Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bryar's Barnyard Birthday Bash

Bryar's birthday party was held on Sunday afternoon with our closest family and friends in attendance. We were a little scared the week before that it was going to be to chilly or rainy to be held outside in the barnyard behind our home, but thankfully the Fall day turned out to be absolutely perfect and the party was a huge hit for baby Bryar too!

 As always my Mother and MIL were an absolute blessing during this party. I had a difficult time picking our party theme because I knew that Cowboys were completely out of the question. I feel as if our family has wore out them Cowboy/Cowgirl themes lately. So I started thinking that I should look around on Facebook at any recent parties and see if someone may have extra supplies. (Smart idea, if I must say so myself!) And thankfully, I saw that the sweetest girl had a farm animal party which just so happened to be one of my "final options" for his party. She had extra supplies and decor left over from her son's first birthday and was willing to let me buy it! This is the best way to budget for a party or to sale your left over supplies for extra cash when it is over! There is a website called "my party is over" where people do this. Although, in the past I have had best luck with my facebook account or blog sales.

I wanted to have banner for all of the photographs from Bryar's months but the wind was just to much to hang several pictures with clips. So we reused the stand from our wedding and my Mom brought this adorable frame with chicken wire.
 The caramel apple bar was one of my most favorite things to have at the party! I was so excited for this and am glad that it was such a hit. Especially for my Husband who thought it was complete nonsense. The picture of him with caramel all over his face is priceless :) For topping we had sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate chips, and m&ms. Yum! I also sat out apple core cutters in case kiddo just wanted to have it as a dip,

The party favors were purchased from Mighty Dollar and we also used items from a previous party to cut down on expenses! The buckets and books did come from Mighty Dollar and after lots of searching I found the piggy books there for the smaller kids, in which I just included apple sauce! I always worry about giving the babies to big of items for them to get use of out of.
 The center pieces were SO easy to take care of - the cloth was from some Muslin that my MIL had, and tractors were toys from when my Husband was a child. The hay bales were purchased from Hobby Lobby on sale!

We also had a "photo booth" for people to write messages to Bryar on. The message above pertains to the chalkboard message in the last photograph. It is an on going cop vs. firefighter thing with our friends from Sunday School. They are all so funny :)

We tried to do a couple of family photos throughout the day but mainly they ended up with Bryar trying to pull Charli's hat off or her with a crazy look on her face.
Charli helped open gifts when she wasn't to busy running after the other kids. I just love the picture below of her. She may not be much of a cowgirl (yet) but her heart is totally set on being one.

Bryar received his first pair of cowboy boots and lots of other great items that we really needed for the Fall and Winter to come!

We had a huge parenting fail moment and let Bryar eat way to much cake to where he ended up throwing up for probably a solid two minutes. It should of clued into us that he was getting enough when he was shoving it in with both hands. Boy, did he love it though.

 This is our sweet friends Marshall and Lisa!
They are one of the sweetest couples that we know and are the only ones to have ever watched Bryar other than family members.
 My sister Ashley with her family
 Cousin Aylee & Aunt Nicki

 Do I need to say anything about this picture? Except, uhm arranged marriage please! Ha!
Gosh they are to cute for words!
 My sweetest and most dear friend Jessica with her family - John, Levi, Lily, Lane and Layla! She is one of the best Mothers I know as well. I am so glad that her sweet family were able to attend the party.
 "I love you Bryar. You are cute. I love when you smile at me. I love how you have dimples. Love, Sissy" - Melt my heart. She thought of this on her own and I just love that she thought about his dimples to write. I knew that Charli Beth would be a great big sister, but never did I imagine that she would be this wonderful and loving to Bryar. I am so blessed.
This is just some of the great pictures from Bryar's party that my Mom was able to send to me. I honestly did not take a single picture of the party and was to busy living in the moment of things. I have realized over time that it is very important to do this as well as possibly sign someone to be the party photographer. Thankfully, instead of just asking both my Mom and MIL take Charge in doing so. Without their help and the help of others I would never be able to have such wonderful parties for my kiddos. I truly know that it is not all about the party and decor but about celebrating the blessing of life that God has gave to us. I look back on his birthday and not only think about how perfect every detail was but how perfect each moment of celebrating Bryar is. Thank you to everyone who helped us in the process.


Ashley said...

Cutest party ever!!!!! You throw some amazing parties my dear

Brittney said...

What an absolutely adorable party! How lucky you are to have such great family AND a great place to have a party! Happy birthday Bryar!

Jillian said...

So cute!

Jillian said...

So cute!

Kim said...

Haha Omg, we let Hunter eat his whole entire cake as well and the poor guy threw it all up too. Guess we learned our lesson, ha. Bless his heart!
What an ADORABLE birthday party Bryar had!! Love the prayer at the end, so cute! You and your family did a great job and I'm sure Bryar enjoyed every bit of the love. :)

Anonymous said...

Where did the girl I went to high school go. I am proud of you long lost friend you are such a great Mom. Love your blog and the parties you have for your littles.

Jess said...

Very cute...and yes chick do dig COPS (the fact that I'm married to one doesn't make me biased at all lol)!!!

Molly said...

You did an amazing job! So cute! Happy 1st Bryar!

Sonja said...

You did an amazing job Paige!!

Courtney said...

What an adorable party. Love the farm theme!

traci said...

What size tractors did you use in the centerpieces?

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