Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our 2011 in Review

2011 was simply the most amazing year of my life. I can never imagine a year filled with anymore blessings and wonderful things than this year has been. I grew more as a person and Mother this year than any other year thus far. I thank the Lord for putting me through the trials a tribulations that I have overcame in my past to get me right into these moments of pure happiness.

For starters, I went on the first date with the love of my life, best friend, now husband on I believe January 6. It was truly amazing how quickly we "hit it" off. I remember asking girls on twitter how it was even possible to "fall" for someone in two weeks...many girls assured me that it can happen and in fact happened to them as well. So there is where our love story began; that one late night at Denny's (of all places,) where I hardly spoke, he talked a whole whole lot, asked for a awkward hug, and drove home in the snow.

Also in January I had my first blogger meet up with Jessica in Nashville and enjoyed time with her and her adorable kiddos!

We took a weekend getaway in March to Chattanooga, TN and also a trip with Gunner to Atlanta, GA to a dentist for some work on his teeth. We found out that we were expecting baby H on March 13 and told our families on the 16th. I could not have been more surprised or excited on March 18th when Curtis proposed to me on his family farm.

We excitedly celebrated Charli Beth's 5th birthday princess style and went all out for her party. She also started playing softball in April for her very first year on the Yellow Jackets and absolutely loved playing with all of her friends! Her team eventually won third place over all in the tournament in July, which was a huge accomplishment for these girls.

Curtis and I found out that we were having a baby boy at our gender reveal party with our family at the end of May. It was so much fun being able to find out that Bryar was indeed a boy with all of our family members together. Curtis and I celebrated his 27th birthday together having dinner with his family and spending our last few days as a fiances.

Charli attended the YMCA day camp and loved it at first but then started to quickly hate going since she wasn't necessarily "big" enough to do a lot of the fun things. We got ready for our big day with lots of practice at our wedding rehearsal. Curtis and I were married on June 11, 2011 and had the most amazing country wedding all thanks to our parents and family friends. We were so blessed for all of the work and wonderful support that they gave to us during the most precious time of our lives. After our wedding we went on our Honeymoon to Hilton Head, SC.

We picked out a boy name for Baby H after a lot of begging and pleading from me to Curtis whenever I was 22 weeks. Charli had her first day of Kindergarten at the beginning of August and absolutely loved it - and thankfully she still does. We took Charli fishing as a family for the first time and had a blast doing so.

I then started having pregnancy issues once again at 27 weeks and was put on bed rest but was able to continue working. At 28 weeks I was put on strict bed rest since I was already dilated to 2, which really hit us all hard and was a very scary time for us all. Especially with Curtis being out of town for training. I spent my 24th birthday laid up in bed, having a small dinner with my in laws at their home next door and on the phone with my family because my sister suddenly started having pregnancy complications which also brought my handsome nephew Trace into the world! It will be so fun sharing my birthday with my little nephew each year! Trace was 7 weeks early and spent around two weeks in the NICU before coming home to join his Mommy & Daddy.

Our families threw us a baby shower for Bryar Wayne on September 24th and we celebrated the cowboy way. Thankfully, Bryar and I the ultimate duo made it another 6 weeks before he was born 6 weeks early on October 5, at 2:03 weighing 4 lbs and 4 oz. We spent three weeks in the NICU with him before being able to bring our little man home.

On Halloween, I had my first outing with both children to my grandparents for our annual Halloween get together. Charli Beth dressed up as a pink Bat Girl, and was the cutest most spunky five year old in the world, and Bryar was the tiniest little baby that couldn't fit into a costume. We were so blessed at Thanksgiving to be able to spend our Holiday at home with all of our family members.

I was offered a new job on December 13 and my entire family is still excited for me to start this new journey in 2012. We have spent December making new memories and new traditions for the years to come for our family.

Last year at Christmas Charli Beth asked Santa to bring me a diamond ring, little did we know that 2011 was going to be the most exciting year for the both of us. I got the ring, husband, best friend and Father for my children that I have always wanted and that they deserve. We were blessed beyond belief with the births of two new baby boys in our family and are completely grateful that they are both now healthy and well on their way to becoming little chunksters. I cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for my family. I pray that it is nothing but wonderful moments, and full of memories to be made.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

CHRISTmas 2012

This Christmas was the best ever {minus the year that I was 8 and received my first shotgun}, I absolutely loved having so many families to share the holiday with and watching Charli be more excited than I have ever seen her while opening gifts. I believe each year becomes more and more exciting for her, I cannot wait to experience that with Bryar too.
Christmas Eve night we went next door to Curtis' Parent's home, to eat dinner and open gifts from one another. Which was so fun and I loved all of the things that they were so kind to get all of us! Whenever we headed home, we all went back outside to leave Rudolph and the other reindeer some food and hay. Charli decided that she wanted between our houses so that the reindeer would have a nice open spot to land - sweet girl and good thinking!
After the food was out, Charli thought she seen a red glow race across the sky and ran back inside screaming that she must go to bed because they were very close. So we headed in and layed out cookies & milk (which I sadly forgot to get a photo of, but Santa ate them way to quickly) we read "The New Born King" (yes a $1 book from dollar general store) and tucked her in tightly, and she told us that she would not get up if she heard any noises because all of her toys would disappear if Santa seen her peeking in.
Curtis and I stayed up for a while afterwards and put together the doll house, barbie vet care station and pulled out toys left and right. I sent Curtis on to bed so that I could get out his fishing pole and hang our stockings since I was surprisingly giving him fishing equipment (I fuss at him for going..yep, I am that wife.)
Once everything was situated and ready for Charli to see in the morning, Bryar and I headed to bed as well. Bryar and I were up and down a couple of times through the night but every time Charli Beth was still snugged tight sleeping away. Around 7:30 Christmas morning we heard "Mommy, Daddy can I get up yet?" and all we could do was laugh because she was afraid to get out of the bed in case her toys disappeared.

When we arrived in the living room this is the look that she gave me while yelling "Holy Moly, Santa left me a lot." - silly girl!

Curtis and Charli opened gifts while Bryar took all of the excitement in eating and chilling in Momma's lap.
Charli then had to give Daddy kisses for all of the wonderful gifts that she had received.
Every time, I look at this picture I am pretty sure that it takes my breathe with how beautiful my girl truly is.
After opening gifts we headed back over to my in laws for breakfast, spending time with more family members and opening more gifts from one another.

Once again Bryar and I took all of the excitement in by rocking and eating. This boy seems to not be able to get enough of cuddling, eating and sleeping.
Someone was oh so sweet and gave Charli a flute... need I say more?
Later in the afternoon we joined my parents at their home with my sister and her family to open gifts from one another then we went to my grandparents for our last family function of the night.
Before we left we had to make sure that we got all three cousins together for a photo in their Rudolph shirts. As you can see Charli Beth was struggling holding these two babies up, but she truly thought she was tough stuff doing it!
Even though it was a busy Christmas weekend it was an amazing one. We were blessed in more ways than we could ever imagine being safe, healthy and surrounded with family members on Jesus' birthday.

My sister Ashley and Alex were also engaged this weekend!! Congrats to them and baby Trace! Alex is already a family member to us all but we cannot wait to watch them grow old together as Husband and Wife. They are both wonderful souls and deserve one another more than anything.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Polar Express - SUV

On Friday after we had a family dinner at Red Lobster we came home for a surprise for Charli Beth. We hid a golden ticket in her bed under butter cup her horse, since she always snuggles up to her first thing. I had been telling CB that anytime that she finds her ticket to come running to me with it and I would have her a surprise but she must be a good girl all day.
As she came through the kitchen doors I handed her a to go cup of hot chocolate and Daddy one to of course and out there door we all went with Bryar in tow to look for Christmas lights.
But boy are people scrooges anymore. I remember as a kid seeing Christmas lights at almost every home that we would pass by now they are few and far to come by.

Eventually we found the mother-load of all lights....

With Bryar crying, Charli Beth getting sleepy we ended our Polar Express adventure here and headed home. It wasn't much, but it was a fun little outing for us and she enjoyed it very much being that she is still trying to get me to hid her ticket so we can go on another adventure. Sadly, Momma is out of adventures until next Christmas!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Baking Day

Please do not mind my no make up and crazy hair day ;)
This year Charli Beth, my Mom and I had a baking day to make goodies for Christmas Eve and Day. We had red velvet cake balls and even turned some into reindeer, we also made ooey gooey chocolate cookies, red velvet cake/cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies as well.
It was so much fun spending time with this little ham and my Mom, making memories in my very messy kitchen.
Charli got a little crazy at times, and even cracked egg by squeezing it every where. But it made it even more fun!
But then she got a little bored so we started making the reindeer in which she just wanted to eat the "mess ups." Most of them turned out pretty silly looking but they were a cute idea for us to take to some of the family get togethers that we had coming up.
Mr. Bryar Wayne just thought that he would nap throughout the entire baking session. We borrowed this swing from one of Curtis' friends and he absolutely adores it. We should of invested in a swing a long time ago, but little buddy is still even small for it being that we have to use blankets to hold up his little head.

I hope that our baking day can continue to be one of our traditions that Charli and I can share together as a Mommy/Daughter duo. (I'm pretty sure that B will not enjoy this at all but if he does that of course we will let him in on the fun as well.)

Monday, December 26, 2011

2 Months Post NICU

Yesterday, the 25th was two months since the day that we brought Bryar home from the NICU. Each week and month that has passed by continues to amaze me at the fact that he is already here, and that we are a family of four now. It is amazing to also see the progress that this little man has made, and all that he will continue to make. In no time, we will be seeing him turning a year, and then a year since we left the NICU. My how times fly...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Little Man Syndrome

So my little Bryar man has this deal where he will not smile, what-so-ever. He just sits looking at us with his eyes huge like we are the craziest people ever (and spit up all over my face when I hold him above me.) It is so funny to watch him make his eyes bigger and bigger at us, while breathing really fast - which is his way of letting us know he is excited, I assume. Although, I know in no time he will be smiling, giggling, rolling over, crawling, walking...and the list goes on. But for now, I will let my little man look all tough and be intimidating with his hands made into little fists. I'm pretty sure that Chuck Norris would even be scared of this little tough guy ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I took this photo of the kids before we left to go see Santa. I hope to always be able to get a picture of them in front of our tree. We do have a real tree this year, which I absolutely love. We pretty much let Charli have fun decorating our tree this year! She had a blast doing so, and even if it a Charlie Brown tree we're pretty fond of it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Blessings come in all shapes, sizes, forms or fashions for all of us. I know that I have personally been blessed in more ways that I could ever imagine. Although, just this last week I was blessed with not only a friendly smile, polite people, but a new job opportunity was offered to me!

As all of you know this is something that I have been praying for. As of December 31st I will no longer work for the 911 center that I have been at for the last several years. It is almost bittersweet to think that I will no longer be the first line of connection to someone in need of help, or that I will not be working with the co-workers that I do enjoy working with. But this position is a day shift, no weekends or holidays and is also in the county that I am now living in. It is simply amazing to even think about this new position. I will NOT know what to do with myself nor will my family! But for now I will keep counting down my 12 days until I am no longer on this second shift.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Friday night we took the kiddos to see the Santa at the mall, and I was very much so fearing that Charli was going to notice that he was very different looking than the Santa that she had seen at her school earlier. Thankfully, she didn't skip a beat and never mentioned anything about it.

The little boy in front of us was screaming, crying and trying to get away whenever they snapped his photo! I couldn't help but to giggle and think of how fun it will be whenever Bryar starts doing this. Those photos makes the best Santa pictures! ha.

Santa: "What would you like for me to bring you on Christmas morning?"
Charli: "A horse."
Santa: ....very funny look .... "I am hoping this is a toy horse?!"
Charli: "Yea, I guess. A toy will do."

Thank goodness!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give some - Get Some.

So lets be honest for a minute and just say that marriage is, hard work, difficult, frustrating but worth every.single.bit of the work that goes into it. No, I am not an expert by any means especially due to the fact that I have now been married for only 6 months and 3 days. But this year we have went through a lot together. A lot of ups and a lot of downs, but I swear to you I have never loved this man more than I do in this moment.

We have struggled, heck we still struggle but we know to always love one another. (This is what counts at the end of the day.) No marriage is perfect but how can it be whenever you are taking two people who have always lived their lives "their" way and are clashing them together. After you go through the "honeymoon" phase you are then trying to make your life work in the exact routine of the other persons, no matter if it is not the same as yours.

It is hard work even if it is a simple tasks as doing the laundry the same. But the point is you must give a little to get a little out of a marriage (no pun intended...) I think this has been one of my biggest faults throughout the beginning of our marriage - not being able to do everything my way.

I always thought that being married to a Police Officer would be an easy task, being that I have been around them constantly at work for the past four years. But to say it simply, I was completely wrong. (Do not get used to hearing those words come from me though) I thought that I would understand the late nights, the long hours, the stressful calls, but I do not whenever it comes to the love of my life, my best friend. Maybe this is me being selfish? I am not sure. I never really got that I was having a hard time with this until now since Bryar has been born. I need him more than ever and I need him safe. But I know that he loves his career and he puts a ton of pride into what he does and I am so proud of the things that Gunner and him accomplish each night. So this my friends is me saying it "loudly & proudly" that I will stop being selfish and will start giving a little more than need be because this is what makes a good marriage work (as well as surrounding your marriage with the Lord of course.)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Breast Feeding

I never really thought that I would be the Mom to put all of my worries and woes out there for everyone to read but this topic is a must be simply because it's frustrating yet rewarding all at the same time.

I was not able to breast feed Charli Beth, I'm not exactly sure why but my milk never came in and I honestly did not try that hard to do. But this time I was determined to give it a good try to say the least. I had a feeling from day one that Bryar would be born early just like Charli Beth was, so of course I knew this was the best option for the babies health. I read a book that my sister let me borrow called "So That's What They're For." It's witty, cute but intelligent all at the same time. It really helped with the comfort of being okay with breast feeding in public even if you get the goofy stares (Honestly, Friday was the first time that I have bf'd Bryar in public. It went smooth, and I was even covering us with a blanket.) It also helps with positioning which I had no idea anything about.Being that premature babies have a had time eating, digesting food and latching on if breast feeding. I had tons of help in the NICU and also help from a lactation nurse afterward. We did have to supplement the little guy with formula at first because the NICU Doctor ordered for him to be set at 25 mls of milk, and ladies lets just say that at first I was getting around 3-5. It was be honest it still is.

They continued increasing the amounts of feedings for him and I was slowly making my way to getting to what he needed. But because of these fast increases Bryar took a few steps back and they had to start tubing us feedings as well decreasing the amount by quite a bit. This helped us both out tremendously. Whenever he was getting the tube feedings, I would do skin to skin time with him which seemed to help my milk come in somewhat better. Not to mention, we both loved this cuddle time.

Around a week after leaving the NICU we went to see a lactation nurse because even after taking Fenugreek (3 3 times a day) I still did not feel like I was producing enough for him. But after doing weighed feedings and her helping with a latch (which he did all on his own at this point) she helped me with being confident that I was producing enough for him but just enough. I sadly cannot "get ahead" in my supply for him. We nursed every feeding up until time for me to come back to work and now he is taking bottles of 2 1/2 - 3 oz of BM that I pump for him while I am at work. He is still varying on his eating being that he still gets tired very easily. But once I return home and nurse him he stills seems to be content with what he is getting from me as well. Although, It still seems that I am only getting exactly what I need for him. I do use a medela symphony pump that we are renting from a health care company, but am ready to quit paying the extra charges and use my Ameda purely yours pump. I have also tried taking Reglan but did not see any changes so I quit putting my body through taking one more pill, because there is nothing I hate taking more than pills. I am still continuing to take the Fenugreek, 3 3 times a day, even though it makes my pee smell like maple syrup (no lie ladies) I do truly think it does help out.

Thankfully, my sister is breast feeding as well and has been more help than I could ever imagine. Not only has she helped with supply but to talk to about the stresses of the roller coaster life of being a breast feeding Mom. I want to continue to breast feed Bryar as long as I can but I am making monthly goals and taking this all day by day. I have faced the fact that I am only one woman and can only do so much. If I can't pump good then I may just have to supplement, but I do not want to have to do that. I want to continue to give this 100% effort.

What has seemed to help you out the most with nursing, pumping, building your supply up, etc?

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Bryar and Trace are only three weeks and two days apart and just after a week of Trace leaving the NICU Bryar was heading in. These baby boys are going to be so close as they grow up that it just tickles my heart to think about it. We haven't been able to get them together as much as we like because of them both being early and us not leaving the house that much but every occasion that we are together I always try to snap their photo for the years to come. But until all of the fun starts I will continue to snap their pictures as they lay their sleeping, like good little babes.

Little Mother Hen Charli Beth loves it whenever baby Trace stops by the house or her Nana's because she thinks that she is getting to "babysit" him for whatever reason. She is not only the great big sister that I had mentioned but a great big cousin as well (minus that huge stain on her shirt. ha)

B's favorite "Whatcha lookin' at lady?" face

Right before his first synagis shot on Friday. (Thank goodness that we got our insurance to approve these shots!) He already even looks like he knows he is getting it and is mad. Bless his heart, he turned blood red and screamed until I was able to pick him up. He did the exact thing with his two months shots as well. I was a bad Mommy and forgot to get a photo though!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho - Off To Work I Go!

Last Saturday I started back to work, and if you cannot tell by looking at the pictures I was a complete hot mess going back. You may not know or remember but I have been off from work since the end of August and have really gotten spoiled to my nights at home with my family. Being able to have dinner, give Charli a bath, brush her hair/teeth, read bed time books and pray has been something that I have always cherished. I think that over all I just really never knew how wonderful it was to be able to do these things since I have been working second shift for so long. But being grown up is hard sometimes, and sometimes we have to do things that we do not want to do in the least little bit. So off I went....

I held in the tears as I was handing Bryar off to his MiMi and packed Charli up to go stay with her Nana. Just knowing that I was not going to be there for the children during the times of the day that they really need me just broke my heart. I am sure that all of you can relate.

It may sound funny but just being able to pump for him help my day not only go by quicker but it made it a lot easier for me because I knew I was still helping my boy out. As for Charli, she was with our family going to the town Christmas parade and having a get together afterward so I knew that she was totally fine with her Dear ol' Momma around!

I am now on my two days off and thanking the Heavens for it too! I cuddled Bryar in bed until almost one today just because I missed him. Charli Beth and I have belly laughed so very much today. Ah, I have missed my family and will continue to.Please do not pay attention to my dirty house, like I said I was a mess and throwing things everywhere just to get out of the door!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Charli Beth Updates

Charli Beth has been the best little Momma wanna be big Sister, ever. She has simply amazed us all with how well that she has taken all of the new changes in her little life this year, especially the big one of becoming a sister and sharing everyone's attention. I am just thinking God that we have this nice age span difference of five years between our two children. I think that it helps so very much for our family.

She is still enjoying school very much so and has learned to write her last name recently. Just a few days after bringing Bryar home, I had a parent teacher conference and Mrs. Gray seemed to have nothing but wonderful words to say about Charli. She said that she was even very impressed with how well she had been with me being on bed rest as well as the birth of B and the nicu stay. I was so proud of Charli and to know all of the things that she has accomplished in the past few months!For Halloween Charli wanted to be Bat Girl because her Daddy and her watch the Old Batman movie -- eek! So we didn't dress her up in a poofy little princess costume this year or anything custom made, my Mom took her and let her pink out exactly what she wanted and boy did she find it! Charli Beth thought she was the cutest thing to ever hit our little Kentucky town strutting around and flying off to trick-or-treat. She didn't want to trick-or-treat for very long, because she wanted to hand out candy. This seems to be a yearly tradition for her now!

We are very proud of her and like I said before I cannot tell you how proud I am of the big sister she has been to Bryar (except when he pees on me, she runs off screaming...major girly girl!)Fancy Nancy for her schools favorite story book character day!

Charli Beth heard Bryar crying one night that Curtis was gone for training for she got up to help me out. haha, look at the little old man looking babe that she is holding!

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