Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's already June?

This weekend was completely beautiful here in good ole Kentucky! Charli Beth and her Nana spent a lot of time outside, planting flowers, playing in the water, and cooking out. I sadly was working 3rd shift all weekend, so I at least spent my mornings sleeping! Boo on that. I have some totally cute photos to share with you all this week but I forgot my camera at home tonight whenever I left for work. Charli is going back to the babysitter in the morning since I'm working 3rd shift this week, I pray she hasn't forgot how to act.

Big news:
Charli Beth starts her new Sunday School class this coming Sunday! She says it's because she knows how to read books so she needs to go with the bigger kids now. I'm not sure where she comes up with her silly ideas =) But I'm so glad that she does, because I've never laugh so much here lately. Three's are hard work but an rewarding & funny age also!

Prayer list:
*Cute, adorable little Evan is having surgery today. Please say a prayer for him (or a zillion), he has had a tough beginning since coming into the world so very early (3 months early I believe; correct me if I'm wrong Evan's Mommy). I came across their blog through Kelly's Korner on the "Show us where you live Fridays" nursery addition. (Which BTW, I loved looking at almost all of these rooms. Some of these cute rooms just blew my mind at how adorable & amazing they are!)

*We've had a death of a 20 year old male in our county today, which was very unsuspected and unsure the cause of. Please say a prayer for this family, this is the only son and grandson this family had. I know the family has had a couple of other tragedies lately, along with illnesses.

My opinions:
Jon & Kate + 8 really getting on my nerves. I've never watched the show more than a couple of times. At first the family amazed me, now I wish they would concentrate on what is important in life, and not on the fame and fortune. This is what reality t.v. does though. I don't believe that either of them is the only one to blame for the mess of a life they are living. I do feel awfully sorry for all 8 kiddos that are going through this. Divorce is tough, I'm certain that divorce plus paparazzi is even harder (if that is what indeed this is leading to, or is it just for the rating like everything else?) ....yes, please feel free to give me your scoop on this too.

Have you all heard the news coverage about the abortion doctor that was killed in his church today? How ironic. He was also an usher for this church....No, I'm not joking. Click the blue, it'll take you yahoo's cover on the story. This story is wrong in so many ways.

Oh, and Adam Lambert is wayyy over rated. Not a fan what-so-ever, and no it is not because he is "gay". There I said it on blog world. Woo hoo! I'm not sure why so many gay activist are saying that he didn't win because of him being homosexual. That is his life, yes I believe it is wrong but not only could I personally not understand anything he sings (example Live w/ Kelly & Regis, it sounded like mumbles) the guy-liner is so nasty. I may be the only one still hearing coverage and seeing Facebook topics about this but I have never blogged about it since Kris won. So congrats to him! Although, my heart still belongs to Danny =)

A new item that we just Photobucketfor Charli girl to wear is....
We have a great family friend that has a monogramming business in the next town over, called "Little Britches." She does an amazing job. She has made all of Charli's Birthday shirts, or whatever else we need...wait...I was meaning to say what we want done.
She wore these not only for cute pictures but under many dresses or skirts!

This outfit is precious! Char got it for her 2nd birthday, and is just now able to wear it. It's simply adorable with both pants, or just even as a dress!

If you followed my blog in the fall, I'm sure you realized this was my favorite shirt at the time. I wish that she could still wear this adorable shirt, it fits her sassy personality oh so well.

This burp cloth isn't from Little Britches, but it's the first monogram item she had besides her pottery barn diaper bag. The cloth also came with a cap and bloomers, we wore these items OUT. Since Charli was a preemie I kept the cap on her 24/7 because I was so scared of her getting cold. Now I look back and I wish I would of shown off her little fuzzy head =)

Also, if you look closely you will see in that picture that her nose is "smashed" in from her being in the birth canal for so long. It was the first thing that Dr. Dobson told me whenever she was welcomed in the world his words were "Well whoops, little baby has a smashed nose. Oh well, that'll pop back out!" haha. This is also the Dr. that stopped in the middle of me pushing and bowed his head to pray. This is the kind of doctors & men that we need more of this world.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bike Day...kinda?

Mark/"Marker" and I took Charli Beth to the state park yesterday to try the bike out and didn't go as well as planned. But what does go as planned with a 3 yr old? Whenever we were headed there the sunshine couldn't have been anymore perfect and beautiful, although as we got out it started to thunder. The little while we were there though she had a blast.Her & Mark trying the bike out for the first time this year.

She said she was "DONE" and headed towards the fun stuff!
Look at those arms swinging

...then back on. Trying so hard this time.
He was so much help with her & sometimes I think he's an even bigger kid than she is while they're playing!
Opps! Almost a crash!
We were going to take her for ice cream after we left but decided against it after it came a "cats & dog rain." We did head down towards the docks to see how much the lake was still up. If you live anywhere near Barren River Lake, I'm sure you are amazed at how much the lake is still over! (or maybe I'm just easily amused) If it doesn't rain or storm again today we are going to head back outside to try the bike out again. If you have kiddos around Charli Beth's age how long did it take the to learn? Or if they are older what age was it they became a pro at the tricycle? Well, we just had snack time so I better go clean up messes and straighten up the house so I can catch my daily dose of 7th Heaven =) Have a great day!
He's amazing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally, pics of the room!

( I didn't realize that this week was also Childrens rooms on Kelly's Korner blog. So now I'm re-posting this so that I can link my blog with all of the other ones. Kelly has the sweetest little nursery for her daughter! I love that I will be able to sit at work tonight and go through every one of them =) How fun willl that be!)

I have decided to not wait any longer in posting the rest of the pictures of sweet crazy little Charli's new bedroom! We still have a dresser that cousin Drew is suppose to paint, but I told him to wait until he was out of school to do so. Whenever it gets done I'm sure I will post pictures of it also being that I post pictures practically daily! lol
The shelves that are above Charli's bed.

On the wall above her table set. The circles are chalk board wall stickers! We also thought about doing the letters in different black prints (zebra, polka dots & all)

(not the best picture, but oh well)

These are ultrasound pictures of Charli (on top) and Me (on bottom)

My 1st half way creative project, ever! lol

Another picture from the doorway

Sorry it's blurry, Charli was trying to jump in the picture!

Where the prayer bench sits in her room.
You can see half of the dresser in this pic that needs to be painted. (sorry)

Miss Priss had to be in on all the action too.The closet area. (see Charli Beth in there! haha)

I'm wanting to do some Zebra bows or something around the top or sides?!

The view from the doorway.
We plan to paint the easel if we can ever find plastic paint! Any suggestions?
What lies behind the easel. The wall hanger is zebra and mirrored print. I love it.
The coloring table. Crayons and baby items in the pink bins.

The storage under the table is for the Kitchen set food, pans, etc.

There are still a few odds and ends that we need to get and put up but for the most part it is

D-O-N-E! I also didn't show a picture of her bedding if you didn't notice because little miss spilt something on it while I was at work yesterday so now it's off to get cleaned! I'll get the full effect of it one day! Tonight was my first night actually home with the family in who knows how long! Charli and I got a little hyper and probably drove my parents insane but we had a blast while playing. We eventually ended our night with popcorn, "move it move it movie" and putting her back in bed a zillion times. I love being able to spend more time at home though!!

I'm also taking Charli to the park tomorrow (if it doesn't rain!) to learn to ride her tricycle. She was way to "antsy" last year so we're going to give it a try. I'll be posting pictures of our fun times later. I'm heading to bed so I wont be a grumpy Momma all day tomorrow.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Testing Day!! woohoo!!


I'm fixing to leave work to head over to do my EMT practical testing (hands on assessments & etc)! I'm very excited to get this part over and finish the last test, but I'm going to take this one day at a time and try to just focus and make it through today. I'm actually --very-- tired, and really did not realize I would be since I've worked 3rd shift through the night. I hope that everyone does well and we all make it perfect (so I can come home to bed early)! haha.
Have a great Saturday & safe Memorial Weekend!
Remember it is CLICK-IT-OR-TICKET-IT time in Kentucky & hopefully in your state too!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sloppy joe

yes, I am a huge dork for taking these pictures. I know...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Memory lane Monday & Not ME!


*No, I did not leave a million Hersey kisses in my purse that was in my car for them to melt all over everything. Nope, I sure didn't pull my wallet out of purse and lay it on my lap while paying for food. Then look down and see chocolate all of my pants causing myself to drive back home to change clothes with 15 minutes until work. I did not say to put a shock patients feet 6-12 feet higher than the rest of the body whenever everyone in the world knows it's only inches. That was not me. I did not realize this week that I really do not like him and am not excited to see where this goes. I did not just yell at a caller for screaming in the phone of why I didn't call her back and if I just forgot. I do not get so sick of talking to people who think they are something better than they are. I would never ask my child why she pees so much. I mean it's not like she has a small bladder or anything. Oh and I did not get mad at Charli girl for then peeing and emptying her potty (half in the floor) all by herself, and she did not use the entire roll of toliet paper to wipe. I didn't loose faith in him this week. I would never leave him a comment on Myspace that wasn't long enough for two comment entries telling him he would never be anything, and he was not worthless. Wow, that was so not my crazy side. I would not ever chase charli through the house with a bug, that would not be a good mommy of me. I did not pull a muscle while playing with a 5 lb yoga ball with Charli the other day. That would not be very embarrassing?

..hmm hopefully next week will be more funny and all.

Memory Lane Monday
Charli's dedication at Clifton General Baptist Church
She was a lot older than I ever imagined her to be for us to do this. But we had this done, plan to stick with it forever, and that is seriously all that matters in the long run.
Wow, can you believe she does not have a bow in her hair in the first two pictures? I mean seriously what was I thinking!!



Yesterday was probably the most amazing day that I've had in who knows how long! I worked third shift Saturday night and went home to bed until around 10:30 and was able to attend church with Charli Beth, we then came home to enjoy **SLOPPY JOES** and I was very excited for this being that Charli had never had one before! But let me tell you she wasn't as excited as I was! lol. I did snap a few pictures of her getting a bit messy into it but she was to concerned in going to EMT skills practice with me rather than eating. So we headed to class, to see "Marker" at his work, which I was barely able to get her to leave from (another story for another day though) and then had dinner together after wards at no other than her new favorite Taco Bell. I was so excited to be able to spend the day with Charli and especially able to attend church with her! That is something that I miss the most about my weekends. I hope that things change soon to where that I am able to attend church with her more. Here is a video of Heather (who is a family friend and also does our pictures) singing at church. I'm actually not sure whenever it was but I love this song and she is such an amazing woman.

Another long night at 911.

ABC favorites of ME!
I found this on a blog and figured I would do it too.
This is how bored, I am.
I know I should be studying, but you'll see why I'm not if you keep reading (W)

Artistic Talent
- I cannot even cut a straight line. I'm not creative or artistic, in anyway. I promise.

Birthplace-Chattanooga, babyyy.

Career Aspirations at Age 6: I think all I ever really dreamed of while growing up was having 4 kids, a farm, and a log house. Not much has changed besides I do not see myself as a stay at home Momma.

Dreams, Recurring- pregnancy ..ekk!

Elementary School, name of:- Austin Tracy

Fabrics and Materials, favorite to wear on body:- cotton, please?

Gym, work out at one?- [haha] oh please don't make me laugh! The YMCA whenever I have time and not feeling lazy. I need some motivation.

Happy Memory- No other than the birth of the lovely little crazy thing I call my daughter!

Introvert or Extrovert?- It all depends on who is around.

Jewelry/Trinkets Worn Regularly- earrings. any kind. But this reminds me that I need a watch.

Kmart, walmart or target - first off I had to change this letter because theirs was really not what I wanted. lol. I'm a huge and I mean huge target fan. I cannot go into this store without spending wayy to much money.

Latest Book Read:
- No other than the darn ole EMT book. I need to read it a million times more.

Medications (?)
- Zero. I hate taking pills, it's a pretty funny sight whenever I have too. yuck!

Nickname(s), current- Pig.

Odd food craving- Ice cream in the box. I cried whenever I was pregnant because my parents wouldn't let me eat my ice cream out of the box. You know the crisp taste whenever you take the first bite. Lol. that is what I was craving.

Pets, current- Cat named "Bo" / wanting to get a puppy soo bad.

Quote; favorite- "I love you this much Momma" -Charli Beth with her spread very far apart.

Role Models- My Mama Jama

Season- Fall. I love the warm but breezy crisp air. Ahh, and now I'm craving a Carmel apple. Yum!

Tell a secret- I like him. ooo, now it's not a secret. lol, I think he knew that already =)

Unique item you own- Not really that unique but an friend of mine and I tore down a building on his property a long time ago, and I'm really into primitives. The building actually used to be a store that was owned by his family. We eventually had a family member of his to make a table for me out of this door. It's beautiful and I love it. It is actually used for my computer table now but one day I hope to have it as much more.

Veggie I hate- ooo that's a tough one. My Mom may have to correct me on this but I'm a huge veggie lover, and I cannot think of one that I do not like?

Worst habit- Procrastination. I am bad bad bad at this.

- head to toe.

Your/My Favorite Food- Another tough one! I just love food way to much. But I would probably have to say it's up between a meal from the Lighthouse Restaurant in Sulphur Wells, KY / Momma's breakfast, I love it. No doubt about it. Or her meatloaf. It's to hard to pick from.

Zodiac- Virgo I'm a 9-11 baby.

If your bored please play along but be sure to leave me a comment letting me know so that I can read them while I'm bored at work this afternoon!! Oh, and feel free to change up the letters because as you can tell I had too and even whenever I didn't some of the letters/words were a bit out there!

I found this picture on my cousin Aylee's Myspace profile and she had actually just taken it of them two tonight. At first I was thinking that I love the fact that my little Aylee is trying to look at cute using my daughter. How nice, huh? lol. Well then I noticed after adding it to my Facebook that Aylee has her finger stuck up behind Charli's head. Not cool but forgiven because Charli looks like she is having fun with her! I just thought it was pretty cute and funny and had to share it!


Now I'm heading home to bed at 6, to get up and be back at work at 3. I just love days like these...NOT! =) haha.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

thoughts....LOTS of them too

It's 3:40 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I've just finished watching Grey's Anatomy and I just don't believe I ever want to watch that show again because it will make me cry for sure. Yea, I know most of you are thinking, you've never cried at this show before. Ah, well I can't say the tears didn't start to form. But I don't cry. I'm not a girl to cry. I just don't do it. But darn that Izzie Stephens and George O'Malley...heart breakers is all they are.

--We spend our lives worrying about the future, planning for the future, trying to predict the future as if figuring it out will somehow cushion the blow. But the future is always changing, the future is the home of our deepest fears and our wildest hopes. One thing is certain, when it finally reveals itself the future is never the way we imagined it.-- Meredith; narrator at the end of part 1

Sometimes I feel that I look at my "closed door" for so long that I will never see it open. I will miss my chance. I've thought about this a lot today because of things that have been going on this week. Just like in the quote that I left on here for a friend before it says "Maybe when the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us" I don't want to miss my chance, my opportunity, and I am scared to death that I am going too. I'm not exactly sure what I am referring to besides that I need to relax whenever someone is in my life and stop being all tense. I wish that I could stop this, I wish that I wasn't cold, complicated, and I wish I could just let you care. But I feel so unable to let you do this. Maybe it is because I have never felt the emotions of love except with him and he has broken me. And I am scared of facing that once again. I just need to chill and stop thinking so darn much, huh?...

Have I told you lately that I hate drugs and addictions? If you have ever known anyone to be on drugs, you must hate them too. There is no way around it, you are either a drug user or you must hate them. No matter which, drugs effect your life in some form or fashion. I hate the way families that are effected by drugs and addictions seem to fall apart after so long even whenever they do not realize it. But then again they stay together and fight for all that they can do to keep "the user" from falling apart or killing themselves. It's an amazing love that Mother's must have to love their children unconditionally after they fall into the "fast life" and never return from that state. I can't say what I would ever do, and it makes me want to fall apart right now thinking "what if she ever does this"or "does that," and she is 3 years old! Three years old! This is already to late on starting to teach children about drugs and the way that they can and will take the life that you know, love and cherish away if you mess with them. They have broken me. Not exactly right now. But I am broken to see these families that are hurt. I wish that you all could of seen these teenage high school girls, that should of been at school the other day, but stayed home getting high, drunk and taking pills. I have never in my life seen anything like this. It was heartbreaking...and yes annoying as all get out. It all starts with how they are raised, what they are taught whenever they are little. So PLEASE take your children to church, teach them that smoking(even cigarettes) will kill you, teach them their numbers, shapes, letters because education will keep them away from horrible things. You see this everyday whenever you work at a police department, a child that has a parent that doesn't have the "time" to explain to them that Jesus, education and good morals are the way to go, are the ones that fall the quickest. I'm not at liberty to say that children that are raised (so called) perfectly will never "fall" because we all do at some point. We just need to know when it's time and how to pick ourselves right back up.
I've posted this before but I think that it goes very well and some of you may not have seen this before.

I won't go back into this but 500 a day start using! 500. I can't imagine. This is one of the main reasons that I want to become a officer, if you haven't been able to figure that out yet. There are so many people in this world that no matter what rehab, family, love, nothing will help their drug problem except being somewhere that they cannot get to it. I pray for these people...I pray that the Lord gives me strength to always pray for the cure to their addictions.

Heres a little joke to lighten the spirits after my "sermon" ...this would be your kids if they are to ever get hooked on drugs.

hahahaha kidding..

EMT skills testing is in exactly one week. I will not be a failure and I'm so ready but nervous at the same time. The next week is going to be full of study groups and skills practice so I am very sure that I will not be posting a lot but I'm very sure this post will cover enough for a month! haha.

I've been out to the Habeggers the past two days, which is our largest Amish produce market in our county. Boy o' Boy let me tell you...I wish that I had the motivation and energy that they have in just one day. They are amazing people and so very sweet. I bought strawberries, tomatoes, sweet pickles, choc. chip cookies, and fried pies. The strawberries and tomatoes aren't as rip as they should be due to all of the rain we have had. But they are still amazing. Now the fried pies are a topic in their selves. You should know that anything that states clearly on the package "deep fried in lard" has to be amazing ... haha what a great mental picture right? I'm sure they should say "heart attack waiting to happen" somewhere on the label also. But they are to die for. Seriously. It's Heaven on Earth. I wish I could mail you all some and they get to you all perfect or else I would...if you live in Kentucky email me at and I will be sure to send a few your way! I may even add in a few of their cookies, or banana nut bread! yum!

I promise, my next post will be all cheerful news...pinky promise! lol. Have a great Saturday! Loves & hugs.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Perfect Presents

Here are the two items that Charli Beth got for her 3rd birthday that are so dear to our hearts. My sister Ashley and the lady that does our pictures, that is also such a great friend to our family [Heather] made these themselves and I'm sure it took a lot of hardwork! I love them both and they fit perfect in her new room.

This is the picture that Heather made for Charli. I first seen these on her myspace page, and fell in love with them. The "C" is from the handles on the church doors! Isn't that such a creative idea? Ha! My simple butt would of never even thought of that. This picture can grow with her for years because it can fit so well with any kind of decor by just changing a few things around.

I know..not the best picture to show off this item but it's the best I have so far! Ashley made a "prayer bench" for Charli. As you can see it was the cushion and the perfect little wooden spot for her to kneel down too. Yes, she has used this! Her Nana found her on it one night whispering to Jesus because her babydoll was in the hospital! How sweet!! This is the most perfect present that Aunt Ashley could of ever thought of getting Charli. As you can see she also picked the perfect prayer scripture to add ontop being that Grace is one of Char's middle names! Once again this is something that she can take with out throughout her life! I promise once this last piece of furniture is paint I will have pictures of her entire room, and there will be better pictures of the prayer bench. It was so nice to have people work so hard on gifts to give to Charli. I wish that I was creative, but as you can always tell my Momma only gave that lovely "gene" to my sister. Thanks

Also to add into my last post on the "Wall Letters"...Hobby Lobby carries these lovely decor items and they are 50% off some weeks! I just love that store, but what woman doesn't!?!

Story of Mommy

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