Friday, April 30, 2010

4 year old check up!

On Wednesday Charli Beth had her four year old check up, which still seems to amaze me that it was already time for this! So we headed there with the boy, just in case she was hatin' on Mommy after she got her whoppin' four shots. I let her know before we went that she had to get that many so that she could start preschool in the fall. At first she cried because the thought of it scared her, and she also said that she didn't want to go to school because people would laugh and call her the "new girl" ?!? No more t.v. for my child! How sad... She now knows that people do not actually do that in real life!
Anyways, when we got there she did extremely good! So much better than I ever thought that she would. She was acting bashful and started to not count for the Doctor but then finally did. By the way, isn't that the sweetest picture ever?!? Ahh, makes my heart melt. Minus the fact that my camera takes awful pictures and I seriously need to buy a new one before vacation!
She also had a hearing test done, which kinda worried me at first for some silly reason. I know my girl can hear perfect and all. But whenever she was born she failed her hearing test at the hospital and I had to take her to a disabled children's doctor for several different testing. Although, after two appointments she did pass. No worries though, Charli passed her test perfectly!

Charli took on her shots just like a "Princess" and did not drop one tear from those big beautiful blue eyes! The nurse was so amazed at how well she done that she got four stickers plus a toy!
I'm all about spoiling Miss Priss (well not really but whatever) so we headed to A & W to get ice cream and she loved having her sundae. She also shared my root beer float, coney and Mark's fish. What a mixture!

Altogether we had a wonderful four year old check up! No more shots until she goes into the 6th grade! Yes, I said the the sixth grade! Woohoo! =)
Charli Beth's newborn Stats:
Weight- 4.2 lbs
Height- 17 1/4 inches
Charli Beth's 4 yr old Stats:
Weight - 31 lbs
Height - 3ft 3 inches
Still itty bitty but growing strong!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lemon head Fred

Whenever I was pregnant with Charli, lemons were the only thing that could settle my morning sickness. I never did actually crave anything because I was so sick for so long. 6 months to be exact! It was horrible, but worth it.

Ever since Charli girl was a baby she has always loved lemons herself, she hardly ever makes the "sour face" and love the juice you buy at the store too! This may be bad for her teeth? But they do make for funny pictures!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Big Ballet Recital

Today was finally the day that my little girl was able to show off her ballet moves to not only her family but an entire theater full of individuals. Whenever we first got to the Capital Arts theater in Bowling Green, I started to get very worried because (1) it was a huge clustered mess, (2) it was raining cats and dogs, (3) it was extremely hot in the area where Charli and her classmates were having to wait because the air conditioner was broken (4) the lovely scatter brained artsy mind of a Studio director we have did not tell us that two Mommas needed to volunteer to be a chaperon for our girls. HA! That was SO not going to be this Momma! I was ready to sit back and watch my girl dance, so that is exactly what I did.

So off to my seat I went where I was instantly amazed by the young dancers. Then Charli Beth's came on the stage, as soon I as she walked out there holding the hand of the other little ones, I broke out into huge crocodile tears. No joke. I had to pull myself together just so that I would be able to watch her! {Honestly I am tearing up right now just thinking about it} She did so good, and was only side tracked for about 5 seconds as she started to stare off into the crowd. All of the little girls did wonderful though, watch their teacher and did their moves just as they were suppose to. I so wish I would of been rebel and held my camera up to video her =) Next year, I am going to, you better count on that! I tried to get a perfect picture of her after wards but she just would not stay still, she was really wanting to pose and twril around in front of everyone outside. I did get a few cute ones of her though!

On the stage with everyone for their final bow

She was extremely proud of herself!

Nana, Charli Beth and her Pa

Aunt Vicki, Char and Mamaw Faye

My loves ... btw my boy looks hot in uniform
& Yes, I did cute myself out of this picture, because I look horrible!
Hello, diets and workouts!

Such a cute picture if her eyes were open! haha

She wanted to pose!

Looks at her foot! haha.

Silly kids.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recital Practice

Charli Beth's Nana took her to recital practice on Tuesday while I was at work. We are not allowed to take pictures or video tape during the actual recital on Saturday afternoon. Which I must say is pure craziness since it cost $38.50 to order a DVD of the recital. We decided agaisnt doing the studio photo shoots because it was going to be another 30-something dollars, and had planned on doing pictures in Bowling Green, on the square before the recital started. Although, now they are calling for tornadoes. So my plan is now a big failure! But I think she looks adorable on stage practicing with her classmates!

Thank a dispatcher

I meant to post on this last week but things have been so very difficult here lately that it totally slipped my mind.

April 11th-17th was dispatcher appreciation week.

This may mean nothing to you or your family, but it should. I have to admit that before I ever became a 911 telecommunications dispatcher it never once crossed my mind how much they do for the citizens do for their communities. Not tooting my own horn, but we are the "Silent Heroes" or the Unspoken ones if you must. Most people say the "first responders" are in the EMS fields, but that is very incorrect. The first responder to an emergency situation is the person who answers the phone whenever you frantically dial 911.

Dear Lord,
Give me healthy ears, for they are my link with those who need me. Keep my mind sharp and alert, my fingers quick and nimble. Grant that I never forget how to do ten things at once, and do them all equally well. Bless me with patience Lord. Patience to deal with the public, with the officers, with the firefighters, and with everyone else who makes me want to grit my teeth and yell. Give me nerves of steel; That I may listen to a mother screaming for her child to live, the man with a gun, the family watching their home go up in flames, or a request for backup or more equipment and not give way to panic. Grant me empathy, that I may help the caller in need, and not cause them more pain than they already have. God, give me the ability to learn what I need, to remember it quickly, and give me the wisdom to use the knowledge properly. Bless my family Lord, for they will have to make sacrifices to shift work, overtime, canceled plans and times when I just can't take on one more thing. Help them understand the missed ball games, school programs and dinners for two. Lord, give me courage. Courage to persevere when I feel undervalued, unappreciated, overworked and unrecognized. Courage to keep trying when I feel in my heart it's hopeless. Last of all Lord, help me to never forget why I chose this job in the first place, to never lose sight of what is important in the midst of the stress. Help me to remember that I make a difference; however small it may seem some days, and that I matter. I am a dispatcher, Lord, grant me peace.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

1st Soccer Game

Today Charli Beth played in her first soccer game, and it was such a sight to be seen! We had a blast watching her stand all prissy or daze off on the field. It was just simply hilarious! She only ran after the ball a few times but over all I think that she did okay since she stood out with there with such big kids.Char playing in the grass was the best play all day besides at the end when they put their hands together and yelled "Go Big Green!"
Charli actually calls her team "MEAN GREEN!"
She was suppose to get a size XS jersey although it didn't work that way, it looked more like a soccer dress. Maybe that is why she didn't run after the ball?! ha.
I was so very proud of her, so even though her game was in the morning Mark and I took her for ice cream but she wanted a chili cheese wrap instead!

I still haven't heard from the insurance adjuster about my car, although one esitmate that I got back pretty much totals my car. So we went out to look for a new car, just in case and I have found.......

Any suggestions on a wonderful car or suv would be appreciated =)
Thank you!
Hope you ladies have had a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am now selling Charli Beth's dresses and other items on Ebay! I was going to do a blog sell then I figured that might be to much of a hassle so for now I am going with this!

If you live close to my area, I will not charge shipping.

You should be able to click here to see my items. I will be updating this whenever I have time! Although another lady that I work with was in an accident yesterday and I will be covering both of our shifts, not to mention Charli Beth's recital coming up this week!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Huge step forward

Finally after two years of working for my city, I became a full-time employee very unexpectedly tonight at the City Council meeting.

How wonderful is that?
I cannot wait to sign the paper and actually see how it feels to have insurance. Yes, Obama I have been one of those 22 million or how many ever without insurance for the past four years. I will now be able to go to the doctor whenever I am sick, or go to the dentist without being scared of how my credit will look afterwards! The inusrance for the city is incredible and I will not be out a dime for my entire family! Yay!
This is such exciting news for me and my girl =)
I will one day be able to retire, more than likely around the age of 50!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting to know you Sunday

1. What color do you wear the most?
White & Blue

2. Would you rather have $10,000 dollars or a dream vacation?
Right now hence that my car was just wrecked, I'll take the $10,000. Please? Thank you.

3. Do you have a weird, quirky or unusual habit?
Wrecking cars I guess =/
^^ 2005 wreck ^^

4. I really need to start..........?
-reading my bible more than I do
-saving money
-working out more
..I could go on

5. What was the first blog you ever read?
My friend Ivana's that lives here in my town, although now after two years she does not blog anymore since her hands are full with a 3 year old and a set of two year old twins!

{If you're reading this Ivana,I miss your blogs but I do love getting to see you at the bank every Thursday now}

6. Do you collect anything?
If you looked into my room right now you would probably think that I collect everything, because it is a heck of a mess! But the only thing that I have a collection of right now, is a ton of old Mason Jars, that I love and plan to use for a wedding, one day!

7. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Oh my gracious, I have no idea.
I think maybe the 8th grade. I remember it was at the movies and it was gross.

8. Do you text/twitter while driving?
Hate if you want too! But, I do. Mainly at stop lights or on a straight stretch. The phone that I have right now, I've had it for years. So I don't have to look at the keys or my phone while texting.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My first weekend off in.. forever!

started off this way...

Charli and I were on our way to get a happy meal, when this happened. We were waiting in line on our square behind a vehicle (our small town, does have some traffic) with another car coming up behind us to turn right when I looked over to my left I seen a man on motorcylce pass by, I thought I knew him so I looked at him in my left outside mirror then I seen him looking at a car behind me like "Oh my God"

So I immediately looked in my rear view mirror but before I was able to, I was slammed in the back end and hit the vehicle infront of me which turned me sideways in the road, where I'm not sure but I think we were hit again.

The vehicle that hit the first car was an old cadalliac driven by an elder man in which they say the "accelator got stuck and he was trying to break." I'm not sure what the deal was, but I did see him very much so out of control, he was weaving his steering wheel pretty bad and he flew past all of us after we hit. He ended up stopping on the other side of the square, it was craziness for him to be driving that fast but who knows what the deal is.

Charli is alright, the impact of both hits startled her for a little bit and for some reason she got mad at me after we got out of the vehicle. She now wants to know why the people did't apologize to us for hitting her favorite car. She is full of questions tonight!

We had us both checked out just to make sure for her sake and we are both just fine. My left arm and shoulder is pretty sore from holding the steering wheel and my body hitting agaisnt it but that is nothing that a little tylenol can't take care of! =)

We are very thankful to not be injured anymore than we were! I seem to always have an angel riding with me.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday 5 & Ebay

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
-Katherine Heigl, who else?!

2. Did you ever go to summer camp?
-I did, I went Camp Currie when I was in the 6th grade. Which is put on by the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources. We hunted, fished, played games, I remember it like yesterday! I met tons of girls from around Kentucky although I have no idea who they are today!

3. What sends you running and screaming in the other direction?
-The only things that can "get to me" are: Sharks, bees ( I hate the anticipation of a sting, ugh.), chewed up gum

4. What is something you do that drives your spouse nuts?
-Spouse? uhm, boyfriend..crap I don't know what to call him right now but Mark. I have no idea honestly? Besides whenever I make fun of him for going to his bank, where his ex girlfriend works.

Hence: this is the girl he was dating whenever we met..she also lived with him. Should I say more?


5. What is currently your favorite song?
- American Honey * Lady A

I am starting to sell some of Charli Beth's clothes on EBAY. I have just now started setting everything up tonight at work. If you would like the link or my username please send me an email - **

Thursday, April 8, 2010


On our way home from Toys R Us the other day where Charli received a birthday balloon she asked me, "Why do balloons go to Heaven?"


The quickest answer that I could think of was "for the little boys and girls that are there."

She just sat there for a minute and I started to panic thinking that she was going to want to know why they were there or how they got there.

Then she said " No, Mommy that isn't it. What is God's sons name again?"


"Yea, him Jesus has a yard sale (she says yard, like lard) and sales those kids a balloon"


" Well, I guess that is a possibility Charli."

"Mom, can we let my balloon go? Because I want those kids in Heaven to have it."

Ahhhhh! I could just eat her up! How precious, my heart melted into a million pieces! My softie girl is such a sweetie and I just love it!

-Such a big miracle, in such a little girl-

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The "real" birthday

Shew, I hate to say that I am almost glad to be done with celebrating C.B.'s 4th birthday! It has started to take a toll on me and the rest of my family as well. I guess that is what we get for going a little bit overboard. ha!

I am working 3rd this week and still without a sitter so I've decided to sleep while Charli is asleep and then go back to bed once my Mom gets home from work. My Dad was home today and wanted to spend some "Pa & Charli" time together so it worked out almost perfect. When they got home they were both so excited about playing at the park, going to the lake, putting their feet in the cold water, getting a happy meal and she got a DR PEPPER! She was so thrilled over this! If you were to ask why, her answer would be "because it makes me wild!"

We headed to big ole' Bowling Green for the afternoon to pick up a birthday cake and to let her pick out a toy at Toys R Us. She ended up picking out a baby and a high chair to put him in so that spent her birthday money that was given at the party. By the way... when we got baby boy out of the box, I noticed that he has a ..uhm, willy wonka. WHAT?! That is craziness. I thought about snatching him away once she went to sleep because it is creeping me the heck out!
bahaha.Anyways, we ended up at the mall to ride the carousel (which I hate a long with Chuck E. Cheese - a.k.a the devil, but it's her day right?!) she princess waved the entire time with a huge smile on her face. I loved walking through the mall hand in hand with her. She was so excited about it being her birthday. We stopped for cookies, which turned my fingers and tongue blue and also gave her a blue mustache. So funny. She hated them after I told her how dirty they were making her. So off we went again...We then headed back to the ville' to have Mexican which is her favorite. We ended up having 13 people to come eat with us, and she loved being able to show off in front of everyone rather than eating. Silly girl.Our family decided to have cake and open presents on our Maw's back porch since the weather in Kentucky has been so beautiful lately. Although, it was pretty warm today for the Spring season, I believe the high was 87. So our cake icing started to melt by the time that we got to it! Opps!Now it's time to figure out where all of the new toys and clothes are going to go!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Four years ago today...

I held the love of my life in my arms for the very first time. I went from a child to a Mother in what seems like seconds now. My life was forever changed, in which I am so very thankful and blessed for.
Charli Elizabeth Grace
3:14 p.m.
4.2 lbs
17 1/4 inches

Dear C.B.

After four years I still cannot believe that I am a Mommy to such a little princess. You amaze me daily with just how beautiful that you are. You have the funniest little personality that everyone loves to be around, although you also have your spit fire attitude. Most people say that we are just alike, and are starting to look more and more alike everyday.

You will be starting preschool this year! You are already overly excited about this, and I hope that you continue to love school throughout your education career. We do "home school" whenever we can at home, but we all know that Momma is not the best teacher. You can now write several letters (E,H,I,N,C,B,L,O,T) you can count like no other, know your complete address minus the zip code, and so many more things that would take hours to tell you about.

You have been going to ballet classes for the last 9 months and will have a big recital for our family to attend at the end of this month. You cannot wait to show off your dance moves, dress fancy and wear make up. That is your favorite thing these days is putting on make up with me while I am getting ready for work. You truly are my little "Fancy Nancy" - which is also your favorite books for me to read.

The swimming lessons that you participated in were only four weeks long and went by really quick. You still hate having you face in the water and think that water will burn your eyes if I get them wet while washing your hair. {Honestly, I hope you grow out of that soon!} Other than that, you did an amazing job swimming! Your first soccer practice was last week and I felt like you were so old! You looked like an 8 year old out there running on the field and kicking the ball. I hope that you continue loving sports but from the way it looks right now you are only concerned about being a cheerleader or a cowgirl! Which I know nothing about.

You are my everything Charli Beth, and I cannot describe how blessed that I feel to be your Mother. The past four years have been so amazing, you will never understand how much happiness and love that you bring into my heart and to our family. You are not only my daughter but you are also my "best friend forever." I am forever thankful for you.

Happy 4th birthday Honey!

I love you,

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