not care, but maybe whenever I find someone and I have huge crush on him I can look back to this and just remind myself of all the things that I truly need and want in my life.

*I want someone who loves kids.
*That will love Charli and the Lord so much more than he ever loves me.
*That understand that I work with practically all men, and doesn't have a problem with it.
*That I can trust.
*Can me laugh, smile and giggle like I am 12 again.
*Understands my career in Law Enforcement will NEVER make me rich but it makes me happy.
*Loves my family, even when I get mad at them.
*Who will text or call just to tell me "Good morning" or "I miss you" the little things in life will make me so very happy.
*Will pick on me and play fight with me daily.
*Knows and accepts my serious side.
*That has a backbone,and will stand up for themselves.
*Is not a jealous person and accepts that I am far from jealous also.
*Believes in me.
*Someone who doesn't mind all the mistakes that I have made in my past, and that I will more than likely make with them too.
*Knows that on Sundays (when I'm not working) it's family and Church day.
*Accepts that I don't go out much. I take advantage of the gift of being Mommy everyday.
*Will accept that I can probably shoot a shotgun way better than they can!
*But doesn't laugh that I don't understand football what-so-ever.
*Knows that I am probably the most independent girl, ever.
*That will not try to change me.
*Will take Charli and I fishing in the summer.
*Wont make fun of me for wearing a t-shirt & boots, if I want.
*Will be one of my best friends.
*Loves me for ME.
*Will read a book to Charli if she asks them to.
*Understands that I have tons of dreams and goals but realizes they are amazing and worth every bit of the dreaming I do.
*Accepts that this Momma needs *ME* time every once and a while.
*Likes to go muddin' every now and then.
*Someone who realizes that they don't have to be up my rear 24/7.
*But will be around if I need them.
and now my new BIG one.
*Will PICK my kid up if she falls down!!!
(hahaha...Inside Joke, but it's very true.)


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

That's not asking for a lot. I have always found that love will find you when you are not looking for it. And since it's almost Valentines Day~remember God loves you Paige and so do I =)

Coy Lee said...

paige u shouldnt base your dream guy on me lol jk but you almost reeled me in but the only things stopping me is that i cant probably shoot a shotgun better than you lol damn stupid city boy

Serious Shopaholic said...

I think that's a wonderful list! I know that somewhere, there's a prince waiting for you who fits the description to a t!

ChelseaMarie said...

Those are great qualities and important too! Cute blog!

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