Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesdays Ten & a Blog Award

I'm taking a break from Mommy-hood for a second to relax while Charli Beth is "getting married" in her princess attire. She has been such a little character today! Brit over at Dave & Brit plus one made a post today called " Tuesdays Ten: Pet Peeve Addition" so I thought I would list mine too! You can make your own list and go to her post and leave a comment with the link to your post in it also.

1. People that I start talking to Charli Beth & myself in public that I do not know, who always ask me "Where is her Father?" "Who is her Daddy?" "Why isn't her Dad around?"...Seriously. It's none of your business unless I would like for it to be.

2. Whenever you have lost something and someone says "Where did you last have it?" If I remembered or knew the answer to that question don't you think I would know where it is?

3. People who do not flush the toilet or men that do not put the seat down. Yuck.

4. When someone blows their nose while you are eating, that is so gross! Go to the bathroom, please.

5. This one happens to me all of the time -- I hate for a restaurant to get my order wrong! You just have to know me, I love food and I get so cranky when this happens.

6. Dead beats - Should I say more?

7. Freaky perverted old men - I was recently put through something at work that honestly scared me to death. But thankfully, I work with a bunch of wonderful men that solved the problem before anything came up.

8. When someone is having a seizure & someone puts a spoon or rag in their mouth because they have seen that on t.v. before! Oh my gracious! I get this call on 911 a lot, and for some reason I am not allowed to give medical instructions even though I am an EMT so I just sit there shaking my head saying, "nooo do not do that"

9. Mean/rude people. Say Thank you, You're welcome, Excuse me, have a nice day..It makes everyone a lot more happier!

10. Birds using my car door as their personal potty. If you ever see me driving down the road, it never fails that I have a big bird poop streak down my passenger door. Yes, I clean it off and immediately it is back on there. I've tried everything, tying bags around my mirrors while I am parked at home, rubber snakes... it doesn't work. It is soo nasty looking!
Now it is your turn!
I also received this award from The Cobia Family, which is so sweet! I just love reading her blog, she is so cute!
I am passing it on to:


Audrey said...

Just wanna tell you how much I love the picture of Charli in your header! She's beautiful!

Brit said...

I cannot believe #1. People are so rude!!! Thanks for playing! =)

Juliana said...

I saw Brit was doing this! How much fun! Thank you for the award!!!!!

Juliana said...

Oh and I will post the blog on my blog tomorrow much love to you!

Stephanie said...

OMG! I can not believe that someone would come up to you and say something about where her Dad is! That's absolutely insane! I would flip!!!!!!!!

I love your list though-other than the first one that made me mad that people would do you that way I laughed!!!

Lindsay said...

I love your new background!

Emily Ann said...

Love your blog it's sooo cute girl!

I CANNOT stand someone blowing their nose while I'm eating. We were at Mancinos today and some man blew his nose right in the middle of the darn restaurant. I about died!!

Lea Liz said...

Love the list girl!!
I am with you with the whole peein on the seat thing or leaving the lid up.. DDRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!

Becca said...

I loved this post. Little lists like that are so fun. I would have played along if it was earlier!

Southern Cinderella said...

Thanks so much for the award!!

This post was fun, I might have to try it sometime! I have a lot of the same pet peeves you have too!

Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

I understand the dad thing. I too have lived without a dad for many years, and sometimes the question gets so annoying not only to me, but my mom and siblings as well. It really is none of their business.

Also, Congrats on the award! :)

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