Sunday, August 30, 2009

What we've been up to this week

This week has been pretty busy with work and now activities for Charli Beth. Thursday was Charli's first ballet class, although I wasn't able to take and photos because the studio didn't have her Leotard, shoes and tights in. Although, as soon as she started her class the lady brought her shoes and leotard over to me, which wasn't the greatest timing since I couldn't dress her. She did very good for her first class and since she had never been around dancers before. Her class is 3-4 year olds and called "Just movin' " and she is the youngest in the class. I also noticed that a lot of the other girls have sisters that they have watched grow up in ballet classes. She did really good, but being the youngest and not having the best attention span in the world, she got a little shy a couple of times. Yes, I seen her face turn red and she frowned so big at me a couple of times. My heart just melted for her, and I could fell tears coming on, but I knew it was best for her to just conitnue on with the instructors help. I promise to take pictures before we head to class this week! I just now after she warms up to everyone there, she is going to love it! She's already asked me a couple of times when we are going back.

Thursday afternoon, my friend Wendy and her husband Randy brough baby Andrew Preston by to meet our family for the first time. Wendy was a very close friend to my sister and I growing up, until I moved to the next town over. Her husband is fixing to deploy to Iraq again for the second time at the end of September or October, so she is moving back home. I plan to help spoil Andrew to pieces along with his grandparents and hopefully be able to become great friends w/ Wendy again. They are such sweet people and I'm so excited for them to move back!

I've never noticed how shy Charli Beth can get until this past week. Watching her around Andrew was the sweetest and most adorable thing ever. Her cheeks would turn red again and she would just smile non-stop, I think you can see in the last picture how pink her cheeks are! She loves babies, and after they left every baby she played with or seen had to be a boy like Andrew.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Meant to be a mom said...

How sad that your friends hubby has to leave. I will pray for them!
Charlie beth is adorable with that baby. I bet she had allot of fun.

Lea Liz said...

AWW.. Charli I bet was so cute in her ballet class!! I love the picture of you Charli and the baby you loook so pretty!!

kace said...

So precious! Charli is adorable! The beach pics are amazing too. Yall are such a pretty lil family:)

Becca said...

Awe! I bet that did break your heart seeing her like that in dance! I am sure she will warm up to it quickly though!

Her smile is too pretty in that picture of her and baby Andrew. She looks sooo excited!

Lyr said...

Ballet?!?! How cute, I can't wait to hear about that one!!

♥Kim said...

So sweet that you get to re-unite with a friend + she has a babyboy you can spoil! Yay~ :)
I do see Miss Charli's cheeks glowing! :) So precious!

kels said...

ohhhh my gosh! i cannot WAIT to see her in her little leotard and ballet slippers! precious.

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