Monday, November 25, 2013

Potty Training a Boy

When we opened the card that said, "It's a boy!" I will never forget the thoughts that ran through my head like how would I take care of his circumcision, or that I had always been told that it takes boys forever to learn to use the potty. Then I heard the horror stories of my Husband. But let's not even go there...

So to say if honestly, I was scared. I was scared of all things, boy. I had really never been around little ones other than Charli and truly I thought I would only be a girl Mom even though my gut was scare among boy. 

Then Bryar came along and I realized how not scary he was. The circumcision healed without trouble, I did get pee'd on and probably pooped on too. He never liked the typical baby food and moved straight into cut up foods. 

So when speaking potty training I knew that I would not push the issue. It really was not something I wanted to rush. But apparently he did when started using the potty fully for #2, about 3-4 months ago. Then Charli showed him one day how using the potty was fun and we have been game on since. 

I'm really not sure how but he has been dry for the last 6 days except at night time. Although I am not considering him as potty trained he does remember on his own to go. 

We have been using The Potty Watch for a couple of days but mainly it is just for fun. But I do recommended this for any child that is needing that extra push of fun to go. It plays music and lights up when the timer goes off at your discretion of every 30, 60, or 90 minutes. 

So once again Bryar has proved to me that I should have no fears in this journey of being a boy Mom. That is until he becomes a teenager... 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

School Thanksgiving Lunch

Since Charli started school one of my favorite functions is the Thanksgiving lunch. Your family can attend with the child during their lunch. This year was super cute as well. They had bouquets of flowers on the tables in mason jars. Obviously, they know the way to this Mommas heart by using masons. 

Sadly, Curtis was training out of town and my Mom was busy with work due to the tornadoes in Indiana so they were not able to make it. But we were so thankful and happy to have Mimi and Papaw to join us. 

Charli went around asking us questions like, where would we live if we could pick, or what charity would we donate $100,000 to. I'm pretty sure that Mimi and I put way to much thought into the questions by asking if we could move during bad seasons. 

Bryar loved school lunch and ate so good. Hopefully he will remember just how fun school is in a few years, when it is his turn to attend. 

Isn't she just the cutest without that tooth? Hopefully the other one will come out before the right pokes through more. I just adore toothless grins. 

Can anyone imagine how hard it is to get this kid to look at the camera lately? Instead of smiling like we asked, he of course thought it was a perfect time to give a hug to hide his face. 

Soon after Charli had to head back to class. Bryar and I came home to rest before his two year {late} appointment. While waiting I thought I would snap a selfie of my outfit. I never do this anymore but this is a style that I love! 

Even though you can see chevron everywhere in this picture, I'm actually not a fan of it. Isn't that silly? I just flow through the trends until the next arrives. Except the phone case was a must since every otter box I have owned became junk in two months by stretching out. 

Next up, Bryar's appointment and more! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last Week Randoms

Last week on Veterans Day we just so happened to be at every kids favorite Chick-fil-a. We have never been there when the cow has come out for a visit. It was practically Christmas morning for Bryar.

Some kids were scared of him but Bryar would not leave his side. He kept giving him high fives, knuckles then rubbing his shoulder in amazement. He was so sad to see the cow go. 

While Daddy was back away hunting for a few nights, my bed was the full. Typically, people would add in just how full their hearts are at their sweet babies. But my heart was hurting at the lack of sleep these two caused by kicking me from the bed. Haha! They were just to cute to move though! 

Gunner even slept inside for two nights when the temperature was very cold. He randomly jumped on the bed both mornings at 6, waking us all. It then in return took me 15 minutes to bribe him out. 

Before waking us up he was really good though. He actually slept right next to the bed all night and never made a peep when I had to get up with Bryar. By the time, Curtis returned Gunner was furious when he heard his voice. He knew a man was my suppose to be in the home. That was until he realized it was his Daddy... 

Thank goodness hunting season is over and our deer jerky is on the way. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tooth Fairy Stresses OUT

The tooth fairy is obviously a slacker and has become a walking disaster since I was a kid. She never knows how much money is correct. Or when she tells someone how much she gives, they gasp at how rich that she is. 

Ah, hold up


How about the tooth fairy is just clueless and is tired of stressing over the appropriate amount. So she throws in the white towel and stuffs whatever under that pillow. 

It was $5 for the first tooth. Because its a huge milestone of course. $1 for the next 
and now we are here...

Yep, that's right. The first top tooth. That big Mama got $3. I can hear your gasping as you're reading this. But seriously, hush it. Because the tooth fairy is doing good just to not wake the kid up. 

It seems that every time Charli looses a tooth. I almost have a massive heart attack, from the stress of moving the pillow. Then when she gets face to face with me, of course there I go straight into a-fib. 

Being a parent is stressful but being the tooth fairy, Santa and the friggin' Easter Bunny is stressful. 

But my gosh, she is so cute toothless. 


Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Weekend Together

This weekend was the opening day for deer season. For the last 18 years Curtis and his Dad have went hunting together. So the kids and I braved the weekend together, without the Big Man around.

On Friday my sister in law Amanda along with my Mother in law watched Bryar so Charli Beth and I could have a date night. It's so funny to me that we use to have date nights every Friday. We would hang out during the day then lay in my bed, eat popcorn, watch movies and enjoy a coke. Now it seems our alone time is few and far between. 

We went to see Free Birds, and I must say that it was actually better than I thought it would be. Quirky, but cute! Then she picked to eat at O'Charleys. Because of course it has the coolest name in it, ever! By the time our food arrived Miss Priss was way to tired to eat so we hurried home to bed. Party pooper  gets much sleepier lately with her responsibilities and time change. 

On Saturday we met up with my parents at the mall and who would of thought that Charli wanted to leave with them. By the time we left, Bryar was in need of a nap so we came home for lunch and nap time. I took this photo to remind myself of the peace and quiet that I got for two hours. Yes, Bryar takes incredibly long naps. 

When Bryar woke up we headed out to go feed Ranger. While picking up I noticed that Bryar was playing his favorite game, "boom!" Which is wear he jumps up and falls down on his bottom. I'm not sure why he loves it, but I am guessing it will not be as fun once he stops wearing his diapers constantly. 

Bryar had a hard time understanding why we were the only ones home on Saturday. He kept asking for Charli and Daddy then kept wanting to FaceTime Char to show her he could pick things up with his toes. 

Sunday we went to church then had lunch with Mimi at Cracker Barrel. After lunch we met my Mom and Charli to attend a few open houses. I left more disgusted than happy of finding bargains. But I will save that story for another day.

Curtis came home for the night and has headed back to the deer camp. So my refusal in cleaning while he was gone is being given up. My Mondays are full of cleaning and laundry. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unexpected Pictures

This is the picture perfect image of how living in Kentucky feels. One moment it is beautiful, then the next you literally look into your mirror and wonder if you should take cover. Or at other times its beautiful, then snowing. 

As you can see the storm passed rather quickly. Just enough time for me to take part in some good ole' Mexicano food in my home town. Seriously, puertos has nothing on it. { Price wise too.} We really did not have the full intentions of taking pictures of the kids, but thought if it worked it would be great.

It is literally impossible to get a picture of Bryar anymore. He no longer makes his "cheese" face, which breaks my mommy heart and he will purposely run off at the sign of a camera. That is until you get an antique rusted tricycle out, then he is all game. 

Charli is pretty much our play pretty. Always has been, always will be. I just pray it doesn't bite us in the tail in some form or fashion, with the teenage attitudes coming on. 

His big blue eyes and sweet toddler face
remind me so much of Charli girl as a tot. Her looks have changed so much in the past few years, especially her eyes. But I will never forget how big and blue they were. 

They are both growing up so much. Last night they sat together coloring farm pictures and I thought to myself how time is just flying by. I just want to soak up these moments. Even though each day is a new day, we will never get this precious time back with our children. 

Costume Change Up

On Saturday, Charli begged and pleaded to spend the night with her Aunt Ashley and Uncle Alex. I figured after the fun she had with Trace on Halloween, that this would be soon coming. Not to mention, Ashley's neighbor that Charli has become great friends with was hosting a Halloween party. 

As you can see, she was tired of being Cruella Deville and asked for a change up. Thankfully, I purchased the ears and tail for a school costume a few months back for $1. We already had the rest and just added a cute little nose along with whiskers. 

I've always thought that she makes a cute little cat! 

From what I was told she played hard and completely enjoyed herself and time with her family. Trace just adores Charlo Beth and I wish we could all spend more time together. Hopefully as the little ones he bigger, we can all join in on the sleep over fun! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween - 101 Dalmatian Style

This year we participated in several Halloween events. We knew the weather for Halloween night was going to be crummy, as they were calling for high winds and lots of rain. Thankfully, there were several activities that the kids were able to take part in. 

The first dress up event we attended was Heroes Trunk or Treat at one of the local hospitals. Curtis was there set up for his department, handing out candy as were firemen, air evac, EMS, state police am more. The kids loved seeing everyone parade around in the costumes. But most of all, Charli enjoyed showing off that Gunner is her "big brother."

On Wednesday night, Charli Beth attended a Harvest fest with church. She had to attend this event without her Dalmatian. Sadly, he was sick running a high fever. So we stayed home while Ms. Cruella went off to play games and spend time with Mimi. She looked so cute and the sassiness was in full effect. 

I just love her costume. We actually had to throw this together ourselves because they do not make Cruella for kids. Obviously, the wig and gloves came from amazon. The dress we already had as well as the rights, and shoes were from last years Dorothy costume. The red hair clip was only $1.99 at Hobby Lobby. I purchased the Dalmatian fabric from Hancock's for $6.99 and Mimi made the bag and shaw. Didn't she do a fabulous job? Charli just loved it all! 

I love to dress up with the kids but skipped out last year for Bryar's first. It's so much fun and they both really enjoy it. I gave Charli the option of me being the puppy nanny or one of the dog catchers to go along with our 101 Dalmatian theme. 

She picked the dog catcher. My outfit consisted of a $3.99 hat from Hobby lobby, a $3 work shirt from Goodwill and then I painted a "no dog" sign on a white shirt I had. We actually did not think Curtis would be able to get off for Halloween so I did not make him a costume. Then to our luck, he had the night off. 

The weather forecast for Halloween was absolutely correct. It was such a nasty day and even though he felt decent, Bryar still had a fever that would spike even with medicine. So we decided to visit family only, and not do typical trick or treating. 

Aren't they adorable? I just love this little pair. 

After we snapped photos we ate and fellowships with family until I noticed how hot Bryar was. Soon after giving him his medicine he vomited and it was time to call it a night. I felt so bad to cut Charli's fun short as she was having a dance party with her cousin Trace. But she was so good an understood that he had to take care of "Lucky the puppy." 

I know that a lot of people love Halloween and some do not celebrate. But I am one of the lovers. It's such a fun event for kids to dress up and use their imagination. We have only a few dress up trick  or treating nights with our kids before they run off to toilet paper trees with friends, so I love to make the best of it. I hope next year the weather is a million times better, my littlest love is healthy and we can trick or treat! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Jackson's Orchard

This year we had a very busy October with weddings, birthdays and many other activities. Fall is my absolute favorite, and I enjoy all of the activities that we can usually do. This year we went to a Heroes Trunk or Treat and then quickly changed clothes and headed to Jackson's on their last day of Pumpkin Festival. 

Even though it was late in the afternoon and on a Sunday families were everywhere. The kids love it, but this year I didn't love the fact of even being charged to play on the playground. How lame is that? But what Mom could say no. So there I was paying to let my kids run wild in someone else's yard. 

Can you see how incredibly hard it is to get a quick picture of Bryar? I tried all day to get a photo of him and even had people come up to help but still it was just not happening. 

This was the best photograph that I captured of him. I am very sure that Charli was bouncing on her head to even get this look. His big blue eyes remind me so much of Charli sometimes. She looked just like this when starring off as a toddler. 

We went into the petting zoo but I was busy trying to explain to Bryar that he couldn't ride the goats like a bull and could not capture any pictures. Do I remember being a toddler Mom like this?

Charli is trying to explain to me why we need a rabbit. Because of course they posted a sign "Rabbits are for sale" and having a seven year old reader quiet the combo. She reminds me so much of myself as a kid. I was always wanting a new pet and ticked off that my Mom refused. Maybe...

We got snacks and cherry apple slushed and called it a day. By the time we got to the car Bryar was already falling asleep and Charli was dying to eat her caramel apple. We spent our night with Curtis and our frieda watching the finals of the PBR while Bryar rode my back and chased me around the house screaming "Bull!!!" 

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