Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bryar's First Hair Cut!

We did it. I forced myself to cut those baby curls and make my littles look like a big boy. I held back the tears like a big girl and sucked it up. But boy, am I glad I did! Because this little fella is looking even more handsome.

We decided to take Bryar to where Curtis goes too. Trey was fabulous and I swear I thought B was going to fall asleep while the clippers were running. They were all amazed with how great he was. But I warned them that next time he may give them a run for their money.

I can already tell that his hair is growing out so I am crossing my fingers that his cuts do not break us! I slightly will never feel bad about the cost of my hair colors now. Geez, $26 every week and a half can add up for Bryar and Curtis together!

Curtis was able to hold B while his hair was being cut. As B's hair got shorter the more and more I could see Curtis' looks coming back out in him. It truly is the sweetest thing. I will just cross my fingers for now that he enjoys it just as much next time.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Smocked Dress Winner!


Please email me at and I will get your dress sent to you!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Monday, March 25, 2013

This Boy..

I know, he is gorgeous. Those baby blue will kill you dead in your tracks with just one look. He is cuddly, and he gives the best open mouth kisses. He already uses his manners "pleashhh" and "I hank you."

But no worries. He isn't perfect. For a matter of fact, he is turning into my tiny terror.

Last week he had his hair pulled and since then it's been game on. He knows it hurts but I think it's a "little guy" defense mechanism. Yet, he is even doing it to me. I've never experienced these habits before. Charli bit me one time, so I returned the favor and it never happened again. Bryar will laugh in my face if I try this at him.

My Papaw always told my Mom that we were her payback. Oh Lawd, have mercy if this boy is payback for Curtis and I. I can already see is stubborn will that comes from both his Daddy and I. I guess one thing that will help is knowing how much fun it was for me being the terror of the family as a kid, so at least he will have a fun childhood! Ha!

For now, I will keep reminding myself how stinking cute he is.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cecil & Lou Smocked Dress Giveaway!

Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of cute attire on my littles. Smocked outfits make my Mommy heart glow. They are simply just precious and will last for what seems like forever. I may be totally ignoring the fact that Charli Beth is growing out of her smocked dress stage; she will be 7 very soon!

Recently thanks to a giveaway hosted by Lea Liz, I was able to get the cutest smocked outfit for Bryar! I then fell in love with an amazing company. Their clothes are the best quality and the customer service...oh my word is just as wonderful! The sweet personal emails were a huge check on my list.

So today I am able to giveaway a 3T cupcake smocked bishop!

It is precious to the core and will be unbelievably cute on your little for this spring or their birthday!


1.) Leave a comment on my blog that you have "like" Cecil & Lou's Facebook page!
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3.) Tell me what is on your spring bucket list for your family!
4.) Blog/tweet about this giveaway {with link back included} and then leave link in comments.

Your comment must have an email included, although you do not have to be a blogger to win! This dress must be for personal use and not resale. This contest will end on 3/27 at 9:00 a.m. Good luck to all who enter :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Like Saturday

This Saturday was amazing. The weather was so nice, and the kids were in such a great mood. We actually woke up, ate breakfast went to a softball meeting then came home for a quick dance party. It was so cute and so fun! Watching Bryar bounce flipping his arms up and down while Charli was doing goodness knows what with her hips!

After our dance party, Curtis and Charli went outside to practice ropin' while B went down for a nap. It was so cute to watch her work hard at something she is passionate about. Yes, she is very passionate about anything rodeo.

Soon it was sadly time for Curtis to get ready for work. So the kids and I went to run some fast errands, had lunch at no other than Taco Bell, then went off to feed the ducks and play at the park. Of course the park we picked was way over crowded and there was not room enough for me to watch two safely. So we headed home to our backyard to play.

While playing my parents showed up for a quick visit and Papaw came up on his tractor. So off they went for a quick ride down the barn yard. Bryar loves riding with Papaw and waiting for him to drive by. He was so proud sitting on his lap learning new things to do. When they came back from their ride we went down to "moo" at the cows. This is literally B's favorite thing to do. He is super serious about moo'ing too.

Afterwards, we had dinner and movie time with Aunt Amanda! The kids had a big day so after pizza and movies they quickly went off to bed! We are SO ready for Spring days to arrive, so we can enjoy many more fun days together outside!

Friday, March 15, 2013

And So It Starts.

I know that this will come as a surprise but Charli is a cowgirl. Or well at this point she is dreaming of being a cowgirl. We see her ride stick horses up and down the house, back and forth every single day. The amount of stick horses and stuffed horses in my home is almost overboard. But we encourage her to dream and to use her imagination.

She attends Girl Scouts and Cloverbuds each month with softball starting soon. After some major discussions we have decided to sign her up for the Kentucky Jr. Rodeo Association. They are in mid-season at this point, so it will be later in the year. Not to mention, until she gets a horse she will only be able to do mutton bustin' (riding a sheep) and dummy ropin'. When we first talked to her about it she was over the top and we had to take breaks to chill her excitement. Which in return has made Curtis just as excited. He dreams of the rodeo life again too.

So to increase the excitement and practice even more, Curtis surprised Charli with her first rope last night. She was ecstatic and loved the color too! They are already planning a training session this weekend while it is warm.

We have not decided on a horse, yet. But my future of being a rodeo Mom is looking pretty bright these days.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Met My Half Sister Thanks To My Blog

Yes, it happened. The girl that I was just speaking of last week in a post. I am stunned to learn of people who read my blog and others who wait for me to post. Sometimes blogging feels like work lately but I am thankful for things on my hear that I type out on here. Because of a post on my heart, it lead Jessica to wanting to surprise my sister and I with a trip to Kentucky to meet us.

It has been 24 years since I met her. So obviously, I do not remember it. We have been Facebook pals for a few years now but when my Mom let go of the secret I was ecstatic! But as every worry wary would, I got a knot in my stomach of the worries about what we would talk about or compare.

Who am I kidding though?! Jessica was so talkative, sweet and funny! As soon as she walked through the door we all were hugging, laughing and talking like we were old friends, rather than long lost sisters. It was so nice to be able to sit down with her for two days in a row to talk about our families, our lives and how we think of the man who was suppose to be a Father to us.

The second day we made plans to go to The Paint n' Place for a fun trip. It was so funny to see how cool, calm and creative she was with her piece - just like my older sister was. I on the other hand was an awful mess and stressing about each mark. What can I say, I would be a perfectionist, if I could just get it perfect ;)

I cannot thank her and her Mother enough for making this trip. My heart is so full of love and happiness to have been able to meet her. I am ecstatic for the next days we have together!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The First Of Many

Yesterday afternoon, we experienced Bryar's first busted lip. It was a scary moment for my Mommy heart. But I should of been prepping my self for this a long time ago. Bryar is a climber. He isn't just the typical baby that likes to climb on the couch. I catch him on the dining room table, the computer the kid table, end tables. My days are spent pulling him down and having the "no climbing talk."

While keeping other littles yesterday, I have them all afternoon snacks and went to use the restroom. Even though my trip was quick, it was still enough time for him to climb on my storage bench, and somehow fall. As I heard them tumble an Charli running to him, I quickly made y appearance to give him snuggles but noticed the bottom of his mouth was full of blood. If you are a Mom, I am sure you know that my heart dropped. Not because I cannot do blood - I am a former EMt. But because he is my little!

After a frantic phone call next door to my SIL Amanda to watch the other kids I cleaned him up. He thankfully sucked on ice that made the swelling go down.

Thankfully, the swelling and bruising is much better this morning. Now on to keep him off of tables and benches.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Cowboy Rides Away

Over the weekend Curtis and I traveled to Lexington to see George Strait in concert. Curtis is a huge fan and really wanted to attend the concert. Thankfully, with the help of my Mom I was able to surprise him with tickets at Christmas! On our way up to Lexington on I-65, we ended up sitting in stand still traffics for around 3 hours. If you know Curtis and I we are a very inpatient couple. After learning that six people died in two accidents and a couple in critical condition, we were so thankful for God's timing. One of the victims in the accident is Kellie Pickler's drummer, he is still in critical condition.

We thankfully made it to Lexington in enough time to freshen up and head to Rupp arena. If you are not a fan of George Strait, then obviously you're not American. Simple as that. This ole' cowboy is such a stud, and knows it. He has formed and shaped country music for 31 years. So all 22,000 fans in the stadium young and old have loved country music thanks to him. Martina McBride as the opening act and her voice is as incredible as it is on the radio. She is the cutest little thing.

During the concert they also gave a wounded warrior a new home, $500 of groceries from Walmart a month for a year and also a new tv. To day the least, I lost it. The crowd chanting "USA" and seeing this warriors emotions. George Strait also sang all of his oldie but goodie songs, which we loved! Curtis said on numerous occasions how it was the best concert he had attended. Which of course made my night a million times better!

Sadly, I let my camera/phone die before going in. I guess that is what 3 hours of traffic does to me.

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