Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cloth Diapers

I have been wanting to make the change over to cloth diapers since I started preparing for Bryar's arrival. I kept thinking and telling myself that there was no way that it could easy. They just had to stink and my days would be spent washing diapers. 

Recently I found where a NICU nurse that took care of Bryar was selling some that she purchased for ER daughter, but could not use. Score! I purchased all boy or gender neutral colors that she had and different liners to try out. Last night was our first experience with them. I must say that I love the learning and knowing that I am saving money. But I failed to double line through the night and woke to a bed full of icky urine. 

Bryar is in a stage of being super thirsty at night. He possibly drank two cups of milk. I am not sure why he has started this, but I hope it just isn't a habit that will need to e broke along with buddy. 

The brand I have is Sunbaby.
Is there a certain brand that you love? Do you double line at night or use pre-folds as liners?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Girls Day at Holiday World

My sister Ashley, Charli Beth and I spent the day at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana yesterday. The last time I went to Holiday World was when I was around 9 years old. We started the day off by riding some of the smaller rides and a roller coaster. Charli is only 44.5 inches, so thankfully she was unable to even question the large coasters.

After a quick lunch of pizza we decided to start our adventure in Splashin' Safari. We rode on almost every wafer adventure for families except for Zinga because the line was long and the ride looked very short. Just our luck the temperature was in the 70's. After getting splashed with water on the longest water ride in the world we were absolutely freezing.

On every ride wet or dry, fast or slow Charli screamed from the beginning to the end. It was so hysterical, and watching her smile the whole time while, "screaming her head off" made the long lines very worth it.

After we left Holiday World we stopped at a place called Wonder Whip in Owensboro. It was quiet fabulous. Deep fried apples with ice cream, oh my it was delicious! It is not very often that I get to spend time with Charli lately by herself and I practically never get to spend time with my sister. So yesterday was an absolute perfect day! I am so thankful for the opportunity to have went along with these girls!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

They really DO look alike!

The other night we were playing around and I slipped Charli's headband onto Bryar's head. I instantly thought to myself how much he looked like Charli Beth as a toddler. Honestly, I have never really thought that they looked a whole lot alike. I personally am just terrible at seeing the similarities in people unless they are practically identical.

But if I could just stick a bow on B then they could possibly pass as the same. As I go through pictures of Charli Beth then I can see the similarities more and more.

Do you think they look alike? Are your kids identical or do they look like one part particularly?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Surprise Sleepover

A few nights ago my friend Krystina and I planned a surprise sleepover for her daughter Kaylen and Charli. These girls have been "best friends" since they were infants. Their birthdays are two weeks apart and they have a special bond between the two of them even though they no longer live close.

This is the first sleepover that Charli has had in this house. So I was nervous at how the Girly screams and late night giggles would go. But they were so much fun and were such a blessing to watch play together. They had so much fun playing on the slip-n-slid and dressing up as nothing other than cowgirls.

It is always precious to me as a Mom being able to watch Charli Beth play with someone that she thinks the world of. I hope that we are able to sneak in a few more days of play before school starts back!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our 4th of July Adventures

This year we were able to attend a fireworks event at with friends setting up camp at a local fire department. Curtis had to work, so the kids and I enjoyed some all American Mexican food, picked up snacks then made our way over. At first Bryar was a little iffy over the fireworks. He would run and jump in my arms, but by the end of the night he would throw his hands in the air and say, "boom!"

Charli loved being able to play with other kids. She really has been missing playtime with other older kids. She enjoyed about the first three minutes of fireworks, then decides to start trying to hula hoop. I'm glad that she did because it made the greatest pictures. She is at such a fun age and still has zero care in the world of who is watching her.

The next day on the 4th, it rained cats and dogs all day. It was truly a wash out. So we took our cook out and made it a cook in. We enjoyed ribs, beans, grilled squash, potato salad, deviled eggs, banana ice cream, and blueberry cobbler. It was delicious to say the least! Even though we were not able to have our little fireworks ourselves, I was so thankful that Curtis was able to join us for dinner.

Everyone on every social media sight seems to love to complain about fireworks. But I personally think they are amazing. The kid inside of me comes out and I typically run outside with the kids to watch the bright colors fly. It is such a great reminder of how much we all love our beautiful country. Not to mention, people shoot fireworks for maybe a week out of a year, get over it because I am sure they could care less about your Facebook rants.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend Fun.

Curtis has recently had another shift change into his schedule. It is never fun to try to mess up our mix and get a new groove into our nightly routine with the kids. Since he has started working second shift, again due to fabulous budge cuts we seem to see him less and less through the week. But having Saturday and Sundays off is pretty fantastic.

This Saturday we went out for several errands. We ran to the Famer's Market, lunch, library, and to pick up some items for Ranger. That night while Curtis grilled the kids played in the sprinklers. Charli and Bryar both thought it was totally cool to drink from the sprinkler. They would run and chase one another and it was the cutest thing ever. After dinner, we had cookies and watched The Horse Whisper.

It truly was one of those many days where you at at dinner just remembering how blessed your life is. How out of all of things in the world that has happened it has brought me to this very moment; pure happiness. Not that we ever forget how lucky we are, but it honestly is the sweetest reminder.

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