Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Preschool Days

I am just amazed at how quickly Charli Beth's preschool year is flying by, which just reminded me that we are getting months and months closer to Kindergarten. Ah! I try to think about those days least as possible. Although, Charli really loves school, I mean loves it! It just tickles me to death how wonderful she is in the morning and how she is so very eager to walk into school by herself to not only see friends but to learn as well. I may not have mentioned that she has been walking in by herself for quite some time. She gets out with the big kids in school traffic and walks right in. It is such an easy process and is also preparing her for next year.

On Friday I met with CB's teacher, Ms. Lesley for a parent/teacher conference, which went absolutely wonderful. I just love Lesley and how great she is with each and every student. There are 7 children in her classroom that do not speak English, two children with autism and not to mention all of the other wild childs. I mean seriously y'all she is such a blessing.

The testing scores that I was given were from three weeks after school started so they are not accurate at all. She has progressed in so many ways since the beginning of the year.

She can write out " Charli Beth" very well, although while spelling her name out loud she does forget the "A" sometimes. I think this may be because she does not hear it whenever pronounces it. She speaks very "Kentucky-ish."

She is doing a lovely job writing her letters out, although we are going to start working on other letters and numbers at home more often. I feel like I have been slacking as a Mother in that area. I was told that her verbal skills were suppose to be around an 180-something, although Miss Charli is above 200. Yeah, the girl likes to talk. Not only does she talk, but she speaks as if she is twenty and boy does she have an imagination!

Lesley said that Charli is such a well behaved child. She had checks in all of the areas of being responsible, treating others well and etc. Her teacher has told me on several occasions that if she had a classroom full of CBs then she would have it made. I may be a bit partial but I just think that is the best thing ever.

Now if we can only teach her to stop letting boys kiss her on the playground! Ugh...


Jessica said...

What a smart & beautiful girl she is! She is writing her name so well!! Her teacher sounds wonderful too!

Erin said...

love this post! You have to be so proud but man tell her to push those boys!! ha ha!

sounds like an amazing teacher!

Amanda asweetliferocks said...

Hello! I just came upon your blog via WIWW (I haven't linked up yet, but I do look around).
You have a great blog!
Our three girls have all gone off to preschool too, good luck with your year! Best Wishes!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Your little girl is beyond gorgeous! You are going to have your hands full!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It sounds like she's doing great! I was amazed how quickly the year of Pre-K flew by for my son!

Becca said...

Sounds like you have one smart, beautiful, and kind little girl! BUT what is this mess about boys kissing her on the playground?!! OH NOOOO!!!

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