Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sneak peek into her new room!!

Pay no attention to her covers or the pillow beside the zebra one. I just thought this was the sweetest picture! I found her in her bed like this at bed time after the 3rd birthday party! We have a furniture piece to paint, and then I'll have pictures up!! =)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

yay Charli B!

(sorry for the horrible back and work uniform! lol) I got to leave work for a few today to attend the Jacksonian Pageant that we entered Charli Beth in. She is a pageant girl. No, we don't go all crazy w/ fake hair, make up, etc. We will NEVER do that. My child just has fun showing off her girly side for a while and winning trophies/crowns! We backed out of the pageant scene for a while and started back in today. There were 16 little beauties in Charli Beth's division and she got 1st runner up! She did wonderful; smiled, waved, sweet face, turns, kisses, and "i love you nana." I had a feeling that we weren't the big winner but in my eyes she will always be the winner, every little girl is. She did better today at her pageant than I have ever seen her do. I bet she cannot wait to do more. She has taken naps and fell asleep w/ her trophy in the bed beside her tonight. How cute!! I actually forgot my camera batteries at work whenever I left in a hurry, so Mom brung her to work to take pictures and have ice cream! Yum! Trophy and ice cream, how much could a little girl ask for after today? lol. Hope ya'll have a great week! I'm off 4 days in a row =) yay!!!!!!!!

Great Job Charli B~
how excited does she look?
oh and thank you all for the comments on my last post! If you haven't read it yet, please do so! loves & hugs.

I found a news video tonight that my Mom had told me about a few days ago, which involves my uncle that is receiving a kidney transplant from his son in the next few weeks. Let me first mention, that my family and their family are not close due to a unmentionable grandmother that we have. I wish that we were able to talk and let them know that we will be praying and thinking of them during their time. I do have my cousin and his brother as friends on Myspace and have msg'd Ryan letting him know that it is a very sweet, caring and admiring thing that he is doing for his Father along w/ my email and cell number for his parents. I don't exactly know the full story on my Uncle Trevor's condition even after reading two news pages and watching the video. I just ask that you take a look at the links and video and say a pray for them during this time.

Chattanooga Times Free Press

^^^this is Paige, on crazy hair day;today/yesterday/whatever...
my hair needs to be [I'm going to ghetto for a second and say..] "did" and cut. My hair is actually at my shoulders! Wow. I have kept it short for years now, mostly for the fact that my chubby cheeks [on my FACE!] make me look so very young with longer hair, and bigger. I like my hair short, but it's so darn think that in the summer it about kills me. I'm going to post pictures of my hair in different styles, colors, etc....please leave FEEDBACK. I plan to make my move in the next week! So comments comments comments.
senior picture! Can't ya tell??almost a year ago.
to fall-like!?
to dark for summer?

I'm not sure when this is but i like it being "choppy" but the warm weather and short hair, stinks being that you can't pull it back.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Award? yay!

Aw, lovely Nichele Lynn my wonderful blogger friend that has seemed to go through some of the same heartaches and breaks as I have, left me this cute little award on her blog. This is my second award and I could not be anymore excited or honored for receiving it!Here are the rules: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Now here goes the fun part of picking my fantastic eight bloggers! =)

1. Nichele Lynn- Even though she has already relieved it, I do have to send it right back to her. She has been the sweetest thing always leaving comments to Charli's pictures or blogs about my worst days. I hope that just as much as she has helped me through a bad day, that I can help her sometime too!

2. Ivana - As I call her on here, my real life home-town buddy. Ivana and I came to know one another through blogspot, myspace, and facebook. I always love reading her funny stories about her set of twins, and her cute Kyndall. Kyndall and Charli girl should be in the same grade during school, so I am sure that we will get to know one another a lot better throughout the years!

3. Coy Lee- My other real life friend...take that back, this guy is my best friend. I think that I would probably marry him, just because I know he wants to marry me too =) haha! I'm playing. We met during our weeks at DOCJT and his first words to me were that I have freaky eyes? How nice huh? It was a great and funny way to start off our friendship that we have now!

4. Kim - She always puts a smile on my face when leaving sweet comments to my blog, myspace and facebook. She has the most adorable little boy and I seriously think that if her and I were to meet in real life we would be great friends (maybe even sisters, because she does have a fine looking brother! hahahahaha)

5. Noe Noe girl - Always leaving kind words and inspiration. I don't follow blogs and comment like I should so it's always lovely to get comments!

6. Juliana - This wonderful lady came into my blog after visiting the White Family's blog (which is about Johnathan who was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma, stage 3 type cancer. I do have to add in that this boy is truly amazing. Please visity his blog and his LiveStrong Challenge)
Pray For Jonathan

Back to Mrs. Juliana, she has recently lost her brother and could use amount of encouragement and love during this time of heartache and pain. She has left me wonderful comments, and I know she is a wonderful women and mother that I wish I could meet in real life. God Bless you Juliana!

7. Elizabeth - Wonderful, hard working, determined, amazing Mother. I love reading her blog and seeing cute little pictures of her Ella. Maybe one day if I ever get to grace DOCJT with my presence of being an officer, I will be able to meet her =) haha! BTW, Goodluck on your mini-marathon you will do wonderful!

8. Sarah - Another "hometown girl" thats husband actually works with me. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever know and has an amazing family. Her boys are to cutes for words and I cannot believe they are growing up so fast either!

lol...I just put number 9 and kept going? Crazy me. I thought it was going to be hard to find 8 friends. What was I thinking? This blog world has lead me into lives of people all over the country and I am so thankful for that!
Post secret.

...Let me explain, I would not only give my life for a friend but for anyone an enemy or so forth. If I could save your life in any way fashion or form, my life would be even more worth while than it already is. We are put on this earth to protect and help others throughout our lives. Weather this is a way of speaking in religion [helping someone come to know Jesus Christ], or to save them from a stray bullet. We should all stand by one another, pick each other up whenever time calls for this, we should not put one under the wagon to be hurt or humiliated just as so many do during this time and day. We should help, wipe away tears, hold others up, just as your hope or wish someone would hold you on your worst days. I pray that each and everyone of you find the good in someone, that we sometimes forget to find.
[btw, I have no idea where half of that came from, I was meaning to just post a sentence and it became this.]

It's Thursday night, which is usually one of my nights for EMT class and Bw3's but I'm sadly at work hoping to leave work early and head to eat with friends. Yea, I know craziness of going 30 mins to eat and drive home, but that is my hour or so to be with friends outside of work and outside of Mommy-hood. I so hope I get to go =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Memories & etc

I had this picture done on purpose for Charli Beth's 3 old pictures, due to the fact that her dress was very similar to her the first. It's amazing how different she looks, and more amazing she has made our lives.

Now my outrage post about the Miss USA pageant, and just like Miss California said, no offense to anyone out there. But are you FREAKING KIDDING ME, she did not loose her crown due to the question that she was asked. Donald Trump and the others from the Miss USA organization must have wanted this kind of controversy with the question that did come from an openly game man. The question went as follows:
Perez Hilton's (whoever this joker is) question: [I cannot find the exact question that he asked on the internet at all, but I am trying to get it from youtube.]
"Miss California, Vermont is the 4th state to legalize gay marriage in American. Do you think that other states should follow behind Vermont?"

Her Answer
: "We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised.

She may have not given the answer to the "best of her ability" by simply not adding in the fact that " No she doesnt not believe that other states should follow," but she is amazing in my eyes for giving her opinion and not being scared of what the out come would be. This right here, is what Miss USA and other pageants should be all about, being yourself, and not answering a question just because it will get you the crown. Why is gay marriage such a HUGE controvesery anyways? I do not agree with gay marriage, I probably should have stated this before. I think that Perez Hilton is filth, for calling Miss California a "Dumb B*tch" on his video blog after the show ended, he has also stated on Extra that he "does not feel sorry for calling her this because he was thinking much worse." Are you kidding me? I would like to have a few rounds with him. Donald Trump has ruined this pageant for letting horrible Judges to come onto this show and try to make fools of women that may actually have what it takes. California was not my favorite girl in the pageant, but I did figure she would win. Although the lady does have class and a very strong head on her shoulders, she would of been a wonderful Miss USA. I hope next year is nothing at all like this....

Also, one other thing...I did not post yesterdays picture and words to make anyone think or feel that I am not strong enough to do this or that I have a hard time because "he" isn't around. I thank you all so much for your so very kind comments. My mom was also a single Mother and she's the most amazing woman that I know of. I know I can do this, I have never doubted that and being single is the only way that I would have it. I hurt because she hurts, doesnt understand, and asks questions that she is WAY to young to be asking. It breaks a piece of my heart every time she she says "daddy" just for the fact that I dont want him around her either. Maybe I should want him around? I maybe selfish..Wait, I know I am selfish. I just wouldn't have it any other way than this. She knows that Jesus is looking for her a "Daddy" she just thinks that he has to have a swimming pool to go with it. haha! My postsecrets also came from Juliana and I love them. Please pray for her family during their time of heartache.
I'm actually at work today so I am.....


Sunday, April 19, 2009


I actually cried today, not because of you, but because she will never understand. I dont cry because you're not in her life, I cry for the scars that we have made on her heart. I dont cry because I loved you, I cry because although she doesn't know you, she will always love you.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last night I was watching American Idol as usual for Wednesday nights, and I seen that Miley (hannah hannah) was signing her latest song "the climb" on it. I have came to realize that not only is the poor girl an awful role model for these young girls, but a horrible singer love her soul. Not that Miley has done anything that is very out of control, or anything to the sort. But I wouldn't like my 13 yr old watching her with all of the controversy that she's already got her self into w/ pictures and etc. I've never been a huge Miley fan, I've always said that she is going to be the next Brittany Spears. Like it or don't like it, this will happen, lol. This is unless Miley finds her own "self" during the next few years instead of trying to be like others. Her hand motions and facial expressions looked like they were so very uncomfortable with her last night. Her latest song, is very good within the lyrics so I have added it to my playlist at the bottom if you haven't heard it yet. Also, I'm just wondering why on all of the people in the world why they used the "save" on Matt from last night. That was insane to me?? But I was a Michael lover, and the other little blonde girl that sung Joelea whenever she was sent off.

Charli Beth hasn't had any more problems with the spider bite thankfully =) But she did fall out of bed last night and then we broke a bunch of glass in the kitchen. I'm just starting to think that my girl and I have some exteremly bad luck here lately.
* Someone hitting my car
*them "leaving the scene of the accident"
*spider bite
*lost my debit card
*found my debit card after i cancelled it
*fall out of the bed
*Computers shutting down at work @ 3 am and not being able to save any info at all.

My list of blessings is SO much longer than this silly little bad luck list =)

Happy Birthday to Ivana!!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday:Picture.

funny. beautiful.

Whenever I got to my aunts to pick up Charli Beth last night she told me that she had something on her her head, at first I thought she was just kidding around so I took a look for myself. I came to find that she has a spider bite on her neck at her hair line that was already scabbed over and her lymph node is swollen into a hard knot. I did take her to the ER in my town last night but I did not feel comfortable with the entire medical treatment. He gave us a prescription but said to no feel it for 7 days. What? Why even write it. Please don't get me wrong this doctor was exteremly nice and told Charli she was beautiful about 100 times but we waited in the lobby for over and hour and was seen for 5 mins if that. This is why i dispise ER's. We are headed to her pediatricen here in a few mins probably to get the same response but at least I will feel a bit better about the entire situation. The swelling in her lymph node has went down some, but it still a knot, and the scabbed seems to be bigger. The ER doctor did say it was for sure a spider bite that i looked inflammed and not infected. Once again, what? Thought that there had to be some sort of infection to be inflammed. I'm not a doctor by any means just a tired Momma that doesn't want her Char hurting, and this is hurting her from the way she talks. I told her it was a butterfly kiss and she practically looked at me like I was silly. She said it is way to scary to be a butterfly kiss because it hurts real bad. Love her heart. I'll update later on at the bottom of this post. Love ya'll and have a great Wednesday!

update: We did get to the doctor this morning and they checked her over pretty well and we got the antiboitics that I was hoping to get =) So we will be taking them and hoping that continues to heal!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Won't be like this for long...

You are my "I love you."

I have to admit, I've been having a horrible time lately struggling with terrifying threes. We had a lovely run through of "terrible twos" but every since her birthday party we've been wild wild wild. Who knows maybe it's a cause of to much cake and sugars in one weekend and it still hasn't wore off? Or maybe Momma is just getting old and lazy? My Mom would probably agree with the second. haha. But then I start to realize that this isn't just terrifying three stage, it's another journey into a wonderful year filed with funny moments, and amazing times. She is my best friend, no matter how much I joke about not having any friends, her and the rest of my family is all I will ever need. This girl can pick me up whenever I am down, no matter what. I am so blessed to be the Mommy that I am, and be there for her whenever she needs me just as much if not more than I need her in my life. She is a truly amazing little girl, and I wish that all of my blogger buds could meet her. She would put a smile on your face in one instant. I hope I never forget how lucky I am (which I am very sure that I will not) although sometimes I get tired and annoyed by the little things, I know "it wont be like this for long."

Dear Miss little Charli,
Whenever I first found out that you were coming into my life, I never could of imagined at that time how much joy you would bring into my life. The first year was such an up and down roller coaster that at times I didn't even know where life was going to take us. I miss you being so small that it brings tears to my eyes. I love you more than I could ever express to you in words. My happiest moments are dancing in the living room with your or shaking our "hinnie's" to I like to move it move it. I love how you pick on and tease me already at the age of three. How you beat me up and "pow pow" me in the stomach while running off laughing. I honestly like having you to kick me out of my bed every night and even if I get mad that you wont eat your cereal because you just want to drink the milk, it's secretly okay..."you're just a little girl one time," and I hope that these years are the greatest for you because I just know they will be for me. I love you more than you could ever imagine.
[3 busshel baskets just like Nana and Mama say.]

Charli and I were both feeling better this morning whenever we got up although Mom is still laid up in bed so hopefully she will get better asap.
I am looking for someone to re-do my blog that isn't very expensive to make it look more organized and classy. Do any of you ladies know of a designer that will be good?
I have no idea why I just changed my blog background and the picture above. At first I hated it, but right now it's making me think of spring flowers and warm weather. Which seems like such a blessing to have at the moment. Mom, Charli and I are all sick w/ sore throats and some what of a stomach bug. Yucky!

Easter was a wonderful day. I was actually off from work and was able to attend church w/ all of my family and a guy from my EMT class ( I know all of ya'll are thinking "ooo la la la" but can you really consider a date as Easter Church service and dinner w/ my entire family. Poor guy did so very good for meeting my ENTIRE family in one day.) Charli was a little on the hyper side after egg hunting and eating a few bites of candy throughout church. I sadly wasn't able to attend either of her egg hunts this year, just like last. I had to work friday night then had class from 8 -1, the egg hunt started at 2 and was 30 mins away and the girl needed easter socks because her piggies are growing WAY to fast. After practically no sleep and heading back into work 3rd shift saturday I crashed once I got home sunday morning and missed Sunday school. I would of loved to have been there to help her. Hopefully one day soon, I'll be able too =)

Here are a few pictures from her egg hunts, and btw I should have pictures up of her new room by the end of the week !!! yay!! It has been pretty much done for about two weeks now, I just need to add a few more odds & ends before showing it off!

I do have to thank my amazing Mom for always taking Charli Beth to church (and both of my parents for taking her to other church organizations and etc). Charli is so very blessed to have such a family that cares and loves her more than anything in this world. Someone asked her infront of me yesterday if she knew the reason why we have Easter and she quickly said "because Jesus loves us, and died on the cross." How amazing is that? Mom called me at class the other night told me that Charli was sitting at her prayer bench that my sister made char for her bday praying for one of her baby dolls that was in the "hospital!" Ahh, that just melts my heart above anything else. I am blessed to have the family and support that I do. I'm not sure where our lives would be without them.
Hope you all had a great Monday!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!
Let us all remember the reason for this day & everyday in which we live.
my favorite version of this song, for sure.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Three years ago, my life changed in a way that I never thought it would. Not only was my child five days old, I lost my best friends this day. We had not been friends for years, spent every free second together. But whenever I was in need of a friend, she was there. I miss her laugh, her smile, and her all around positive energy that she always had. I'll never forget the way my heart sunk into the floor the moment that I was told there had been a wreck. I'll never forget that I was excited because my coach's husband and daughter were "coming to see Charli Beth" and then I was confused because my Mom pulled into the driveway. I'll never forget saying how weird it was that my Mom was there so early in the morning during the work day. My heart hurts still whenever I think about graduation, volleyball, or even the mall. I hate the fact that I am sitting in the room where the call first came in that there had been a wreck. Maybe I'm crazy? or maybe I just miss the only honest to goodness good friend that I had during school. I can only pray for my daughter to find such a wonderful friend like I did in Jamie.
Please keep her family in your prayers today.


I noticed how beautiful the sky was the other night, and then I realized it is because you're up there.

Sorry, that I have been a horrible "blogger" once again this week. Many of the dispatchers have taken vacation this month and lovely little part timer me, is covering for them. ** bring on that money baby =) ** Charli Beth's room is practically finished, we only need a few more items until the room is in perfect shape ....well at least in my eyes! lol. I am working 3rd shift tonight, and then I have class tomorrow during the day for auto extrication and then hopefully between sleeping and coming back into work I will be able to color eggs with Charli. Which is something that she really enjoyed last year.

OH and last night on my way to work from emt class, a red chevy s10 side swipped my car, mostly hitting the mirror. I immediately got into a turning lane so that I could get the liscense plate number of the vehicle incase they didnt stop, and get out of the roadway to assess the damage of my car. Thankfully I only have scratches on the outside of mirror but the vehicle slowed down, looked back at my car and took off. Thankfully the tag was right and the p.d. that I work for was able to stop the male driving. He was not arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, due to BGPD not wanting to go into my county to arrest him. I am able to get a warrant and if I do it is only to teach him a lesson, not because I am rude or any other. I feel like that humans with good morals are few and far to come by anymore. Ahh, some days I feel like I shouldn't even drive anymore. Hope you all have a great Saturday =)

I was wondering if anyone watched the video in my last post. I was wanting some feedback on it, and all. make my head big people ;o) haha!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 6, 2006

I know that I am a day late with my actualy Happy Birthday Charli Beth post but yesterday was such a busy day with her! We ended up heading to bg to pick out a few more presents with the birthday money that she recieved on Saturday, rode the carusouel at the mall and a few others, then had dinner at Cracker Barrel which is one of her favorites, and came home to have cake with the family at 7. After the long day I was ready for bed, but eventually got there around 1. Little miss priss was a bit hyped up. I am so amazed that it has already been three years (and one day now) since she entered my life on Thursday, April 6, 2006 @ 3:12 pm, only weighing 4 lb s and 2 oz. Each year she fills my life with more joy than the last, and I am so excited to see what kind of fun that her and I can get into this year of her little life.

I also downloaded the video on youtube, facebook and myspace but for some reason all three will only show 3 mins and 16 seconds worth of it. Here it is just click the link and watch!

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