Sunday, January 31, 2010

SNOW much FUN!!

The snow finally settled in around 3 pm on Friday, which was later than the meteorologist had originally predicted. Although, this time they were finally right with the accumulations. We have anywhere from 8 inches to a foot throughout the county depending on how southern to the TN border you are. I worked last night and watched it fall from my "box" and ran to the back door to measure it every chance I could get. The guys were so funny last night getting stuck and having to drive their trucks instead of the cruisers. Hopefully, the chief won't have much to say about the ruts and damage done in the yard from us almost wrecking on the way home. I am seriously in love with how fun the snow makes everything! It has been ten years since we have seen a snow like this and I hope it isn't another ten before we see it again! Here is my picture overload from Day 1 of playing!

Welcome to the ville'

That is our marks from cutting donuts in the high school parking lot.
Can't you tell were from Kentucky!

So fun!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my sister Ashley!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weather alert.

Yes, you are out of school tomorrow.
There is no need in calling the radio station, police department, bus drivers, teachers or your granny.

School is OUT for all of Middle TN & Southern KY.

And yes, there is not a single speck of snow on the ground.

But you better believe tomorrow night we will be snowed in knee high to a giraffes butt!

If you are not better run to the closest Walmart.

Because lets face it, people in Kentucky cannot drive on snow or ice.
Not that I can?
I beg you to go NOW instead of waiting.
I will be working this weekend and I am praying for peaceful nights.
We will be outside having snow ball fights until 911 rings

We are seriously suppose to be getting between 5-9 inches.

Big difference, but hey I'll take 5!

The local news (the one I never watch) is predicting us to receive more snow than we have in the last 14 years.

14 years ago..We had an bad ice storm peeps..and I do not want that at all.

Hope that everyone else that has already experienced the snow & ice is warm, cozy & safe in their homes!

Charli Beth playing in her very first snow!

Have you heard about the Lottery Winner in Ohio, that was killed the same day that she won?

Yes, that would totally be me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My day

Well today I was a good girlfriend friend and took Mark to the dentist to have his wisdom teeth cut out. The poor boy has never even taken a pain pill before so I figured we would be in for a good treat after wards. I figured he would be sick so I kept telling him over and over that he better not throw up in my clean car! Although, for the *ahem* first time ever, i was wrong! Yes, I know shocking! But this goofball acted crazzzzy!

He told the nurses that I punched him in the mouth and made him look the way he did. That one can be blamed on me because I did warn him that any wrong moves he would be taking a upper cut! He then started showing me his abs and muscles to tell me that he was tuff and did not need the pain pills {I was right, he needed them} and then he tried jumping down the stairs! He almost gave me a heart attack right there! So if you still read this Mark thanks for making my heart go into V-fib!

We eventually got to his house after waiting for his prescriptions and the goofy gas or whatever they use started to wear off. Hopefully, he wll not have any problems with the healing process! I was late to work today after letting Maggy dog jump all over my work clothes because I forgot the feed her. I feel like it has been a Monday?!

Here is something like what I dealt with today:

haha, I love this kid!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Besties...

{i have to bring it to attention, that I look a funny color in the second picture?!?}

I cannot believe that I forgot to mention this to you guys, my two "besties" were engaged in 2009! These two ladies have been through so much with me through the past 4 years. Krystina (KiKi) and I graduated high school together in 2005 and ended up being pregnant at the same time. It was such a blessing to have her in my life during that time. Our girls are besties now too!

Stephanie was my roommate while I was in college and quickly became a friend that I will never forget. She was with me through some of the first moments of knowing that I was expecting and stuck by myside after my wreck helping me get around while walking that lovely hill on Western Kentucky Campus on crutches. Although, Stephanie lives in Owensboro and we haven't seen one another in over a year we talk constantly and wish that we could make plans! {If you read this Steph...we need to make these plans happen ASAP!}

I am so very excited for both of these girls!

KiKi - engaged in October 09 - getting hitched in July 2010
Stephanie - engaged in December 09 - tying the knot May 2011

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meals = Quality time

In our house if we are even able to get in a good lunch time, we are doing good. Most of the time, Charli Beth has to eat a quick lunch and then it's off to get a super girl quick bath, so I am able to be at work by two. We both love to sit down and eat with one another no matter what time of day it is. It is one of the only times that we can spend good quality time together. I miss those moments while I'm stuck here in this uncomfortable chair at work while tornado warnings are going off, drug burst are occurring and people are having wrecks.

One Day, in the future I will have a career to where I can have a sit down meal with my girl and not have to worry about missing something important in her life. Heck or high will happen sometime and the thought of that happening makes me .... =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Not me.
My Dad.
It looks like this outside...
& he is doing this...

Crazy huh?
It doesn't matter if it is snowing or 5 degrees out, his truck and all of that chrome on it has to be blingin'.
Gotta love men and their toys!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 101

Thanks to Kace at "Calling him Krew" for sending me this award. You have to go check out her blog, like right now, her little guy will melt your heart with how precious he is!

I believe that I have received it before, but you know how I am about making lists so here I go!

The rules are:
1. List 10 things that make you happy
2. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day
3. If you are one of the 10 bloggers link back to my blog and continue brightening people's day!

1. I love stalking reading every one's blog. I have came across some wonderful and amazing families over the past year and a half!
2. Helping someone.
3. Watching Charli play or dance around in ballet class.
4. Whenever I finally learn to cook something and it actually turns out good! lol
5. Getting a great deal on Charli Beth's outfits.
6. Victoria Secret "body" lotion and perfume. mmmm. love it.

The next couple NEVER seem to happen.

7.Being caught up on the laundry
8. Having a great tan.7.
9. Buying new clothes {for me}
10. When my car is spotless.

I am tagging *everyone*...if you have time I would love for you just to accept my award and either post a blog on the things that you love or leave me a comment with them. I had my picks for this award but then blogger hated me and deleted a lot of my post. boo.

Speaking of buying *myself* clothes, my Mom, Charli Beth and I headed down to Opry Mills on Friday to spend the rest of my gift cards that were left over from Christmas. I was so excited to see that their Forever 21 was not a huge jumbled mess like the one in Bowling Green is. This place was huge. I found so many things that I am never able to find at other places. Heck, lets face it. I seem never by myself clothes and I just went a little crazy in that store. {yay me!}

Maybe I will snap a few pictures and show them off sometime!

I have started a mission to get my big rump back into shape today. I'm pretty sure that it has killed me though. Oh well, it's something that I want. need. must have. My weight is alright with me, although sitting in a police department all day where we do eat doughnuts and lots of other goodies isn't good on my baby makin' hips. Not that I am anywhere even close to having a baby or even getting married but before either of those days come I want to the weight I was pre- Charli Beth, if possible?! it nap time yet?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am OUTRAGED at some of the citizens in our country tonight. I seriously am sitting here stunned at the fact that many citizens are putting down the United States government for helping Haiti.

Are you people actually serious? I mean really. Have you not seen the news, the pictures, those precious sweet children?

This is not a money issue, this a "right thing to do" situation. We are one of the richest countries, and yes we are in "hard times" but how can you sit back and say the following...

"I don't want to sound unkind but why is everyone so worried about sending help to Haiti when right here in America we have homeless people, kids going without food, foreclosure mounting everyday. With the unployment rate rising and the country taking on more debt everyday it doesn't make since to me for us to send millions over there. Just my thoughts" -- Facebook status
Foreclosure? SERIOUSLY.
At least we have homes. Food. Clean water. Clothes on our back and spare change in our pockets.

I do know that America is going through hard times, we all know this so hush with saying that already. But can you expect the Lord to continue blessing our nations and us as Christians if we just turn our heads the other way.

In another comment (yes I have went back and forth with this woman) she states how "God decides who stays and who goes."
Excuse me? So let me get this straight.
You and your family members are in a wreck, your house burns in the middle of the night, or a tornado sweeps through your county. The first responders arrive on the scene and just look the other way, start talking and then says "Well, it's shame because Jesus Christ decides who lives or who passes on." Now how would that make you feel?

shame on you.

{...sorry, I needed to vent.}

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things * we* love Thursday!

Charli has started loving her sunglasses that look like the ones that Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun. She wore them all day, non-stop, calling them her "super hero" glasses. We've have had many many funny looks and comments made towards them, but hey I like them too!

She loves the t.v. show & the books!

Charli Beth has a new name...and yes, it is "Fancy Nancy" she changed her name after reading the book and seeing how just being fancy is. In ballet class this morning Char even informed her teacher that her name is "Fancy Nancy." I guess all I can say is at least she was not talking about her imaginary horses, Sara and Bob or her dogs, Jack and Mackery. haha!

My turn---

Apothecary Jars ...yes, I'm obsessed. bad. I l-o-v-e these.

I've started loving cake stands here lately and have "kind of" started a new collection of these.


I received a bracelet from a giveaway from the Chunky Pearl a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. The "Darling Damask" is the collection, it is perfect for me. I need to order more because I just adore big unique jewelry like this.

{via google}

Goose Creek Candles. Oh my gracious, they smell so good.
My favorite is Angel Kiss.
If you live in Kentucky and are any where near Liberty it is a must that you stop in their store to get a few.
They are also sold at local boutiques and primitive shops.

The thing I do not like today:

Lane Kiffin.

Yea, I was never a fan.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Today's topic over at "The Seattle Smith's" is:

-- I wish.. I had the start up funds to build that company I have always dreamt about and it would be _____ --

a Bed & Breakfast.

I would hopefully find an old plantation home that is large enough to equip every single idea that came to mind. Having beautiful "Southern Charm" with a touch of a modern atmosphere. I could go on for days dreaming about what I "wish" I could do with this lovely life of mine.

Thanks to Southern Cinderella for this sweet award!

The rules are to nominate 10 bloggers. So here are the girls that I pick (I'm not picking ten this time, hope that is okay!!):

A Lovely Life
A Bushel & A Peck
Cleared for Takeoff
Made with Love
The Life of A Small Town Girl

I'll let each of you girls know that you have been nominated later today but right now Charli and I are having snack, getting ready then heading off to the YMCA and to the Library for story time! But I leave you with this picture! Even though she isn't looking at the camera, I just love the baby sling oh so much!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Proud Mama.

The other day while getting ready to go see Pop in the hospital I asked Charli Beth to go draw a picture for him. I laid out a piece of paper, a couple of markers and off she went on the table, and off she went to drawing. Let me first say that Charli Beth has been drawing faces on birthday cards for a while now but this one is so good. I get so excited over the little things that Charli Beth does, they're such big accomplishments to us!

She would not take off the sunglasses.
She's too cool I suppose.

Look how great this is! The circles are perfect, along with the nose, ears, mouth and hair!
Good job Charli Beth!!

Fun in the snow!

We finally have a whole whoppin' two - two in a half inches of snow!

Yeah I know...Whoa!

Charli and I went back out late this afternoon to play since we finally found an actual sled to use! Which was great! I started pushing Charli down the hills in our yard (oh wait..let me first start by saying that I one of the worst things about being a single Mom is having to snap pictures or always being the one to carry a camera! But thankfully I have a great Mom that steps in to help all the time), my camera was in my hoodie pocket just in case I needed it before my Mom came out today. Needless to say, I gave Charli a big push down the hill and I went with her, flat on my face! My camera hit my ribs and now they're bruised. lol, I looked like Ralphie in the Christmas Story rolling all over the snow going "ahhh! that hurt!" haha!

Snow Angel

uh oh...
Maggy is having horrible puppy syndrome these days
she jumps and runs uncontrollably! I hope that it is over with SOON.

Work it Miss Priss...

I am going to try my best to wake up early enough today before coming back into work so that we are able to have some more fun before the temperatures start to rise next week.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I am participating in "Show Us How You Live" over at Kelly's Korner. You can head over there to join in.

These are my goals:

Treat everyone I meet like I would want to be treated.
Pray more.
Drink more water.
Cook more.
Eat less.
Work out daily.
Make new friends.
Get caught up on printing out pictures for Charli's albums.
Do more for my family.
Pay off {a lot of}debt.
Read more with Charli Beth.
Sit at the dinner table with Charli more than I do.
Go to church more.
Go back to school.
Or find a job that fits my life.
Learn to be more creative.
Be happy!!

A little redneck

Let me first say that we NEVER get snow and if we do it is barely enough to have fun in! So we try to enjoy it every chance that we get, in any way that we can.

...oh and did I mention we do not own a sled so we went a little creative redneck style ;o)
Even if people we're probably looking at us like we were crazy, Charli had a blast and so did I! Thanks to my Mom for freezing in the awful temperatures so that we could get some pictures!

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