Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Every year our family is so blessed to look back on our Christmas Day in remembrance of all it came with. We are completely showered with family time and their gifts of love. This year Santa was super gracious to the children as well. On Christmas Eve we made sure to spoil the big man in red by leaving out homemade sugar cookies (a horse, of course) and a glass of milk. We also left the reindeer hay and feed. 

The excitement that Charli Beth had this year was super precious. She just knew that she was getting an American Girl doll but had no idea that Santa would come through with two since it was all that she asked for on her list this year. The elves also made her girls some clothes. 

I'm not sure how I ever came across such an amazing deal but one day while wasting time at Goodwill I walked by this treasure for $9!! Yes, you read that correctly! An American Girl trunk that goes for $175 + on EBay, and I was snatching it up for only $9. My excitement over this piece is still going strong if you cannot notice. It was one of her favorite gifts. 

Bryar was excited too but kept saying, "Ho Ho candy!" He just knew that Santa was going to bring him candy and that is all he cared about. He surprisingly was not into opening gifts this year but loved playing with toys after someone else opened them. "Ho Ho" brought him a choo choo tent, a basketball goal and a rocking bull. He really racked up in the truck and police car department this year. He is one blessed little guy! 

Curtis wanted a hunting bow for Christmas so that ended up being his main gift from me and other family members. I also gave him a frames photo of him and Gunner on the beach together and some heads for his arrows. 

Curtis did a great job picking out an outfit that I love. I've been dying for a pair of cute printed leggings and he came through. He also gave me an otter box for our iPad, a k9 decal that we had been wanting for my car and a nice can of pepper spray for my late night grocery store trips.  

I could not help but giggle after looking in my stocking and seeing how it truly shows that I am a police wife. Hopefully I never have to use the spray but I am so glad to have it! Maybe I will get a glock next year ;) 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Charli's Christmas Events

As your children grow older Chrisfmas becomes the busiest time of the year. It no longer is just cute school programs, but it turns into 4H, Girl Scouts, Christmas caroling and other. I love to be busy but I most of all love to be busy watching my children interact, learn, volunteer and just celebrate. 

Last Sunday Charli was in the local Christmas parade with her Girl Scout Troop. Their float was, "Sweet Memories" and was the absolute most adorable float that passed by. The Mothers worked so hard at making a cute project and one of the Dad's made the gingerbread home soloy for this ever. Not only do they get huge props for this task but they also won an award. 

It was freezing that day and Bryar had a slight disappointment that they do not throw candy at this parade for safety concerns. I have no idea how us adults ever made it as children. Bryar did love seeing everyone go by and trying to say, "Merry Christmas" which more than less sounded like "be be berry ta ta" It was adorable though so I made him say it three trillion times. 

The same week after school we went Christmas caroling at Hospice. A few days before sweet Charli had asked what Hospice was and we did inform her of the truth but by the time we started singing to a patient she was already fighting back tears. My little cowgirl truly has a heart the size of Texas. She did enjoy the time learning new songs and singing with friends. Afterwards we enjoyed a supper and ice cream at Cluver's with other Cloverbud's. 

Charli Beth was in her school play and took on her first small speaking role. Their play was "Christmas in the O.K. Corral" and they dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. Charli said that it was totally her style. 

She is the one in the white shirt with brown bandana. Their little songs and dances were so cute. 

She spoke loud and slow so all could hear her lines. The play went on perfectly! 

Today the kids and I are making ornaments and sugar cookies for Santa as e comes to visit. Even though we started shopping early. I cannot believe how fast Christmas has snuck up on us this year. It still feels like it should be July. 
We have had two sick little ones on and off for weeks. I pray that we can have a wonderful healthy Christmas and celebrate the savior being born upon this special night. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Card Photos

This year I have been bad at a lot of things like having professional photos made, gave Charli a huge amount of carpet burn while goofing off, sending out the perfect amount of Christmas cards and so on. But the kids, Curtis and I have made it through the year so I feel like there is success somewhere in this. 

One Sunday that Charli girl stayed the night with Nana and Pa my Mom capture some sweet photos of her. Then boom all of the sudden I was in total, "I better get some Christmas card photos like yesterday!" mode. So after seeing her adorable pictures I took it upon my self to volunteer my over working, very tired Mom to capture some additional photos of Bryar and then couple photographs of the two. 

She made us dinner then we swept right in to catching snap shots all while I was practically bouncing on my head behind her to try an catch a smile. Two year old boys, or boys in general are so hard to photograph. Hopefully this will get eaiser as time progresses but I am going to guess not. 

I ended up using three of these photos for our Christmas cards but I am very sure I would of used several more if I could have. 

They are both just growing so fast. Bryar's face is turning into more of a little boy, rather than a baby and Charli is on the verge of loosing her other front tooth. Seriously, the Tooth Fairy and Santa on the same night? Please tell me no. 

I was awful about cards this year. A lot of my church friends and all of my blogging friends did not recieve a card. I absolutely loved the ones that I got, I just failed this year. 

2014 is a new year for me to try and be better are SO much; including cards. Just know that I love you all and promise to be back on my A game next year. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Polar Express 2013

Last week we attended a great fun, free community event at the L & N Train Depot. The day tickets went out I believe I honestly called the depot 357 times before reaching someone. It was crazy but I am always so glad to go! 

My sister and her family attended with us. Which is always a blast. Little Trace loves Charli so much. Not to mention both of the boys adore trains at the age. 

Isn't he precious? 

While waiting my sister found an extra ticket and gave it to us to just for keepsakes. Little did we know that ticket made Charli the winner of The Polar Express book. We tried and tried to give it back to Aunt Ash but she wanted Charli to have it and it made her night. 

The funniest thing is little ms. Honesty instead of just getting the book had to go into this huge explanation to everyone that we found the ticket, so at first it really did not belong to us. I could not help but to laugh because the depot worker was so confused and baffled on what to do, that she just handed the book over. 

Bryar loved being inside of the "choo choo!" He listened very intently to the book as Charli and Trace followed along in her new book.

When story time was over we were greeted by Santa to give the children the first gift of Christmas; a bell. Even though this was a free event and we were so thankful the Santa was out of this world fake, that Charli just completely ignored him. 

We let the kids go play for a few minutes then decided to go let them have cookies and chocolate milk. But by a blessing in disguise they were already closed up so we headed out to but our senior citizen angel gifts to cherish on Christmas! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Best Christmas Decor Advice

My mom has given me some great advice over the years. By great I mean, the words that made me who I am today and so much more. Then while we were out Christmas tree shopping, she happened to text me saying how I should ask the workers at Lowe's for extra trimmings. 

Say what? They do that? Obviously I am clueless and not so crafty so I had no idea! 

When I asked they said of course and even netted the extra trimmings up for us to easily carry out. 

So far with my extras, I have made these... 

A garland piece for my front door. Which just so happened did not work out but it actually turned our fabulous! 

Since I decided that to not have my Christmas Cookie exchange since Curtis has been working so much I have not decorated as I wanted. But still I am very happy with the decor throughout our home. One day soon I will add in photos of all of the decor. Just remember, the best budget saver there is at Christmas time is picking up these extra trimmings to decorate with! 

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