Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am OUTRAGED at some of the citizens in our country tonight. I seriously am sitting here stunned at the fact that many citizens are putting down the United States government for helping Haiti.

Are you people actually serious? I mean really. Have you not seen the news, the pictures, those precious sweet children?

This is not a money issue, this a "right thing to do" situation. We are one of the richest countries, and yes we are in "hard times" but how can you sit back and say the following...

"I don't want to sound unkind but why is everyone so worried about sending help to Haiti when right here in America we have homeless people, kids going without food, foreclosure mounting everyday. With the unployment rate rising and the country taking on more debt everyday it doesn't make since to me for us to send millions over there. Just my thoughts" -- Facebook status
Foreclosure? SERIOUSLY.
At least we have homes. Food. Clean water. Clothes on our back and spare change in our pockets.

I do know that America is going through hard times, we all know this so hush with saying that already. But can you expect the Lord to continue blessing our nations and us as Christians if we just turn our heads the other way.

In another comment (yes I have went back and forth with this woman) she states how "God decides who stays and who goes."
Excuse me? So let me get this straight.
You and your family members are in a wreck, your house burns in the middle of the night, or a tornado sweeps through your county. The first responders arrive on the scene and just look the other way, start talking and then says "Well, it's shame because Jesus Christ decides who lives or who passes on." Now how would that make you feel?

shame on you.

{...sorry, I needed to vent.}


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that American's are so 'spoiled' & heartless...I can only hope that if one day it is America faced w/such a tragedy that other countries will be there to help us!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness - how does that lady sleep at night?

Outraged you should be!

Rest peacefully knowing that our country is on your side and we are helping Haiti despite the heartless humans in our midst!

Heather said...

Some people only think about themselves. It's all God's to begin with and we are to give back in every way possible! Great post!

kace said...

LOVE this post! so many people need to hear this!!

left you something on my blog

Emily Ann said...

best post ever. Tell 'em girl!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

I do think sometimes living in the U.S. we forget just how privilged we are. My Indian missionary friend told me that "here in the U.S. you forget because life is so easy." Your blog is so cute! I read your previous post and I think we could definitely be long lost friends! I LOVE apothecary jars and I just bought ANOTHER cake stand. I LOVE the ones in that pictures, though.


agreed!!! great post. your blog. your daughter is too cute.

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