Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Winter Snow

Winter weather, you either love it or hate it. Thankfully, I am one of those very few inidividuals that sees the need to embrace it because either way, it is going to hit us at some point. I see no need is complaining over how cold it is, or how hot it is during the summer. 

Some of my favorite memoires as a child were made playing in the snow or while the snow was falling. I can also tell you that some of my favorite memories made as a parent have been during snow days. These pleasant days are few and far between in southern Kentucky anymore. It seemed all winter we were being missed by the snow in every direction by just a few miles. That was until Sunday night when we received two inches of sleet then several inches of snow. I tried to measure but it was almost impossible due to the ice. Ranges around the county were from 4 1/2 to 9. The wind caused drifts and it's the first in years that I have saw. 

So I embraced it. Well, I had to. I had two eager kids, with school out and Curtis off at work pushing cars out of ditches all day. (By the way, the man needs to invest in a nice pair of gloves. I was amazed to hear that he was out in this pushing frozen cars with no gloves on.) The first day we spent two 15 minute session outside going down small hills in the barnyard. It was just way to cold to adventure out for long. Then yesterday we played our hearts out for at least two hours. 

Riding down the hill the Charli on the sled listening to her giggle and helping Bryar find drifts to go "hop" in are precious memories that are forever embedded to me. Those are memories that we can only make in the few precious snow days that we get.

 We then started making a snowman. Yes, in this hard sleet/snow combination. It was not an easy task. After a bit Charli got cold and went inside to find items to use as clothing accessories. Then after being inside she decided that it was much warmer in and made her a hot chocolate to watch from the window. 

Of course we would have no other than a cowboy snowman. 

Bryar had full intentions of making Cowboy Snowman go, "boom" but thankfully after reminding him how long it took to make he understood. But I cannt say that he has not been staring out the window asking to go boom all day. 

Charli's school is already called off again for Thursday and I forsee it being on Friday as well. I mean why not after 4 days. I hope to make some more snowy memories before this melts and Spring of 2014 arrives in a matter of days. 

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