Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tag I'm it.

Kels tagged me to list 6 things that I love, which would be super easy since I'm such a lover and all! (ha!) They are in no particular order what-so-ever, but I'm sure everyone will know what my numero uno will be!

1. This girl.

Yes, she is my world. Even though is going through a horrible case of terrifying threes here lately. She melts my heart with those baby blues!

2. My entire family.
My sister should be included in this picture, along with all of the others.

3. My favorite restraunt in the world.
I'm very excited about eating breakfast there this weekend on the trip down to Fl (We wouldn't be American if we didn't stop there on a roadtrip now would we?). The closest Cracker Barrel to my town is about 30 mins away. I know it isn't that far, but my hunger usually cannot wait that long. Seriously!

4. My new full size sleep number bed.

This bed is heavenly.

5. My very own "Small town USA"
I've never been one of those kids to want to leave the country/small town and never look back. I've always loved the atmosphere in the little towns and plan to stay forever. BTW, that really is the our square (it's more like a box and a four way stop), well before they started remodeling it. I'm sure you can see the dollar general sign in the background or I just pointed it out you, but not sure if you knew this or not...we are the HOME OF DOLLAR GENERAL. Yes, we are =) Thank God for the Turner Family or the "ville" would be nothing and you guys wouldn't be able to get good things for a cheap price. OH and we now make Smucker's uncrustables here too! This is a happening little town!

6. New babies!!!! silly not for me! lol. But that is my child in the above picture, flipping people off?? How rude of her.
A darling friend of mine Wendy is having her baby boy today at 12! I'm so very excited for her and wish that I could be there to meet baby Andrew Preston! I cannot wait for him to meet his wonderful Momma and her family! My other sister (Jacqui) is also expecting a baby after years of trying and struggles. What a blessing! There is also 3 girls that I went to highschool with that are having or have had babies already today! Congrats to all of them!!

Now I'm tagging:

Can you all believe we had a tornado in our little county last Thursday night and nobody even knew it until the next day. How Strange? Thank goodness it didn't do much damage.


Jessica said...

Girl I love me some Cracker Barrel & new borns too...all of course after my little man! ;0)

Becca said...

What a great list! As always, super cute pictures of you and Charli! I will have my list up asap.

Apparently the tornado didn't do to much damage since nobody knew about it! That is a blessing!

♥Kim said...

wow, tornado eh? That's scray, we've been having a lot here lately too, witch is very unusual!

Love the photos, I cracked up when I saw your newborn flipping the camera off. he,he

Now, let me see if I can play along. I'll do my best! :)

Elizabeth said...

Glad your not sleeping on the twin bed anymore:)


i lovvee crackel barrel! hows the purse coming a long?? :)) good i hope.

kace said...

Yay! Thanks for tagging me! I could have wrote your list. I love Cracker Barrel & living in my small town! And what would I do without my fam! Thats crazy that yall had a tornado! How scary!! Glad yall are okay:)

Lea Liz said...

Girl I love in small town use thanks for tagging me!!
I love new babies too!!!!! That could be a bad

Ivana Clay said...

Love your list! :)

I couldn't believe it about the tornado either! That was the night we went to the concert and Jordan's mom drove right through it on her way home from watching my kids! I think she missed it by like five minutes! Shew! I would have felt horrible if something had happened. Luckily it just did damage to stuff and not people! :)

heather said...

I love Cracker Barrel.My grandpa and I used to go there every Sunday morning before church when I got my permit.Now when we have family gatherings like Christmas,Thanksgiving or a Birthday we some times get together for a meal at the
I am sure you are enjoying that bed as much as you can! glad you got something bigger!as for the small town usa,i did leave here twice a few yrs back and i wasn't gone long and i came back to this little that i am older and have Alyssa I have decided not to leave this town,and hopefully I won't have to.I too know of 3 girls to have their babies yesterday they may be the same ones you know. :) I didn't know about the tornado either i was in bed asleep and I don't sleep through storms so apparently all it did at my place was rain some.I didn't know there were terrible 3's till Alyssa went through them lol she is 4 and i believe there is terrible 4's too. ha ha. I love my little princess too.take care.

Meant to be a mom said...

Those are all great things to love, that mattress looks so comfortable. I'm exhausted!
I also have to say nice choice on the cracker barrell. I love that place too. They have the very best hashbrown caserole ever!

I'm so glad that the tornado didn't hurt anyone.

Constant Family said...

Jordan and I didn't believe that there was actually a tornado. We slept right through it and never knew a thing. I am just glad it didn't get too bad.
I love Cracker Barrel and newborns and our small town USA.

Have fun on your vacation.

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