Saturday, February 21, 2009

So I found this on and I have to share! Not sure how many of you all are addicts of American Idol, but the ladies within my household are! (even Charli Beth)

I am also not sure how you all like you "men" but I need (not want) a rough and tough country boy and if you add a deep voice...oh my, it just makes him 100 times better!
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Not the best picture of my ...well would of been soon to be husband but someone has already stole his heart. But he is about like Chris Young, hopefully you ladies know of him Because that is one good lookin' fella! I don't like a guy that just thinks he is country, he has to be country. I need a guy that works hard! Yes, you can tell this by their hands (how soft and how good of a grip they have when they shake). Ahh, I just love me some country boysss.

On the other hand...My American Idol heart is with Danny.
Layouts & More @ ColorArmy.Com

He stole my heart in the auditions and I think he is probably one of the most sincere and genuine people I have ever seen. I know this man will go far in life no matter if it is with American Idol or not.
I also have to thank God that America had the sense to vote Tatiana off! I have never heard such a annoying little girl. Love her heart.

Anyways, Charli Beth is thankfully over her sickness and now I suppose it is my turn. Boo to that. I am just so very happy that she feels better! Hopefully, this run of the flu and rsv around our county will not last any longer than it already has! I've been planning Charli's birthday party while I've been at work tonight. We are now sticking with a **COW** theme! Redneck? Probably so. But white & black balloons, and a few cow balloons, black & white plates equals cheap and cute! I've made a promise to myself that I am buying ONE toy for her birthday (let me know if this is stupid) and the rest is going towards her bedroom decor and etc. Her bedroom is done in all primitives. I do admit that I think it is cute, but what 3 year old girl wouldn't love some color to her room? If you have any advice on what I could go with please HELP! I've been looking at bed sets all over the net, and rooms no HGTV rate my space all night! I would love to do a pink and brown horse theme but would she always like that? Please make any suggestions...

Here are two that I fell in love with




Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

So sorry you are sick but glad Charli girl is better. Love your ideas for the BD party-remember she is only 3~they do get older and smarter! As far as the room goes~my vote is the pink and black.L.O.V.E. I.T.

ps~haha that's funny! Me watching TV!

heather said...

Sorry your sick but good to hear Charli is better.the birthday idea is different and cute! i am trying to plan alyssa's party her bday is march for the room i really like the pink and black.and the one gift for her b-day im assuming maybe something big.i think thats fine.i know we have way too many toys and we only plan on 2-3 gifts for alyssa because one of them is going to cost.

Ivana Clay said...

I agree Michael is a Hottie!!! Love his voice too!

I like both rooms. I think the pink n black is cute, but something about the farm room, just seems like Charli would love it. I have some really cute pink and brown bandana ribbon that would make great inspiration for a cowgirl-cute room.

Feel better soon! :)

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