Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Thin Blue Line

Seven years ago Officer Jason Ellis started with the Bardstown Police Department. Today, Officer Ellis will be laid to rest. He is the hero of a loving wife and two sons; not to mention the countless citizens of Bardstown. Today his k9 partner Figo will stand guard and wonder where he is. But will forever know that something is different.

On Saturday morning Officer Ellis was ambushed after stopping on his way home to pick up debris from the roadway. Not out at a domestic, not on a traffic stop, not arresting a criminal but doing a deed to maintain the safety of others. These are the deeds, that so many forget very quickly. In which they go far beyond their measure, to make sure we get home safely.

But where is our safety for them? Why would some coward hide in the bushes to ambush this officer in the middle of the night? Because he/she/they are simply just that, a coward.

I lie in bed and thank God for sending both of my boys home each night. Because I can never imagine the pain that his wife and boys are feeling. The look in her eyes, made chills run up my spine, but when she stated that her husband will forever be her hero I could not help but to smile. Because she is right. Our Husbands are heroes and we are their biggest fans.

I pray for justice to be served and for Officer Ellis' family to be able to rest easy knowing that this coward will be found. Please remember this family, department, brothers/sisters in blue, his k9 partner and the entire community as they move forward from this tragic cowardly act of aggression towards Bardstowns finest.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Deputy Of The Year

Last year the Department that Curtis works began having an awards ceremony in May. It is always a nice reminder of how much each of their hard work is appreciated. They give several awards out and one to each office within the department. The telecommunications, tax/office clerk and a deputy would each receive deputy of the year per votes within the department.

I could not have been more ecstatic for Curtis to have been awarded Deputy of The Year. Gunner and Curtis took 2012 by whole new set of reins. They worked hard, worked many different shifts, won third place in the region k9 narcotics competition (out of 50 I believe) and had some amazing busts. I am a little bias but I truly know that this award is well deserved for him, and Gunner too! We will soon be heading to Louisiana for the National competition and I am crossing my fingers that Gunner man picks up a award of his own!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Welcome To Summer Charli

Woohoo! Summer break is here and first grade is over. We have been quiet excited to take on summer full force. Charli Beth worked hard in first grade and progressed dramatically.

She learned that she liked math and is really great at it too. Her favorite books are Chapter, because they are challenge if of course. Her writing has went on a roller coaster ride but is exactly where it needs to be.

We plan to have school time each day. It may only be reading and writing sentences on somedays. But since I am home, I feel it is my duty to help her stay prepared for second grade! Over the past few weeks I have been making Charli "welcome home" signs on Fridays. She got a little spoiled to it and asked for one everyday this week. So I went with it and it made her smile everyday. Score!

We have a lot planned this summer as a family. I pray that we have a lot of time together, just enjoying the moments.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Belated Mothers Day Post

Mother's Day has always been a special day in my heart. Not just because of the fact that I have the worlds most awesome Mother. But mainly because I have always seen the love, support and hard work that she has put out for us. There were many times in our childhood where it was only Ashley, Mom and I.

I honestly can never remember one time that she did not put us first. We never knew if we were in a bind because her love covered us. When we were older and in different situations I can see now that her reactions were actions of love. I know that my Mom working late hours, over the road and taking so much bad crap was for us - to provide for us.

A single parents love is a total different love. It's something that you only know the special meaning of, if you experience it. My Mom never let me feel less loved because my Father did not want to hold up the role he was called upon to be. She made us feel more loved.

I can only hope to love and care for my little ones as she has for me.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Life of Charli Lately

It seems like an eternity since I have been able to sit down to just type a few paragraphs. We seem to be on the go a lot with ball games, Ranger and such. Even on the days we are overly busy Charli never ceases to amaze me with her responsibility. Each morning she thinks of Ranger first and the order in which she should get her morning started.

She feeds in the morning before school and at night. Unless it is raining, we would rather pick up the slack than letting her catch a cold. She did fall from a fence last week and scratched up her face and chest. The place have been healing great with the triple antibiotic cream until i noticed last night that her chest seems to be having an allergic reaction to the cream. She is broke out only over the side the scratch is on and not on her face which had the cream as well. Which is very strange to me.

I have now started giving her the responsibility of watering my flowers. When the weather becomes warmer we plan to work on a flower bed together. For some odd reason she is very ecstatic about pulling weeds. She is loving the farm life this season. I can only imagine how much time she will spend down the lane with the cows this summer.

She has been suffering from terrible growing pains recently. I guess since she is the shortest in the class, her body is trying to catch up before second grade. My MIL measured her last night and she has grown two inches since last summer. Her pains are mainly in her right leg and she spent the weekend limping. I pray that it continues to improve and we have no more sleepless night from aching.

Charli Beth has a week and a half left of school. I am so ready for this year to s over with but then again I really enjoy her teacher. I hate to loose such a caring, loving and wonderful educator for Charli. But I am excited over the accomplishments that second grade will hold.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Day!

Charli has been very blessed with wonderful teachers in her life. Not only are they incredible educators, they are selfless and love their students dearly. I have already started a journal of letters from each teacher to give to Charli on her graduation day. I think this will be the best reminder for her of their compassion.

This year I have been honored to help in Charli's classroom with different activities. It's been such a blessing to see how much Charli Beth adores sweet Mrs. Graves. Charli has soared and exceeded at different areas of first grade. At others she has ha some difficulty, and Mrs. Graves has been on top of it very quickly. She even stopped by at lunch the other day to give us pointers on how to stay brain smart over Summer break. Ah, she is just the sweetest.

The PTO assisted in making it possible for every student to give a teacher a flower today. We purchased a pretty orange rose. Charli helped me make her other gift and even though it wasn't as cute as the Pinterest photo, she was very excited to give it. {The item between her hand prints is Arbonne Skin Conditioning Oil.} We hope this is just a little reminder to Mrs. Graves of just how much we have loves her this year!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Old Wives Tales

Since I am from the south I have heard "Old Wives Tales" all of my life. I pretty much have a huge love for them. I love hearing elders saying that you better not do a certain thing because something bad could happen. They truly make me giggle and I may even roll my eyes at them at times. But it's my love for all things southern, that makes me love them too.

A few of that I have heard all of my life are:

-"If you are pregnant and go a funeral home to not touch anything because something bad could happen to your baby." I know it's the silliest thing, ever. But I have never went to the funeral home while pregnant, and plan to not challenge this one.

-"If you dream someone dies, someone is pregnant." The night before Curtis and I found out we were expecting, we both dreamed of someone killing themselves.

-"If you dream someone gives birth, someone dies."

-"If your nose is itching, someone is coming to visit you. If your palm is itchy you will win the lottery, but if you scratch it the money will go away." Maybe my palm will get itchy soon.

-"If you crack an egg with a double yolk you will have twins!"

-"A cat can take a baby's breath away."

-"A baby must fall from a couch/bed before their first birthday, to have a long healthy life." I have accomplished this with both kids.

-"A bird in your house is a sign of death coming." Not true. Charli and I were chased by a bird in the house after leaving a window open when she was a toddler.

I know that some of them are ridiculous. There are so many more out there that I may have forgotten. What are some of the tall tales that you have heard of? Do you believe in them?

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