Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Charli's American Girl Tea Party

This weekend we hosted Charli Beth's 8th birthday party for her and her friends. Second grade seems to be the year of American Girls doll because the obsession has been a true overload. Charli knew right away what party theme she wanted as soon as the planning began. 

We quickly started going to antique booths and vendors to find cheap tea cups. In spending money for tea cups, I knew I would have to justify it in some form or fashion. So I decided that giving the cups as a part of their party favors would be the best idea and yes, the girls seemed to be very excited that they could keep them! 

When the girls came into the party they were immediately served cinnamon rolls and strawberry fruit tea. 

After their "Warm Welcome" we helped each girl make necklaces for themselves and their dolls. 

We quickly transitioned into snack time after the necklaces were made. I could be wrong but I think this was one of Charli's favorite times. The girl loves food and especially the fact that I made my "famous meatballs" as she says. {Totally not famous but I will take it.} 

The girls finished eating fairly quickly and went off to play time with their dolls while others went back for second helpings. 

While the girls played my MIL, Mother and sister in law cleaned tea cups to bag for each girl to take home. This was most defenitly the easiest and budget friendly idea even though maybe not the most practical for my helpers. I also made the dolls party hats, which were SO simple to make. 

Charli asked her Meme to make a strawberry cake for her birthday. It seems that the party was pretty strawberry oriented, and we did not even mean for it to be. 

The girls watched Charli open her gifts then she blew out her candle so they could all enjoy cake. They were quickly back to playing in minutes, and the party was coming to a end. 

Charli Beth seemed to really love this party and all of the time spent with her friends. The girl who never gets sleepy, was worn out by the time we arrived home. Although that did not stop her from playing with all of her new items. 

I must thank all of my family and friends that went far and beyond with putting forth an extra hand with this party! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Charli is 8, already!

Eight years ago, I became a Mother. For months I worried, prayed, and crossed my fingers that I would get this parenthood career correct. I've failed many times, and many times I have failed her. But she has always loved me unconditionally and I could not be anymore blessed than I am just simply being her Mother. 

The first time I held her I sobbed tears of excitement, worry and disbelief at how I was already a Mommy at the young age of 18. I took a deep breath looked into her eyes, seeing her squished little piglet nose and knew at that moment that my life made complete and perfect sense. She was my lifesaver, and there are a lot of days that she still is.

Dear Charli Beth,

I must first give you a laugh and let you know that I immediately started crying as I wrote, "Dear Charli." As you and I both know, I am not one to cry. But you my sweet girl made me a softy within my mommy heart. You gave me the tenderness, love and affection that I had needed for so many years. You took my heart, by the first grip around my fingers and made my life far more extraordinary that I ever thought possible.

Most days it seems absolutely impossible that you are turning eight years old and already in the second grade. I feel somewhat lost about this too. Just yesterday I was sticking huge headband bows on your head, and pulling you around in the red radio flyer wagon that Maw gave to you. Then, I flash forward  to how much you have grown since your little brother has arrived and our family grew by so much. It is purely amazing at how mature, gracious and humble you are at such young age. 

No matter where life takes you, I pray that your dreams of being a cowgirl, riding in a rodeo, holding the American flag while the national anthem plays is fulfilled one day. I also pray that your dreams are always so innocent and pure as the ones you have now. You have the biggest heart to make anything that you wish for come true. 

I love you so much more than my blog can ever explain to you, or that I can tell you in words. We have a special bond and such sweet memories that no one in this world can ever replace. I hope that this year brings you joy, lessons, love and lots of wonderful memories. 

You will always be my favorite girl in the entire world.


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