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Bryar Wayne - October 5, 2011 2:03 a.m.

Bryar Wayne
October 5, 2011
2:03 a.m.
4 lbs 4 1/4 oz
17 1/2 in

Our precious little boy has arrived and we are over joyed with how perfect he is. The Lord has blessed my family with a tiny blond hair boy!

Bryar's L&D Story:

On Oct. 4th my Husband and I had a doctors appointment as we had been having every week. They all were still very happy, as well as amazed that I had made it another week and was back in there office once again. I was 3 cm, 90 % effaced and a little more than station +1. Dr. G practically told me to expect him to come at any moment, and to watch for my contractions to get stronger. He told me to call him as soon as they hit, and to head to the hospital because this baby was going to come extremely quick. He was not kidding.

That night after Charli Beth went to bed, Curtis and I were watching Bull Riding (yes, a nightly tradition in our home for us) and I asked him if he planned to go to work the next day. He told me that he did unless something changed, right after that he also received a call from another officer asking for assistance in which he told them that he felt more comfortable staying close by in case I was to go into labor. I was actually silly enough to tell him to go ahead and go because I did not think Bryar was going to come and I was not having any pains. About 30 minutes later, I started having strange pains within my hip bones and lower back, they were not consistent and were not that painful so I honestly did not think they were anything to be concerned with. After timing them just to be on the safe side, we both called our parents and told them what was going on, but also warned them that I did not think they were contractions we just wanted to "put them on stand by."

I decided to go lay down and relax for a little while, but once we got comfortable a contraction hit at 11:19 that we both knew was "the one." Curtis then called Dr G for me as I woke up Charli Beth and asked her to get on shoes that baby Bryar was on his way. I have never saw this girl jump up so quick with such a smile on her face.

The two times that I have been pregnant I have not been able to take lamaze classes due to bed rest, but somewhere deep down in side of me I pulled out the best breathing techniques of my life. As we headed to the hospital (thank goodness we made it, because the hubs was driving like a mad man) my contractions were two minutes apart and lasting around 30 seconds. We arrived at the hospital a few minutes before 12 and walked into L&D were a nurse asked if the Dr was going to stop my labor, in which all we could do was laugh and tell her this baby was coming for sure.

Whenever the nurse checked me I was a 4-5 cm, and she asked if I would like an epidural. I did tell her that I would like to have one but did not want to get it to soon. She then looked at me like I had 4 heads and said, "honey I was being very conservative with that 4-5 cm, this baby is coming very soon." She kept telling me that I would have to wait on my blood work to come back from the labs before the anesthesiologist could come in to do it, which was not a huge deal to me because the breathing,my wonderful Husbands and our Mother's support was working wonders.

You could tell by the look on my nurses face that she was completely stressing out and was running around like crazy to get things prepared. She decided to check me again before the epidural, and I was 7-8 cm then. So thankfully the anesthesiologist came in and got to work as well. I am pretty sure that we were stressing him out the entire time, because he kept saying "I just am not sure if I have time to get it in" but he was a trooper and did it anyways!

Sadly, after trying to roll to my sides to get it to flow down better it did not work fully. My legs were a little tingly as well as some of my abdominal area but I could still feel every contraction in my tail bone and more. Not to long after the anesthesiologist walked out of the door my Dr was walking back in and said that as soon as he broke the rest of my water to start pushing. After 4 sets of contractions with pushing 3 times each during them and one extremely loud "war cry" later, a tiny little boy arrived at 2:03! His Daddy was able to cut his umbilical cord and we heard one of the most amazing sounds ever, which was his very loud cry! It melted my heart to hear him.

There were three nicu nurses in L&D with us, and they let us take one family picture before they took him off into the nicu. Whenever I was out of recovery I was able to actually meet and touch my little guy for the first time. He is such a beautiful baby and looks more like his Daddy than I could have ever imagined.

My love for my family and especially my husband has grew to an all time high with all of the love and support that they have given me. Curtis was the best thing ever to me during labor, holding my hand and talking me through each contraction. I could not ask for anything better than him.

We are still currently in the nicu and have some time to go here, so please continue to remember him in your prayers. He is doing wonderful for such an early baby and we are more than grateful that the Lord has blessed us with him.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


It seems lately that all I do is sit around and ponder. I ponder about being a Mommy of two, if I will be "good" at it, what Bryar is going to look like, his hair color, his weight, what picture to put up on the last wall in his nursery, when I will actually go into labor, what it feels like to be outside, how Charli is going to react, whose temper he will have (Hopefully neither of ours. Bless his little heart if he does have it.) Pondering is something that I seem to have always been good at. People have asked me on numerous occassions what I am thinking about, just because I constantly have the "look of a thinker" on my face. A lot of people take my "look" as a bad one, but it sincerely just one of nothing while I think about the past, present and future.

Speaking of the past, present and future isn't it completely amazing how we can go from the lowest points in our lives to the almighty highs in such a short amount of time? It completely baffles me, but then again I know that we are all very loved by someone whom is greater than anyone of us and can turn our lives around in an instance.

This time last year, I would have never imagine that I would be completely blessed with a new Husband and a baby that is probably days away from arriving. I was single and praying that I would find the right person for not only myself but for my daughter as well. Even though I took a wrong path, God lead me to someone that I am more thankful for than I could ever explain. I never really thought after all of my ups and downs that I would be right here in this moment and be simply happy in all that I have.

Even though we do not want to see it sometimes, we must. We must make ourselves better, not for only ourselves but our children as well. If you are in a situation where you feel that life is throwing you up and down, (where you know that you should not be) remember that the days get better, the struggles they may not always go away but they do get easier, I promise. One day you will look back and laugh at the situation that are you in now. Just like one day soon I am going to look back and laugh at how much I hate bed rest but will be missing my nap times.

"Only if you have been in the deepest valley,

can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain."

To be honest, I have no idea where the post came from. I was going with a whole other topic and my fingers lead to something else?! Sorry if it does not make sense to most of my readers but I am pretty sure that it may hit home to one person in general.

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