Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okay, the pictures above are from the mountains when Charli Beth was "fixing my hair." Which I am sure that you can she what she is trying to do. Besides rip my noggin' off! haha. Love her heart. She loves exploring new things. She loves to sing and dance most of all. I wonder some days what she will grow up and be. Most of the time it's a singer or something to the sort, she loves the have her 5 mins of fame ALL THE TIME. At other times she loves taking pictures or acting as if she is. She stands like "heather" the lady that does our pictures and says say CHEEEEZZZEE! Charli loves playing mommy and taking care of her babies (which she now uses mom and I for). She'll be a great big sister someday?! haha. She also loves to get dirty and play with the tractors. She is so much like myself whenever I was a little girl. Such a little princess but then a little farmer girl too. I hope she countinues being this way and opening herself and her imagination up to new things! I just love this little girl to death. We watched the DVD of her first year today ( like 3 times) and i cried every single time. She has grew up incredibly fast, and is such a lovely young lady! I am so very blessed to have her in my life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My little Punk Chick in Gatlinburg, TN

I havent wrote in a few days because we went on our yearly family vacation to Gatlinburg. I know theres probably only 2 people that ever even look at my blog besides your hearts who ever you are! lol. Well, Charli Beth had a blast in the mountains. She got a guitar so now she can sing like a "rockstar," she went to a kiddie ride park and had a blast, and i took her to the aquariam. Plus she got to show off infront of new people, which she loves to do! We had a very good trip while we were gone. There were a couple times that she got a little to wild from not being use to staying in a motel away from her own enviroment but that seems to happen anytime we are not at our house for the night right now. She has also got very attached to sleeping with Mommy, and have Mommy by her side all the time. She now tells me that I cant go to work, because she needs me to be at home with her. I know how sweet right? But also how heartbreaking...Love her heart. Well, I'll post some pictures but then its time to talk to the *boy and head to bed. Im wore out. Btw, I started back sitting in on EMT classes tonight. YAY for me!

No Kidding! This little piggy almost ate the WHOLE thing!

"Take a picture Mommy, its a SHARK, *chomp chomp*"

I will post more later...thanks for looking & Godbless.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


LOVE. you want it, but also at the sametime you hate it. It seems like everytime I start dealing with someone that could possibly be relationship material. I run...i suppose you can call me the Run away wanna be bride. haha. I dont know what the deal is. Maybe its from lack of trust with men anymore? Or maybe that I am just simply not ready to commit to something that can break my heart in the end? I hate the thought of Charli Beth getting attached to someone again, and then having to go back through the Mommy's friend isn't going to be around anymore. So many more think of this as me being a "bia," weak, or heck i dunno what people think. Honestly, I dont care. I know that in my heart and in my mind. I want someone in my life. I pick and choose and try to pick the little things out of people that will end up making them a bad person in my mind, just so that i have a reason to run. I also think that my Mother does this. (no offense mama) I hate that I do this. I can be on top of the world be so happy and crushing on someone like never before...and then BAM...maybe its reality trying to slap me in the face before I make stupid decisions in my life. Hmph. I just wonder if I will ever get to the point in my life where I can stop second guessing things and questioning everything that walks into my life. My mom and I have been into it quite a bit this past week over dating and who I date. Where they live, weather they have kids, what they can do for my life, and etc. She is right. (thats the last time I'll probably ever say that, haha!) But why can a girl just not date. I say all the time to her "it's nto like I dont have a life, besides work, charli and you guys. I am 21 and I never get out, so whats the big deal." I suppose the big deal would be getting Charli Beth attached to someone or getting someone elses kids attached to us. I dont like the fact of that at all. I would never in my life move away from my family. Esp. for a long time. I want many things in life, and I have many dreams. I will get those things and will live my dream. Maybe I ask for to much in life. Again, I sometimes wonder if I will ever someone as much as I did him and will let me heart be careless and fall not wondering if they will catch me?!?

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