Thursday, January 31, 2013


Tomorrow I will be staying away from Bryar for the first time. Yes, I am a second time Mommy. But there is five years between my two and my situation is different this time. When I was single living at home with my parents I was working second and third shift every week. It was two thirds and three seconds. It was rough and incredibly not worth it. But it was what I had to do for Charli and I. So we had to spend lots of time away from one another at an early age.

Praise little baby Jesus that my situation is different this time. Although, the fact that I have been able to stay with Bryar every single day for the last 15 1/2 months (besides my time at work) means that I have one little boy who loves me so much that he screams when I walk out of the room. Yes, he is that annoying baby that cries a lot in the nursery. But he isn't the only one that as separation anxiety. His Mommy does too.

It is quite ridiculous. I am used to Charli Beth leaving and staying with grandparents on the weekends. She is a girl on the go. Practically grown up sadly, even at the early age of six. But Bryar needs me. His middle of the night hawk screams are only calmed by this lady right here and I am proud of that. I practically dance in the glory that his love for me is overwhelming at times.

What I am scared of is that on my trip he will no longer "need" me. He will not just want me to rock him and sing rock-a-bye baby, or to rock him to sleep when nothing else works. Everyone is growing up and looking to other things for comfort but him and I want to make his love last long possible. It really is the most controlling and ridiculous thing I have ever thought.

I know that my mil will probably be laughing at me when we walk in the door with all of my notes and schedules (even though we basically do not have a great schedule.) But on the other side of me I am ecstatic about having a weekend with my husband and friends. We need this and maybe so does the baby. I am crossing my fingers and toes that they will have a great weekend, will be able to rest and that my littlest love will still love me when I return.

Now If I can only make myself get into that car tomorrow morning without crying....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Day Sickies

Ah, another kiddos has jumped on the germ band wagon. Sadly, it just had to be on the first snow day of the school year. I knew that Charli Beth's principal had mentioned that strep was going around the school. But I crossed my fingers that her sore throat and head ache was allergies.

That was until the girl who never naps, tried taking one. After a temperature check and call to the doctor we were on our way to get swabbed!

Strep it is....

So after a $51 antibiotic since miss pros is allergic to amoxicillin we are hopefully on the way to being germ free!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday afternoon Charli Beth was so excited in hopes of getting her first "snow day" of the season. Then when one of the Moms that is a teacher picked up for their son told her that she must do three things, she got super serious. Kelli told her she "must flush ice cubes down the toilet, sleep with a spoon under her pillow and wear her Jammie's inside out."

Charli acted like she did not believe her. Then around 4:30 she she got spoons out and could not stop talking about how serious it was that we all wear our clothes inside out to bed. Even though, she was the only one to abide by this, it worked :)

First snow day is in progress! So far there has been some sleeping in, lots of muffin eating, cartoons and maybe a little bit of brotherly love by hitting sissy in the head...this day is sure to be a blast or kill me one?!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Family Fun and Not So Fun

On Friday, I was kiddo free besides my two very own little loves. I had promised Charli Beth that I would join her at school for lunch, since my opportunities to do so are very limited. She was super ecstatic! Then on Friday morning, Bryar woke up with another cough, and as the morning passed it still sounded icky so I made him an appointment.

But was it bad enough to let Charli down was the question, since I had an appointment scheduled and he would not be around other kids. After sitting him up I noticed that he was able to rest better in the up right position. So I headed to town and picked up Mickey D's (eek!) and to her school.

She was so excited to see us and was even more excited to hear that I would be back to pick her up early for B's appointment. It is always so fun to see her smile and tell me all about the other kiddos. Not to mention, she was not embarrassed one bit to a lay a big ole kiss on her brother and I before she left. Score!

At Bryar's appointment we thankfully found out that he did not have croup but it could of turned into it. So another low dose oral steroid it was! After one dose he was doing much better! Before heading home we enjoyed an early dinner at Boyce Store with my Mom.

We all know that I love anything that contains small community, good food and sweet people. Boyce is practically Heaven to me. I am sure that you can tell just how well Mr. Bryar was feeling and how much he loved sharing my Boyce burger (& eating an entire grilled cheese.)

That smile...ah, it melts my heart and especially since it was directed towards Charli Beth!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Operation Cupcake Cutie

Operation Cupcake Cutie was founded in 2012 for precious 4 year old Addyson "Addy" Clark. This little cupcake cutie was diagnosed in 2012 with Multi-Nodular Pilomyxoid Astrocytomas. She has 3 inoperable brain tumors. Operation Cupcake Cutie is their way of giving back and helping out all of Addyson's  dear friends!

This year Addy's family is hosting Crafts For Cuties for other children who are facing illnesses of their own at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. During each of Addy's hospital stays, she has been encouraged to create. For the first 14 days of February please consider donating any of the following 14. These items are some of Addy's favorite supplies that she would like others to enjoy just as much as she has! In donating items or even words of encouragement you are showing your love, support and prayer for these special little ones!

-plastic beads for necklaces or bracelets
-crayola washable paint
-canvases (small or medium)
- feathers
-googly eyes
-activity trays (for use in children's laps)
-crayola glitter glue pens
-colored paper sacks
-construction papers
-self adhesive foamies
-crayola markers or crayons
-pom poms
-Elmer's school glue
-water colors

Donations can be dropped off locally at Glenbrook Chick-Fil-A in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Items or monetary donations (which will be used in the purchase of craft materials) can be mailed to:

Crafts For Cuties
P.O. Box 8128
Gallatin, TN 37066

If you would like to visit Operation Cupcake Cutie's Facebook page please click here.

Please help me along with Operation Cupcake Cutie in spreading the word for this great cause!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Easy Bake Oven Fail

Charli was dying to receive an Easy Bake Oven from Santa for Christmas. After finding one on sale, Santa purchased it along with several other items. What a mistake the jolly fella made!

I never had an Easy Bake as a child and now I can see why. They are awful! I am sure that I slammed the thing on the counter probably three or four times. But that was mainly to get the tray of cupcakes out...I think that was reason at least?!

They taste funky and  never look like the pretty little photos. I just think they are a huge waste of money. From now on my girl and I plan to use the real oven and make huge ooey gooey cupcakes that we can all enjoy!

For now, I will leave you with my most recent easy bake fail.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things To Never Say To Someone On Bed Rest

So today during nap time as I was scrolling through Pinterest, I came across a pin titled, "Ten Things To Never Day To Someone On Bed rest." So I clicked on it thinking, oh this is so for me when i was on bed rest! But, I was wrong because I was not a in the hospital during both of my long bed rest days.  So here is list for at home bed rest ladies. Some of these you may think WTC about but I promise you they are true.

1. "I am so jealous of you! I wish I could lay around all day." Seriously? After the first two days of sleeping and watching TV, it sucks. The days are long and so boring.

2. "Well, you're only gaining weight because you are having to be in bed." Thank you for pointing out the fact that I am a whale.

3. "It is such a pretty day outside." Throat punch. 

4. "I am going to the mall with Katie today." What? Thank you for telling me your fun plans as I lay here watching TLC all day.

5. "You are a human incubator." Well, I'll be... That is not the millionth time I have heard that today. Really guys. We know this, that is why we are doing whatever we can to keep the baby in!

6. "I went to CFA today and it was so busy." You better not ever visit my pregnant self (if I ever am again) with CFA sweet tea and waffle fries...oh and try not to forget the Polynesian sauce. Many thanks...

7. "You better sleep all you can because when the baby gets here you will be exhausted." No actually never say this to any pregnant woman. I am pretty sure we never signed up for the crying all night, getting peed on, and throw up all over our clean outfit thinking it would be a breeze.

8. "So, are you finished having babies since you are having to be on bed rest?" Ok. Just go ahead and take your shoe off, then insert it into your mouth. Never ever ever ask a Mom this. None of your business. End of story. 

So if I ever have to be on bed rest again, come back and read my list before you call or stop by ;) 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Being a K9 Mommy

When I first met Curtis, he had to have one stipulation before we started dating and that was a "non stinky police cruiser and k9." Yes, I know that is quite strange but a man that  does not care for his vehicle or pet could obviously not be a good future Husband or Father. Lucky for him his truck was spiffy clean and the dog did not smell.

So he got a second date.

Many dates later I became a Mommy to Gunner. What, Gunner calls me Mom? Of course he does. He is one of my babies, even if we do have a love/hate relationship some days. His shedding hair drives me up the wall.

When my Husband walks out of the door with Gunner half of my heart leaves with them. I worry about both. Gunner is Curtis' partner, his buddy and he always has his six (back) and that is SO important to me.

When he is at home, he typically stays in the garage on his bed unless I go out to do laundry then obviously he has to come jump on me to say hi. Or when Curtis goes out to get a uniform, he gets so excited and Curtis yells to him to stop but G man talks back. Seriously, he will bark back at him - cracks me up! The kids love him to pieces. Last year, I got a note from school about how Charli was talking about her "big brother Gunner." He is truly a big spoiled baby.

Watching Gunner train for work or while he is on duty has made me love him that much more. He is a total different fur babe. He barks non stop when someone approaches the cruiser, no matter who it is. (Minus Charli, she is the only exception.) His love and protection over Curtis (and all of us) melts my heart, even if play fighting is not excepetable around him because it makes him super confused.

Although, he may tick me off a lot, and scratch the fire out of me. I appreciate, love, respect and cherish the days that we have with him.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bridal Gown Dress Up

On Friday night before Charli left to stay with both sets of grandparents for the weekend we got a little bored. We typically never have a few moments of just sitting on the couch trying to think of something to do for fun. But when I asked if he would like to try on my wedding gown, her boredom turned to excitement.

It has been probably a year since I have had my gown out of the bag. I did see someone buying one on Say Yes to The Dress just like it but other than I had almost forgotten it's beauty. When I pulled it out Charli quickly reminded me that it was way to big for her. Of course when he put it on he wanted to twirl but the tulle was just to much.

It was so sweet seeing her in my gown and to think of what style she will pick for herself one day. As I have told my sister in law that my only piece of advice is the adventure out into trying on something that may not be your first choice. I know my vision of a gown was not exactly this but it was perfect for our wedding and most of all perfect for me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

4H Cloverbuds

In November, Charli Beth attended her first Cloverbuds meeting. Since then she has had one other event which was a parade. It was so cute and fun to watch her be so proud of being apart of another group. Because of course Girl Scouts does not involve horses and farm life, so we had to get involved in something else too.

Last night at her meeting they worked on speeches. They can all compete in a speech competition in March, so this was a little expertise to help prepare them. Charli has amazed me with how well she has spoke in front of this group. Her first meeting, where she did not know a soul was brave enough to get up in front of them all and talk about her "brother Gunner" since it was "Bring in your pet for show and tell night." Which obviously we did not know about so she used my phone to show pictures off.

Her speech last night was about her favorite animal - Horses:

"Have you ever watched a beautiful animal run? I have and it was a horse. Horses are my favorite animal. They are my favorite animal because they are fast and beautiful. I do not have a horse but I hope to get one someday, so I can ride in a rodeo."

Be still my heart! She was so grown up standing up there. She may or may not compete in March but I hope these practices help her become a better speaker for the future!

Before the session ended they sang "The Baby Bumblebee Song." It was so funny and boy did she stand by the two cutest brother there!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Boy On A Mission

This child of mine is giving me a run for my money. He is now 15 months old (the 5th) and became a walking machine before Christmas. But just as I worried, he is everywhere. I looked to my left the other day and he was on top of the end table. That little stinker. He had claimed from his car onto it.

I knew he would be this way. It's in his blood. Especially since Curtis and I were both hell cats as kids. I am ashamed to say that we were even worse teenagers. I pray he doesn't take after me. I am pretty sure that I pray over Charli and him every night in hopes of their hearts being more golden and easier to deal with.

He has been getting up between 4-6 in the mornings to play, have some milk and cuddle before heading back to sleep. My favorite was this morning when he got up an hour before my alarm then went to sleep five minutes before the alarm was set to go off. I wanted to scream. I actually may or may not have. Instead I made a huge breakfast for all of the kids I keep and the hubby.

I know that Bryar's walking and climbing will probably progress more as he learns to do more. But whoa... Slow down buddy! Mommy is old and tired!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goodbye Saturn Vue!

Most families start off the new year with the intentions of keeping a better budget for their family. We on the other traded vehicles, and upgraded size. On NYE I put Bryar's Grace MyRide 65 into my 09 Saturn Vue and I would lie if I did not say that my knees were onto p of the dashboard. It was quite scary to think of the what if situations of an accident.

Curtis has never been a fan of the space that my Vue gave us. He called it a go cart as refused to drive. Which might or might not have caused a fight or seven. So on the way to our NYE plans the talk of a new vehicle came up, again.

But it was just talk?! The next day, we just went out to look. Our game plan was to eventually get a couple of years old suv, to make budgets plus size work. Looking caused us a day of sitting a dealership, cleaning out my Vue and falling in love with our now (even though it is more than a couple of years old) 03 Toyota Sequoia. My one must have was leather seats, because they are a just have with the littles. But thankfully, it has heated seats (just like the Vue), 3rd row, 4x4 and DVD. Hello! First car we looked at and it was a unbelievable deal for a local one owner trade in of a business man.

Most of all we feel safe now and that is most important!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Our Christmas this year was amazing to say the least! Our kids were beyond blessed to have been given so many great items and we reflected on what the season was actually meant for. Charli's wisdom over Christ has risen so much over the last year. Which is something that I am overly thankful for.

Charli loves to tell Curtis that he is being naughty and will end up with coal in his stocking. One day I found the cutest little bag with three pieces of coal in it at the mighty dollar, so Santa left it for him. Charli thought it was hilarious and still tells people all about Daddy's coal!

I was pretty excited to finally give Curtis his George Strait tickets, that he had been "dying" for. The look on his face was priceless. Score! He also received other things but this was top notch for him. I have a feeling that the date of the concert will be my first full night away from B. It is silly that I am already worried about this?!

Santa was nice enough to bring Charli a bike without training wheels, a huge horse (not real obviously or she would of had a heart attack), and an easy bake oven. Which are the three things that she asked for! He also sent her an American girl doll, and a cowgirl belt since she had been extra nice!

Bryar received a cozy coupe police car, bath toys, a horse, and a John Deere barn set! He officially fell in love with the car and Charli has pushed him around non - stop!

The kids and Curtis have me a beautiful coach purse! He always for such an amazing job picking out pretty purses. I cannot wait to carry it when I do not have a diaper bag in tow.

After we spent the early morning hours as our little family, we went next door for a great breakfast made by MeMe! As always it was delicious and the kids ate SO much! We laid around and talked for a while then headed to my parents for gifts and snacks! My Mom and Dad blessed as us all with great gifts too!

Sadly, when I yelled "mom!!! Shut're kidding me?!" She thought I was mad but I was only excited over the iPad that she got for Curtis and I. Trace and Bryar had their first pushing match over a ride on toy and I couldn't help but to laugh. Especially over the years of fighting from my sister and I!

After we ended things at my Moms we then had a visit to my Ma's for supper and gifts! It was such a busy day and Bryar was worn out so we did not stay as long as we would of liked.

Our kids and us were so blessed this Christmas! Although we are most blessed by the love of Christ for sending us a savior! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was very laid back this year. I ended up taking a trip to my parents house with Bryar in tow to help Santa bring home some extra large items that he was unable to hide in his sleigh. When I returned home, I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies! Not my taste but Santa seemed to really enjoy them.

Bryar seemed to not have an issue with the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. He wanted to pull off ornaments, bows on the gifts and became a quick fan of trying to open presents. I spent most of the day chasing after my bows and ornaments!

While I finished getting myself and Bryar ready, CB and Curtis went down to the barn to get the reindeer hay. Charli also used her reindeer food (oats, seeds, and glitter) in the hay to make it, "extra tasty!" She then became very concerned of Rudolph getting thirsty. So of course we set out a bucket of water.

My in laws open their gifts on Christmas Eve and have dinner for the family too. So in the late afternoon, we all headed over with our gifts! The kids were both so excited and poor Bryar could not sit still! Since he has learned to walk he is all about exploring! Charli blessed the food over dinner and I could not help but snicker when she prayed for "Santa and the reindeer to have a safe trip!"
Charli was so much fun with her imagination running wild. It seems that every year I say that it is going to be the most fun year with her and then she proves me wrong the next year! I hope se continues to believe for as long as possible!

When it was time to head home, Charli was very antsy to get into bed. She once again prayed over Santa, Elves, as the reindeer. It was to sweet for words! She quickly fell asleep, while Bryar cried it out and Santa got to work...

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