Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shake It My Way - Arbonne

To be honest, I like to eat. I love food so much, that while growing up "Pig" became my nickname. Not because I am fat per say, but because I could eat more then most men in my family. So I have never really understood the whole gripe over protein and green smoothies. Especially taking two meals away and replacing them - pure craziness in my shallow minds.

Then I went to listened to an amazing 19 year old girl named Anna Joy Jeffery. She spoke about replacing two meals a day, then eating one healthy meal with the Arbonne 30 days to fit program has helped her loose over 70 pounds in 9 months! Wow. Uhm, hello? So apparently I am the crazy one.

Arbonne protein comes is pea protein which is SO good for you. Pea protein is easier to digest, less likely to cause allergy issues, and is a valuable source of energy. Arbonne protein also contains 21 essentials vitamins in each serving and does NOT contain whey which can leave you feeling gassy and bloated. Our products are also made without gluten and are vegan approved. Even though I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant I would recommend this program to anyone due to the benefits it has.

I started my protein shakes last night and will also be doing more of the 30 days to fit program. Because I want to be thinner, more in shape and also HOT for my husband.

My Arbonne Protein recipe is:

- 1 single serving / 2 scoops of protein
- 8 ounces Almond milk (unsweetened for less calories)
- Half banana
- A handful of strawberry, blueberries, raspberries (any fruit you pick)
- A handful of Spinach (I promise you cannot taste it)
- 3 pieces of ice

I have personally only tried Vanilla because I am not a chocolate fan. I know, I know it is craziness but true. I am also going to do something very scary and to hold me accountable during this process.

Yes, this is my before photo! In this process I hope to tone this baby belly and birthing muffin top/hip. I am prepared for doing hard work along with taking the measure of the 30 days to fit program.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bowling Green March Of Dimes Walk

On Saturday we joined other local teams and participants to walk for March of Dimes. We had 8 show up for our team Cruzin' Cousins and I felt incredibly lucky to have their support in such a great organization. The walk could not have been on a more perfect day! Not to hot, not to cold and the sky was gorgeous.

What I could of changed was the walk route. Lets just say that one of my jogging stroller tires went flat, so I was using my handy dandy Chicco umbrella stroller on big gravel hills and rough grass. It was a work out for sure. But of course it was worth it!

It was great to see the Bowling Green Hotrods mascots and WKU's Big Red out walking along! Charli even got a high five during the route. After the walk was finished we let the kiddo play in the jump house then, we all treated ourselves to cotton candy while listening to a little karaoke!

I have to give the coordinator of our local chapter a huge hand. She was such a nice lady in helping get Cuzin' Cousins set up. The walk and all of the sponsor on Saturday were amazing. One man has raised $10,000 - amazing!!

If you do not have a local team, I urge you to find one to donate to. Each dollar goes to helping save thousands of babies every single day. In one week over 150 premature babies were born in Kentucky, not counting the babies that were born with birth defects. These are the tiniest fighters and are such blessings to my life!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cowgirl Training

Since becoming an owner of a horse Charli Beth has had to up her responsibilities. She gets up early before to make her bed, eat breakfast, feed Ranger and then finish getting ready for the day. Each morning she spends at least 10-15 minutes with him until I call her back home. One morning I even had to run in the rain to get her attention and at night she prays for him too. It's amazing the love that she has already picked up for him, even if he is still learning her.

She has had to overcome some fears. Mainly, her fear of poop since Daddy made her shovel it from the barn. She even spilled some down her clothes and didn't even gag. Bravo to the girl who used to even gag at bugs!

We are working with Ranger to figure out some equipment issues then hopefully their riding will start back up. He seems to already be getting fat and sassy here at home, since he is getting fed twice a day. Charli is already wanting to "go fast" but she still has lots of learning to do.

In getting her dream of becoming a cowgirl and future barrel racer I hope this helps install the honest work bone in her. I want her to always be a passionate hard worker in everything that she has.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Charli Beth's Birthday Sock Hop

I finally gave pictures to share and keep as a memory of the fun sock hop party that we celebrated Charli's birthday with. We were overly excited about this party. The poodle skirts, records, root beer floats, oh my! The cuteness overload was almost to much for this Momma to handle. My Mom and family friend Shannon did an amazing job creating the pieces to decorate the party with.

When Charli's friends arrived she quickly wanted to start their dancing. For the majority of the party she was the only one up twisting and doing the splash splash. It was so cute and brave of her to continue to dance. It never did phase her what-so-ever, because of the fun she was having.

We served pizza, root beer/coke floats, cupcakes, cookie French fries and hamburgers, along with old fashioned bottle drinks. Pizza and Sam's cupcakes are always the way to go! So yummy and easy to serve. After eating the kids danced more, hula hooped and played with balloons.

Charli had asked me about a month before he party if she could have donations at her party to give to a homeless shelter. I thought this was the greatest idea ever, even more so since our home is completely over ran by toys. We had donations from guests at the party, our church and friends. We were able to donate over 200 items to the local Hospitality House - the home in which I stayed at during Bryar's NICU stay. Everything there along with the building is from donations and is such an amazing place.

When we started opening gifts we had to time everything completely right, so to say the least it was chaos. Charli received cowgirl attire, horse bedroom decor, horse toys and more. When finished I blind folded her telling her that we had a game to play outside, but everyone had to be very quite and follow us, little did she know it was not a game but a ............horse!!

Charli has been saving her money for almost two years to buy a horse when the time was right. After much talking, debates and finding the horse that was in her price range we found the most laid back 5 year old quarter mare.

After coming back inside the kids twisted, shouted and were all ready to party down while the parents chatted. It was such an amazing party and the days since have been super busy. My next post will be all about my new cowgirl and how turning 7 has come with more responsibilities.

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