Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weather alert.

Yes, you are out of school tomorrow.
There is no need in calling the radio station, police department, bus drivers, teachers or your granny.

School is OUT for all of Middle TN & Southern KY.

And yes, there is not a single speck of snow on the ground.

But you better believe tomorrow night we will be snowed in knee high to a giraffes butt!

If you are not better run to the closest Walmart.

Because lets face it, people in Kentucky cannot drive on snow or ice.
Not that I can?
I beg you to go NOW instead of waiting.
I will be working this weekend and I am praying for peaceful nights.
We will be outside having snow ball fights until 911 rings

We are seriously suppose to be getting between 5-9 inches.

Big difference, but hey I'll take 5!

The local news (the one I never watch) is predicting us to receive more snow than we have in the last 14 years.

14 years ago..We had an bad ice storm peeps..and I do not want that at all.

Hope that everyone else that has already experienced the snow & ice is warm, cozy & safe in their homes!

Charli Beth playing in her very first snow!

Have you heard about the Lottery Winner in Ohio, that was killed the same day that she won?

Yes, that would totally be me.


Constant Family said...

We are prepared at our house! Hope you have a peaceful weekend at work.

Anonymous said...

Lets not even talk about me being cooped up in this house for another weekend! HA!! Be safe out there girlie! XOXO

Audrey said...

I was in Scottsville yesterday! Downtown Scottsville is beautiful!

Annie said... Charli Beth in her snow cute.

Hang in there. 5-9 inches to us here in MI is NOTHING :) lol.

Heather said...

I seriously wish I was back home in TN right now to enjoy this snow!! I am hoping they get the snow this time, it was such a let down last time. Stay warm and hopefully you will have some pictures to share!

Stephanie said...

I tell ya it's funny here in SC waiting on it. People are CRAZY! and my husband is on call :( Will be interesting.

I LOVE the picture of her during her first snow-that's adorable!

I didn't hear the lottery story but that's horrible. I'm going to check it out.

Elizabeth said...

i hope this isn't another hyped up weather prediction. it cracks me up the way everybody goes to the store to get bread and milk....oh, and beer b/c that's important too

Meant to be a mom said...

Um cutest picture ever! I love her little baby snow angel.

So about the "Operation slick streets" Its crazy. We don't get a ton of snow either, but we have has allot this year for some reason. But yah, operation slick streets is when there are so many wrecks that they actually stop responding to calls unless you are injured otherwise they won't do anything for you. It sounds crazy I know.
We just had a huge layoff here and over 150 officers were let go. It was so sad. The mayor said we had too many and were paying the officers too much. We have two really good friends that got let go. Its horrible. Now they really don't have enough officers to help when there are accidents. The fire department is next on the layoffs. I think its sort of crazy. We need these people to protect us.
Anyways. Yah the whole operation slick streets thing sucks. I was mad that no-one would come and help them. I am still hoping that they were ok.

Whitney said...

I live in West TN and measured about an hour ago. We ended up gettin 5 inches on snow at my house but other parts of the county got 6 1/2-7! This was a huge snow for us! Hope your being careful out there!

Becca said...

AGH! That picture of Charli Beth in her first snow is too cute! What a sweet little baby!

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