Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee Don't Sting Me!

As we all know I can be an idiot sometimes because sadly I just do not use my brain. But when it comes to my Momma bear instinct and there is a wasp in my baby's room where he is napping I will take it DOWN!

So, there just happened to be a wasp on Bryar's bedroom window during nap time. While thinking, "Wouldn't it just be something if I broke his window? Curtis would die..." I hit the window with a shoe. Little did I know that I am Super Mom........

Friday, May 25, 2012

We live in a society of "Daddy Dumbies"

This post is not directed towards anyone what-so-ever, it is a post that has been on my heart for quite some time and was just brought to my attention again recently.

"Are you my Father?"

It seems that in so many aspects of my life where I am just getting to know people as coworkers, friends or even just acquaintices I always get the look of so called "pitty" followed by the "I know this may be rude" and my heart sinks. Why you may ask. Because I know the question that is to follow. The question that I have been asked on so many occasions, the question that I should never have to answers.

"So is Charli's Dad in her life."

Why of course he is. She sees her Daddy daily. He tucks her into bed at night, kisses her on the forehead, drops her off at school in the mornings and gives her the same unconditional love that her Mommy does.

But the point of the matter is the fact that our society thinks that it is acceptable to be so rude, so heartless and naïve. I can never in my life remember a moment when I thought it was okay to ask why someone was or not in their life, or where they are now. Can you imagine the pain if you were in the situation? Because any time it is asked, it is asked FULL of complete judgment.

What if this person had passed away? And your just looking at them with judgment because you're in a situation with a child that you think does not have a "Daddy." But I am here to explain to you that you are wrong.

"Building Strong Children is easier than fixing broken men."

When the time comes and I have a talk with our child about the moment that Curtis stepped up the plate and became her Daddy. She will understand, and she will love him even more for all of the unselfish love and moments that he has given her. This is our family, not yours, and especially not yours to judge. We may be different than you, but our love is stronger than it ever has been.

So the next time you have the moment of wonder and want to ask where someone is in a child's life. Think of how you would like the question to be asked if the tables were turned.

“Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” - Bob Marley

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion to Figure Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the Fashion to Figure giveaway!

I used to help pick the winner.

Congrats to....Just The Two of Us

Please email me at paigeleana (@) yahoo .com so I can get your info to their company! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There is nothing anymore hot than....

Seeing my Husband in uniform hugged up to his babies.

I never got around to sharing that I had a guest post on Mommy Musing's blog last week for Law Enforcement Week. Mandy is such a sweet heart and I absolutely love her blog. If you are a police wife/daughter/girlfriend you should totally check out her blog and especially her cute little girls :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's & Dedication Day!

Sunday, May 13th 2012 was not only a special day because it was Mother's day and I was able to honor all of the wonderful Mother's in my life, it was also the day that we had Bryar dedicated at our church.

Oh and the day that he started sitting up all by himself!

Sadly, no one brought in the cameras to church to take photos of his dedication and by the time we were leaving it was pouring rain and we were hot mess.

Being able to spend my first Mommy's day as a Mother of two children was such a blessing. I have never been so busy but loved it so much. :)
"If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart"

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are you a Mom of a preemie or on bedrest?

I am wanting to hold a link up for Mom's of premature babies as well as bed rest Mommy's!
If you would be interested in sharing your story please comment or email me at!
! Being on bed rest for weeks and a time is so very tough but having a NICU baby is even more physically and emotionally draining! There are SO many stories, out there and each baby/pregnancy is different from the next but I believe that this is a great way to connect as well as show our love and support for another!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have been given the opportunity to hold a giveaway for one lucky winner to pick one item $30 (or less) from Fashion To Figure !

I know in the past I have heard so many women complain about how there are never any "cute" or fashionable clothing items in plus sizes. So I am very thankful to be given the chance to get the word out about this adorable company!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your email address!

Contest ends on 5/23!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tractor Ride with Papaw

Papaw and his grandbabies :)

One of Charli's most favorite things to do is being able to ride the tractor with Papaw and go check on the cows. I guess that now Bryar is already thinking that he is old enough to start in on the farm fun!

Monday, May 14, 2012

7 months!

I am a little late for Bryar's 7 month post!

Bryar Wayne,

I am constantly amazed at the fact that you are already 7 months old. It seems that you should still be in my tummy kicking away. But I am so thankful for all of the moments that we get to play and spend together. Even though I complain about the lack of sleep that I am expereiencing at the moment, I really am okay with spending every moment that I can with you. Because very soon you will be, "to old for your Mommy's loving" (Which to me, you are never to old for by the way.)

You may be a skinny boy still but you think that you are much bigger than what you are trying to pull up to stand rather than sit. We have had the discussion many times already that this a process and you need to take it step by step rather then walking before you can even sit up by yourself. But I suppose that you have the determination and the "hardcore" mind set just like your Daddy :)

We finally got to hear your BIG laugh for the first time about two weeks ago. Thankfully, Nana caught it on camera because Mommy and Daddy were on a date night. It is seriously the most precious sound ever. You are a lot like your big sister and like to keep all of your giggles hidden except for those very special tickling moments.

I have a feeling that you are going to be my wild child and are saving all of this energy up for when you are a toodler. You may not be able to sit up or crawl yet but I can leave you in one spot on the floor turn around and you have rolled or popped your back up to get across the room.

On Sunday, May 13 (Mother's Day) you will be dedicated at church and it is such a honor to your Daddy and I to stand before the church and say that we will raise you in a christian home. My number one prayer for you is that you will come to know and love the Lord with all of your heart and soul.

The next few months you are going to be hitting a lot of milestones and once again it will be a bittersweet time watching you grow up!

I love you baby B :)

Weight : 13 lbs - itty bitty boy!

Height: 26 in.

Sleep: Mr. B still wakes up around 3 times a night, although I do believe that this is mostly out of habbit more than anything. He does still nurse through the night, although sometimes he is just need of his buddy (our name for a pacifier) and a pat on the booty then he falls back to sleep. We have pretty much made the transition into his crib from next to Mommy. But boy do I miss him when he is away.

Eat: B still only takes 6 oz of milk but we are starting to try more but typically he gets very full on just this. We have tried practically all baby foods but his favorites are avacado and bananas smashed up. He would rather eat the food that we are eating than the actual baby food. Everyone gasped the other night at church when I gave him a bite of mashed potatoes then I heard an older lady next to me saying "You go Mama!" and I just laughed. We agreed that I have the second baby syndrome and am not afarid of giving him "to much."

Friday, May 11, 2012

Go Firecrackers!

This is Charli's second season of playing softball and she has already made major improvements since last year! Charli is playing for a man that attends our church as well Curtis and two other Dads. Sadly, the first two games were rained out and the the third she played wonderfully at!

At the first game Bryar Wayne had no idea what to think of all of the cheering and clapping. The first couple of times, he pouted out his lips and cried like someone had just pinched him. It was the saddest but funniest thing, ever. Thankfully, he got used to it and loved watching the ball around the field.

We do not keep score in their league - which I love. But these girls are doing awesome and hopefully they all will continue to love playing softball!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keep Calm & Mommy On

Some days we as Mommys struggle. We look defeated, tired and worn out. Well, we feel that way most days but some days it just really (and I mean really) shows through. I am pretty sure that for the last 7 months, this is how I look. I am officaly a hot mess, not that I was not ever before. But my gracious, I've lost it.

Bryar has been sleeping less and less lately. His tummy troubles are effecting his sleep more now than they ever have. At his Vandy appointment last week the Doctor informed us that he believes that the bleeding is from an irritation in his intestines from an antibiotic (even though he tested negative for C-diff in the weeks before.) He prescribed Bryar Zantac to try twice a day and after that we will probably cut out all dairy products to see if that helps any as well. But I am still just so confused because even though there is no bleeding, his diapers are gggross and his belly hurts after taking his new formula. I just wish it could all be figured out.

I suppose that I am spoiled with the fact that Charli Beth was formula fed and started sleeping through the night at 3 months. I know so many Mommys on twitter/blogs that there baby went well past the age of one before sleeping through the night. Which I am totally okay with, I can handle that, but what I cannot do not want to handle is being awake most of the night, getting up early, getting the kids ready and myself then coming to work, going home and doing the same thing all over again.

It is miserable but the fact is I picked to do this.

I made the decisions to get me to where I am in this very moment. I may not be as cute as I once "thought" I was and I may even look "old" now but I have a wonderful darn reason for these things. I may not get to sit down at home until I lay my head down to go to sleep for a few minutes, but I am blessed for the reason of having to run around like a walking zombie all day, because the Lord has blessed me.

Some days we may be worn out, or we may be exhausted and just look/feel all around terrible but we (I) must remember that these days do not last for long, they go by way to fast and the Lord simply will not put more on us than what we can handle.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Minute Vandy Appointment

This afternoon Vandy Children's Pediatric GI office called advising that we were on their ASAP cancellation list and informing that they have an opening from tomorrow! So thankfully we now no longer have to wait until June 21st to get little baby B into see Dr. Authur.

We thankfully have not dealt with any blood for almost two weeks, although we have been dealing with belly aches like no other since changing his supplemental formula to the food allergy type. Him and I have been walked this house the past several nights almost crying together. I really hope that we are able to find out some answers tomorrow. Even if it is the reassurance that it was an allergy, I feel that it is best to be safe rather than sorry when this happens again.

Please pray with us that we do find good news and some sort of answers out during this visit tomorrow. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Really? Can one baby make all of the time difference in the world to where that I have no time to even sit down at night? It is simply amazing that I went from second shift to where that I had time to blog, even if it was before work or during to now wher I cannot update my blog without majorly stressing out to do so.

I miss it. I miss being able to sit down and relive these special moments that I spend with my family and be able to store them on a sight that I can one day "hopefully" be able to print off.

I know I have been a huge blogger failue to all of my "followers" and friends lately but I promise that I will be starting back up to post more often soon! I must get my groove together!

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