Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday

Are you going "Black Friday" crazy this year?

Feel no shame if you are, because I will be right there with you staying up all night, standing in long lines, and getting my arm bitten off my some crazy old lady.
I work Thanksgiving until eleven at night so after that I will be rushing home to change clothes then heading out. My Mother, Sister, Best Friend and I will be heading down to TN to a outlet mall that open at Midnight. We always have so much fun there, it's not crazy choas shopping like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us will be. I have honestly never shopped those other stores in the extereme morning hours, so I have never experienced the "total choas" I guess you can say, but I will this year!
If you cannot tell, I am very excited! I hope to get all of Charli's presents bought on Friday, everyone else can wait (no offense to my family) but Santa only has so much money this year!
My Shopping Wish List:
Walmart- (BTW- Walmart will not be closing this year and re-opening at 5. The store will remain open & you can start checking those items out at 5. I think this is going to cause so many problems)
  • $5 - 10 pack hotwheels (yes, she plays with cars)
  • $9 - life size barbie
  • $59 -Tomtom -- I will try to score this for my sister since she has to work
  • $9 - preschool games
  • $3 - sleepwear
  • $4 - mixer
  • $13 - 5 qt. slow cooker

Target- Hates me & won't post their "true" ad until tomorrow or Thursday ?! Although if the ad at Blackfriday.info is correct they will have a Nikon cool pix 10 mp camera for $88! Yep, one of those babies will be mine.

Toys R Us - opens at Midnight & I haven't seen anything I just need from there. Maybe when their ad comes out I will find something.

So, what stores are you hitting up this year & what great deals have you seen?
It does seem like Walmart does have the best deals this year. But I'm just praying that Target has some seriously great sales since they are holding out with their ad.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank you Raleigh Caroline

Raleigh Caroline tagged us on her blog, you should definitely go by and check out their blog because they have the most adorable little family!

Here are the rules:
List 10 things that make you happy
(and try to do one of those things TODAY!)

Tag 10 blogs that brighten your day
Make sure to link back the person who tagged you

1. Seeing this little chicka with a smile on her face

2. Texting. It's an addiction to say the least.

3. Being able to talk to the boyyyfriend while he is at work. (48 hours on shift, is a verry long time!) Actually, he just makes me happy in general. <3
He's pretty hott, huh?

4. Having the house clean always puts a smile on my face!

5. Family

6. Listening to Charli Beth say the blessing before dinner is the sweeetest sound in the world!

7. Not only do I love sonic drinks, Charli & I love their chili cheese wraps too! Hey, cheap & good what more can a girl ask for?

8. Doing "art projects" with Charli!

9. Forever 21 = new love

10. Beautiful fall days in Kentucky!

We are off to do our family pictures today, wish me luck because I have a ill little girl that says that she is not going to do them unless Maggy (the bloodhound puppy) goes!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cuz I'm a country girl

Excuse me ma’am, I saw you walkin’
I turned around, I’m not a stalker

Where you going? Maybe I can help you
My tank is full, and I’d be obliged to take you

‘Cause I’m a country boy GIRL, I’ve got a 4-wheel drive
Climb in my bed, I’ll take you for a ride
Up city streets, down country roads
I can get you where you need to go
’cause I’m a country boy GIRL

You sure look good, sittin’ in my right seat
Buckle up, I’ll take you through the five speeds
Wind it up, or I can slow it way down
In the woods or right uptown

Big 35’s whinin’ on the asphalt
Grabbin’ mud, and slingin’ up some red dirt
’cause I’m a country boy GIRL

My muffler’s loud, dual Thrush tubes
I crank the music, the tone gets real good
Let me know when we’re gettin’ close
You can slide on out, or we can head on down the road
’cause I’m a country boy GIRL

Bucket seats, soft as baby’s new butt
Lockin’ hubs, that’ll take you through a deep rut

‘Cause I’m a country boy GIRL, I’ve got a 4-wheel drive
Climb in my bed, I’ll take you for a ride

haha, I love that kiddo =)
The lyrics are from Alan Jackson's - country boy..I did a leave out a few due to the fact I was tired of marking out boy

Anyways. mail time.

A little while back ago, I won a giveaway from Kelly {btw, if you don't know this already, I love her blog and her adorable kids will always put a smile on your face!} the giveaway consisted of 6 personalized blocks from the Letter Block Shop ! I had so much trouble picking from all of the cute designs, but decided to go with a baby shower present for my sister (not the one in the pictures}! Laura did such an amazing job with all that I asked from her! She has incredible patience, and I thank so much for working with me!

Pretty cute, huh?
Thank you Kelly again for the giveaway!

Design Dazzle

Design Dazzle

It's Design Dazzle's first birthday and their a celebrating with a blog party! As you can see in the first picture, they are having this from November 16-20th! If you have not checked out this website, it is a must do for sure even if you are not interested in the giveaways! I have been following them for about the last four months or so, and have seen so many great ideas {just another site to make me wish I was a little bit crafty!}!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

looking back

We are {possibly} having fall pictures made this week so I thought that I would share some of our past fall photos and see what your ideas are. As in what you think the best colors are to wear for pictures, places to go, and links that you may have of cute ideas. I know a lot of the blogs that I stalk follow have wonderful photography skills on them, so please share your ideas!

Thanks {in advance} for your advice & ideas!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Alive & well

Best song that I've heard in a very long time.
&& No I don't think Kenny Chesney is cute, ew.
But I do think that little girl in the pink leotard is!
Look at her trying to be all big!
Makes my heart melt into a million pieces.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Santa...

I know that I'm not Charli ...

But I'm really sick of seeing the same old toys laying around my house that you,

Mr. Big Stuff keep bringing to my house year after year.

Could you please stop and become a little creative this time?

Here is part of my wish list for little miss " I've been good all year long"

This can be found @ this etsy shop!

Adorable & handy all in one!

& this one will be here, if you decide to bring it her way.

Thank you,

*from* The Momma that is tired of seeing toy commercials already

{it's only the first of November!!!}


I'll be updating my Dear Santa letters whenever I find more.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mail time

Charli Beth loves receiving things in the mail, remember the necklaces we purchased from Etsy a couple of weeks ago? Every time someone asks where they are from her reply is "the mail sent them." Very adorable if I must say so myself. I love it whenever she comes up with cute little sayings like "mmhhh, this is delightful!" Now seriously? People that live in Kentucky do not use the word delightful in a sentence. ha!

Yesterday, we received this cute little dog in the mail!
These pictures are courtesy of Little Miss heirlooms due to my camera hating me at the moment


Little Miss Heirlooms

I won it in a giveaway a little while back ago, and we were very excited to get it! It is just adorable in "real" life as it is in the pictures!

Thank you so much!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fabulous Finds FRIDAY

..it may be Saturday already but work has been a bit busy. Oh well

This is my adorable friend Emily's blog and let me just try tell you how stinkin' cute her quilts, purses and security blankets are! Emily and I went to high school together, and although we never knew each other very well, we should of been the best of friends because ...well just because I said so ;o) ha! I'm playing she is the sweetest thing ever and I really think that you all would be amazed at her work! She was recently contacted by 2 sisters out of Winchester, KY wanting to sell her items, {some of you may live close to that town "Dreaming Tree Studio"} . This store only sells handmade items, how neat is that? I am very excited for her and just wanted to share another great seller!

Here is the link to her etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RagsandRibbons

Also, Please say a prayer for Gavin Owens, three year old that is suffering from Mitochondrial disease. I should of posted a prayer request for this little angel several months ago whenever I first started reading about him, although I failed to do so I have been praying my heart out for him. The last blog update from earlier today that I read, his Mother Karen stated that they were going to take him off of the ventilator tonight whenever the family arrived and say their goodbyes. This little boy has been suffering for a such a long time and I pray that this family finds the peace that they are needing while Gavin is now pain free. I can never imagine the pain and guilt that his parents are feeling at this moment with having to a make a decision like this.

We have all heard about the Ft. Hood, TX shooting & now the shooting that has occurred in Orlando, FL. We need to be on our hands & knees praying for our country. What has happened? Such horrible and tragic events. If you work in Emergency Services or Law enforcement, you know that the worst time for Murder Suicides, domestics and murders is during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope that we do not continue to see awful events like this occurring in our nation.

speaking of domestics...back to work = /

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my one and only, the girl that makes up my world, for today I know she is safe in the arms of my family.
Please pray for my family as we search for her a new daycare or preschool. Pray that we make the right decision. It's hard to get attached to someone and then having to break apart from them so very quickly for a reason that we never thought would be possible. Someone that has been through the journey with us, since Charli was 3 months old. It saddens me, that not only us but several other families are going through the same scared, hurt, sadness, and being seriously mad that we are.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The joys of a toddler

We have started a marker and sticker obsession lately, I hope it ends very soon.

This adorable couple that are the parents of a beautiful little girl are going to have a giveaway for their blogging Anniversary which is November 11th, and whenever the giveaway will end. The prize is a hand painted sign from Flip Flopz. Whether you enter the giveaway or not you should head on over to check out the blog and the Flip Flopz etsy site!

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