Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Day Like Today.

"And the memory of a day like today
Could get you through the rest of your life..."

In the middle of parenthood, life can throw some pretty sour lemons at marriages. You can look over at the love of your life, and your heart can skip a beat all while you're wanting to chop his feisty little neck. It's just the reality of it. We spend our lives trying to appease too many lives. All while we sometimes forget the ones standing in front of us. 

My husband and I are excruciatingly bad at this. 

Words cannot even describe how bad. He likes his work, and he loves to do manly man things. I love my work, and I also overly love my kids most moments, days, weeks, years... Too much. 

I'm simply a jerk to him a lot because I'm overly jealous of his ability to do things that Mothers simply can't. It's wrong, I know. But it's also human nature. 

If you're here looking for advice on how to change the jerk face you are to your spouse, look on friends. I haven't quite mastered that skills yet. 

But today was a good day. On Thursday Curtis asked me if I would come over to his "deer camp" to eat breakfast and hunt with him. Even though I love hunting {and food} I made many excuses of why I couldn't. They ranged from being sleepy, to finding overnight care for our little loves. Finally I let buck fever catch up with me, took one for the team and purchased my license so I had to go. 

And God am I thankful I did. 

Did I shoot the buck I've been waiting six years for? No. Did we ever see a whitetail? No. But I sat next to my husband for hours upon hours just soaking it up. Creepily watching one another catch a few snoozes. We silently laughed. And as "cupcaking" as it sounds I even caught myself admiring him for the qualities I often forget about him. 

Our day wasn't glorious by any means. It was actually a very cold, windy, boring, belly growling, crossing legs because you have to pee so bad but cannot type of day. But I needed this day with him. 

So, as wives and mothers let's stop making those excuses and just give it a try. I can promise you at the end of the day, when you already know it's been a good day then a sappy love song comes on the radio and it makes you smile... It will be totally worth it. So, make the memories, live a little and enjoy your spouse for all of the, "today's."

Sunday, November 6, 2016

This is Halloween, Halloween...

Halloween is probably my absolute favorite. I love the day. I love the tricks, but I love the treats even more so. Each year Charli typically picks a theme and then we incorporate Bryar's costume by asking him what he would like to be. This year was no different and it was super fun. My children never seem to fail me in the fun and cute zone, which I'm overly thankful for because me... I could probably ruin it all with non-crafty, bad mood, rushing on time frames, and busy madness. Hashtag mom life. 

This year Charli picked circus theme. Which fits us very well. 

First she wanted to be a ringmaster, and Bryar to be the loin. Which would've worked perfectly because our little guy has one very fercious roar that he's been working on for quiet sometime. But I mentioned being a mime, and then ten year old took over. 

And of course Bryar would be nothing other than a Strongman. 

I mean look at those muscle and mustache. 

Charli took her role of mine very firmly and wouldn't speak. Blessing to my ears for those minutes of peace. But she used a sign to say trick of treat, along with the back saying, "Thank you" Everyone loved her costume and the sign even more so. 

For me, I was just my regular old Pig self turning into a pig in a blanket with my sweet coworker. 

The quickest and easiest costume ever. 

I had no idea Halloween morning that my precious friend in the above photo with me had nominated me to win an award through our school system. Typically we are not able to attend morning meeting with our school since we have preschoolers arriving at this time. But Christina told me that we were participating in the costume contest for teachers and we headed down. While down there I was surprised to see that it was not a contest but I had actually won the Golden Apple award. It was very sweet and more than precious of her to nominate me for this. But I'm sure she was able to get a good laugh that I was dressed as a pig taking pictures with the principal and superintendent. 

Some people are not a fan of Halloween. But the joy that it brings to children and adults alike is just precious to me. We had fun and just like that the "thriller" was gone, now Christmas items are popping up all over the stores... While I'm screaming to respect the turkey ;) 

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