Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bryar's Nursery Sneak Peek & Monogram

We have made it to 33 weeks today!!!! More updates to come...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

32 weeks

Once again I was SO ecstatic about turning 32 weeks on Tuesday! I feel extremely blessed to have made it this far with my pregnancy. I have been dilated to 2 for at least for over 4 weeks now, and on bed rest for 5. But to be honest it really does not feel like that long, which is a good thing. I have my days where I am unbelievably stir crazy and just want to clean this house top to bottom, and then go on a long shopping trip afterwards with a mani/pedi to follow. Ah, that sounds so nice.

Pregnancy Highlights:

Tuesday at the Dr I had an ultrasound and then a regular appointment to see Dr. G. During the ultrasound they were able to show us that Bryar has hair (how sweet!) and they gave us some a few more profile pictures. I would share them but they are kind of hard to see because he keeps his hands up by his mouth, and not to mention poor babe is squished. At the regular appointment, it was determined that I am close to 3, 80% effaced and at station +1. Seriously, how am I even still preggo? Dr. G says that he does not see how I could last two more weeks so for us not to be surprised by a positive FFN test (which it was.) So it looks like Bryar Wayne will be here within two weeks possibly.

-Total Weight Gain: 16 lbs

-Sleep is still about the same except waking up around 3:30 in the morning for about two hours.

-I've lost my appetite for the most part and my sickness hit me really hard yesterday morning which lead to busting blood vessels under my eye, again. Hopefully they will clear up quickly being that my baby shower is suppose to on Saturday!

-His heart beat at the last appointment was 169 and this appointment was 137... It's completely crazy how his heart has varied so much!

-I am very anxious to know what color his hair is going to be? Red, Strawberry blonde...hmm, so exciting!

My family seems to be taking polls on when Bryar will arrive so if you want to join in on the "fun" then leave your guess in the comments. Remember that you do not have to have a blog to comment, just leave your name or an email address!

We are so excited for his arrival and hopefully I will be able to blog some more before he comes! Until then please keep him as well as baby Trace in your prayers!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Charli Beth Update

Oh my fiestly, silly, smart five year old girl is the sweetest thing ever. She has not been getting her millions of blog post lately because well to put it simple, I just have not been blogging that much. But so much has changed with this girly, as she likes to put it, she has...matured. Ha! She has gotten taller, is learning so many different sight words in her Kindergarten class, learning what it takes to be a big sister as well as a big cousin (She has her work cut out for her!) and so many other things.

She has been very loving towards Bryar lately and says the sweetest prayers for him at bed time. Her favorite thing to do lately seems to be giving my belly kisses and then screaming that he kicked her. Oh let the fun begin ;) haha! I am crossing my fingers that this excitement of his arrival continues.

Each week they send home a assessment test that they go over with each student to see where they are within their letters as well as some sight words they have been working on. Charli has been doing wonderful on all letters (Y gets a little tricky for her sometimes) but she can recongize the following words, Dad, Mom, I, Little (can spell Little), Am, Dog, Cat.

Each night for homework, she must read a short book to me that they have went over in class. She does exteremly wonderful on these books! Last week, her Teacher sent home a book that was tough! It had two line senstences (example: "Ned, sits at the table playing with three red blocks.") Kidding me right? I thought that it was a mistake and after working with CB sounding words out, I could tell that she just was not ready for this advancement. I sent a letter to Mrs. G explaining to her the frustation that CB felt from this book and I was not sure that she was ready for a book this tough. In return I recieved a letter back apologizing to Charli and I saying that CB had been doing such a wonderful job reading lately that they wanted to advance her. Opps! Mom fail. I felt terrible about my note and wanted to send back an apology. =/ It's not that I do not think that Charli can read at this level, I just believe that she needs the extra help before taking on to much. Hopefully, I did the right thing.

CB has been attending church with her Mimi and Aunt Amanda on Wednesday nights. At first I think that she was a little sketchy about things, only due to the fact that we come from a very small church. But since she has begun her class, she seems to absolutely love it. I truly think that the older that she gets the more excited to learn about the Lord that she is. She loves hearing about "Daniel in the Lions Den" whenever we read it at night.

Her favorite book is:

If you have a little girl that adores horses as well as a princess story, this book is a must buy! We have recently just quit reading it to Charli every single night. It was to the point where she was remembering the book and reading it to us. But we love it besides the fact that Plumpkin and Bun Bun are so mean to sweet Ponyella!

Since we have no idea when Bryar will arrive, we are hoping to ask my Dr tomorrow if it is okay to take Charli to see the Lion King for at least one more outing with her for a special day. But of course if Dr. G does not "okay" it then it will be a Daddy/Daughter date!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

30-31 weeks preggo post

I know that I am a complete slacker and forgot to do a 30 week pregnancy highlights post and yes I just about forgot to do a 31 week! I am becoming a true lazy bum due to this bed rest thing. Seriously, I took three naps the other day and then I still slept all night. Pathetic much? Yeah probably.

Anywho, I went back to the Dr on Tuesday and had the wonderful news of only minor changes!! The baby is still very low at station zero, which is not the most comfiest position or spot for him to be in for me especially at night time but I have no compliants as long as he is staying right there.

30 weeks before our Dr appt

31 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

  • Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs!

  • My sleep is so mixed up with the naps during the day and the bathroom breaks at night. It's quite crazy and I am very sure that it drives my Hubby insane since I huff while trying to pull my big-bellied self out of the bed, haha!

  • I'm starting to loose my appetite on some days, but I'm pretty sure that it will hit me full force again soon.

  • His movements are more noticeable than before because he literally shakes my whole stomach. I am sure that he is running out of room in there. He also has the hiccups twice a day it seems like. I was wondering whenever he would start getting them and once he did it seems like he cannot get rid of them, then he gets mad. (I always tell CB that hiccups make you grow so grow baby grow )

  • We are still going to the Doctor weekly and will continue to do so. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday when I will be 32 weeks to check his growth and etc. I am pretty excited to see him again and see his progress.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trace Alexander

My nephew Trace Alexander that was born on Sunday, September 11 is doing so wonderful and is such a strong baby to be born at 33 weeks! Everyone is very proud of his progress that he immediately started making the night he was born. On Tuesday after my Dr appointment I was able to go over to see my sister and she asked if I wanted to go into the NICU to meet him. How exteremly sweet of her that was and it was such a blessing to be able to meet my newphew for the first time! He is SO sweet!

He has been off of oxygen since Monday I believe, and has been working on disgesting food. He is improving with every feeding. Ashley's baby shower/baby-q was scheduled for this weekend and is still taking place, I cannot wait to shower her with gifts and love. She is such an incredible Mommy, and his Daddy is very amazing as well. I am one proud sister and Aunt of this little family!! Please continue to remember them all as they go throughout their NICU stay!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday is a day that all of us as Americans will always remember in our hearts, I can tell you exactly where I was the moment that I first heard the news. But to me the moment of where I was is nothing compared to all of the pain the families from 9/11 have experienced as well as the soilders families that are conitnuing to loose their loved ones overseas. These are the victims and families that we continue to remember in our hearts, forever.

9-11-2011 was also my 24th {whoa} birthday. We celebrated my birthday by having lunch with Curtis our fand it was amily next door for lunch, banana pudding and gifts. They were all so very sweet to me. I'm not sure if I could ask for anything better than that --- but the Lord had big plans on my birthday for my family!!! My sweet Husband gave me a pandora bracelet with the everlasting love charm. I absolutely love it! =) We have a doctors appointment tomorrow and a 3d ultrasound so I cannot wait to be able to get out of this bed and wear it!
Tina and Ronnie gave me this Juicy Couture gift set, which is Heavenly. Oh my, I cannot wait to wear it too! They also gave me a huge stack of wedding photos along with a photo album (Thank you Amanda!) I cannot wait to put them all together for everyone to look at. These were all such a thoughtful gifts!!

Not to mention, my other huge birthady gift!!

I became an Aunt!!
As you can see my nephew Trace Alexander made his appearance in the afternoon after my sister woke with complication early in the morning. He was not expected to arrive until Oct 26th, so he was a little over 33 weeks gestastion, but boy is he a strong little fella!

Look at how big those hands are!! I think he may just be a UK basketball player in the future, his parents would totally love that =)

He is in the NICU having some help with his breathing, although my sister just sent me a text saying they have taken his C PAP off to see how he does, but so far so good! What a blessing! She is also going to get to hold him for the first time this afternoon!! I ask that you all continue to remember my sister as she recovers, Alex, and Trace! I cannot wait to meet this little guy! Him and Bryar are for sure keeping us all on our toes already, I can only imagine how it will be in a few years with them running around! =)

Friday, September 9, 2011

The New & Improved Changing Table

I purchased this changing table through craigs list a while back ago for only $50 and was very excited that for once I had found a bargain. Well then my MIL painted it to match the rest of the furniture in Bryar's nursery and it is amazing now. She did such a fantastic job on it! I am ecstatic with not only having a changing table this time but with how perfect it is. I cannot wait to find the perfect baskets to fit under it soon.

As you can also tell, the walls and trim have been painted! We are getting closer and closer to having the nursery complete and ready to welcome him for whenever he comes home!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Detail Link Up From Our Wedding

I realized the other day that I never made a post about some of the little touches of our wedding,that I absolutely loved. Shame on me, right?! I cannot believe that I left these things out. I will link up the items as best as possible but some of the credit goes towards to our family friends! I can probably say that one of the most loved details of our wedding by the guests was the sign that our ring bear carried. One the front it said "here comes the bride" and as we were leaving he turned it around to say "& they lived happily ever after." These were made by a friend that owns Cripple Creek Primitives and I'm not even sure if words can describe just how fabulous this sweet lady is! Her work is beyond amazing.

The burlap table runners were made by our friend Angela. She is such a crafty person and has so much talent to offer in everything that she does. If you would like her info please contact me via email. =)
The "H" was a crafty idea that I found on etsy and asked the seller to make an extra large initial for our background. I had honestly never saw this done but I just knew that it would be cute to use something to set off everything from the hay stacks. Doing It Herself was a huge help in making my little vision come to reality. All of the men loved this idea too, surprise surprise! We hope to use this H again possibly in the nursery but who knows! The fingerprint guestbook tree was a huge hit! I love having this piece of our wedding ceremony in our living room in the beautiful frame that my parents purchased! Not only did our guests make their thumb prints on the tree, they also signed their names above it! This is such a great idea for even baby showers! Whoever thought of this idea orginially is pure genius to me! - Your Keepsake Co.

My flower piece was a must-have for my wedding. I have never been a fan of veils, especially on me after trying one on with my gown, so whenever I went searching I was so ecstatic to have found this seller, Silver Pencils on etsy. She helped me pick out the "Champagne Brunch" style and it matched my dress perfectly. Not to mention, I adored her price =)
The wedding programs were made by our family friend Shannon! She was such an amazing help throughout the events of our wedding. If you remember the jones soda bottle labels from our wedding shower, she made them as well. She is one crafty sweet little soul! {Hey Shannon!}

The invitations were one of my favorite things about our wedding and they just totally set off the theme. The vintage but country theme of them were to die for and believe it or not, I actually caught them on sale. The seller was fabulous to work with, even after a goof on our side she was super friendly and helped us out tremondously! {Photos do belong to seller}

Pixels & Cream Paperie
Ah, this garter the picture says it all it is absolutely beautiful! This garter came as a set, which included a garter toss too. Which was wonderful so that we were able to keep this little beauty. Rosebud Lips

That is all of the links that I have for now! Hope you enjoy =)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


yum yum yum.

I would demolish this piece of art right now.


You know you have a problem whenever you start blogging food.

Bless my soul, I suppose this is why I have gained 3 lbs in one week. ha!

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