Monday, January 25, 2010

The Besties...

{i have to bring it to attention, that I look a funny color in the second picture?!?}

I cannot believe that I forgot to mention this to you guys, my two "besties" were engaged in 2009! These two ladies have been through so much with me through the past 4 years. Krystina (KiKi) and I graduated high school together in 2005 and ended up being pregnant at the same time. It was such a blessing to have her in my life during that time. Our girls are besties now too!

Stephanie was my roommate while I was in college and quickly became a friend that I will never forget. She was with me through some of the first moments of knowing that I was expecting and stuck by myside after my wreck helping me get around while walking that lovely hill on Western Kentucky Campus on crutches. Although, Stephanie lives in Owensboro and we haven't seen one another in over a year we talk constantly and wish that we could make plans! {If you read this Steph...we need to make these plans happen ASAP!}

I am so very excited for both of these girls!

KiKi - engaged in October 09 - getting hitched in July 2010
Stephanie - engaged in December 09 - tying the knot May 2011


Audrey said...

Congrats to your friends! What an exciting time! Hey I met someone from your county a couple weeks ago that knows you! :)

sara said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog - I love yours and look forward to following along!

tara said...

Hey Paige, thanks for stopping by our blog. congrats to your girlfriends! :)

Becca said...

That is so great! I am sure they are glad to have you there with them during this super exciting time in their lives!

kace said...

congrats to them! and you look way cute in those pics:)

Annie said...

congrats to your besties!! wedding planning is the best :)

Meant to be a mom said...

Yay how exciting for them. Want to hear something hilarious?
When I first started reading this, I totally thought you meant your two besties were marrying each other. HAHAHAA. I was like "what state do they live in?" Because in Oklahoma it isn't legal. I thought it was funny though when I realized they were both getting married but not to each other. LOL! Whoops, misunderstood.

Heather said...

congrats to your friends!! I love weddings, these pics are so cute!

Melody said...

thanks, she insists on wearing those boots, ALOT!! Your blog is super cute along with your kids :)


♥Kim said...

Aw Congrats to your friends!
That's so Awesome that you had friends to stick by you threw your pregnancy. I've always wanted to be pregnant with a bestie too so we could share each other's pregnancys' together. ♥

Melissa said...

thanks for the advice on working out. i have thought about the fact that working out will give me more energy, but the problem is im always TOO TIRED to work out. literally... sometimes im doing good to hold my eyes open throughout the day.

kanishk said...

I love yours and look forward to following along!

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