Saturday, August 31, 2013


It seems as if I have failed my blogging life once again. Every week I think to myself how I am going to do so much better. Then reality hits. I watch 3 other kids each day, 5 in total but they swap up days. Curtis works until 7:30 through the week and ball games along with church have taken over our weekly life. Mommy time is non existent at the moment.

So I continue to post my random shots on IG until I can recap on the weekend. 

Charli girl goes out every morning still before school to feed her horse. She typically is running across the yard on the way back because she is late. But on the way down she drags her little booty across the yard. I bet she gives a good laugh to all of the passer bys with her boots and Jammies. 

Bryar is a complete toddler random mess lately. Especially at public places and the ball field. He is so use to being able to roam himself and does not like being held up. This week I realized that a hot dog and sucker does the trick just fine to help him cheer on his big sis! 

B stole my ramen noodles and when I looked back down, my bowl became his hat. Thankfully, the bowl was empty.

In a few weeks our couple Sunday School class is going to start Sex and Money by Paul David Tripp. I've decided to attend the Wednesday classes too. I've always wanted to attend a class by this couple on Wednesdays so I figured a double dose wouldn't hurt. Not to mention, Paul David Tripp's book are typically very impressive. 

B loves to play ball with Charli and I. But most of all he loves wearing her helmet.

My big boy is really growing up. He hates sitting in his high chair lately but muffins are way to messy without sitting. He has really grew in height and his speech is starting to improve. I've really worried over that and the fight of when his buddy (paci) needs to be taken away. I know I may should of already but to be honest the time just isn't now for us. It's amazing to think that he will be two in a little ovens month. 

Hopefully, my blogging time will get better this week due to the holiday. But if not I will recap over the weekend, again. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

We Bought A Potty!

Bryar has been using the potty at different times. They have always been at the very last minute when he needs to go #2. He has always had a horrible time trying to go, so it makes it a lot easier to pick up the ques and ask. 

In the past few weeks he has been asking to go. Then in the last few days he has started grabbing his diaper at random times and saying, "potty." Which sort of kind of baffles me. I've always heard that boys are so much harder to potty train. 

Not that I do not think this will be a hard task. Because I know it will be. Potty training is just hard work and to say it nicely, it sucks. 

B has already become obsessed with toilet paper. I assume he has watched me a quad-zillion times so he automatically thinks he needs toilet paper as soon as he sits. 

I'm not really pushing the issue of training at all. It's still early to me, and I would rather wait then push him away. I must admit that it did take bribery for my stubborn girl but I hope this approach with my strong willed yet independent boy is much different. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

PBR - Nashville, TN

This weekend we left the kids behind and had a night out in Nashville for the PBR Jack Daniels Event. We are pretty much avid fans of bull riding. I cannot tell you how many nights I've had to stay up late to keep up to date with some of my favorites. My gracious it's hilarious how times change because I could of cared less before Curtis and I met. 

The show was overall fairly good. The riders were not at their best but Flint made a pretty great show out of it all. My favorite things to watch are the bullfighters. If takes so much courage to save the riders from getting hurt. Thankfully, Frank Newsome gave us a good show too. 

After the event was over we went to the saloon that was holding the PBR after party. I was really hoping to meet a few of the guys but only two that I really don't not know came by. So we left and headed back to Kentucky. 

Hopefully next year my favorites will be back up top and we can attend again. 

8 Years Later

Every year on this date I take the time to write this post. It's the post that I probably look forward to the most each year. But probably the post that people wonder why I still write. It will be a never ending anniversary one. Some people are able to forget certain dates. But sadly I am not one of those people. I remember them so vividly,sometimes they haunt me to the core and others they overly bless me. 

Eight years ago my life was dramatically changed by a car accident. Not an accident that could of been avoided but one that I truly believe was placed into my life to rock me. I had recently moved into my dorm and was overly ecstatic about starting my first year as a freshmen at WKU. I had been living in my dorm for a week and had made some lifetime friends. 

I had to go have a few car issues taken car of in my hometown so two friends volunteered to make the trip with me. Only one {Cameron} was up and ready to go with me when it was time to leave out. He and I left out then headed towards my  home. It rained most of the day and it seemed to take forever for my car to get fixed. I can remember calling my parents fussing at how long it was taking. We waited anxiously then finally it was time to pick it up.  As we headed back into Bowling Green, the sun was finally shining and I was prepare to get back to my dorm. 

My seatbelt in my maxima that moved up and down with door opening was rubbing my neck. So I clicked it off. Just as I clicked it off, my friend Cameron chuckled and said, "That wheelchair is going to be so much more uncomfortable..."

Ha. Whatever. 

A half of a mile down the road, we came to curve that everyone hated. It seemed out of nowhere that we were being hit so hard that I could not feel anything but could hear my screams and the car crunching around me. Within a matter of seconds I remember hitting the pavement and rolling until I felt grass on the side of my face. I laid there wondering if I was dead. Then I could hear the screams of others.

I stood up and could see 3 elderly lasting running down a hill with looks of terror. Then it hit me. Cameron. I must of killed him. He wasn't there beside me and must be in the car. I took off running towards my vehicle that was completely in half screaming his name. As I stood behind my car I could see him turn around and tell me I was ok. 

From that moment my adrenaline dropped and I lost consciousness. At some point later I remember a man telling me that he was a firefighter and was there to help me until someone arrived. He continuously asked me my address, name and other questions to keep me awake. But I so tired. My body just couldn't keep up but I remember every moment. 

I remember being told that I was going to be flown to a hospital in Nashville for a possible brain injury. All I could think about was if Cameron was ok. The EMS crew told me that he was going to be checked out but was completely ok. I was fine but I just needed my family to know that I was fine. But I was so tired. 

There were so many moments that I opened my eyes and could see people surrounding me. But I just couldn't speak the words to say how ok I really was. When we arrived at Vanderbilt I was rushed into a room with more lights than my eyes could bare at the time. 

Within what to seemed moments my Mother and sister were in the room with me. The look on my Mom's face is a look that would haunt any child. The look of blessed, but so scared and extreme thankfulness was written all over her. I feel as if I wear this very look every day of my life now. I was released within hours and was only diagnosed with a concussion, small fracture under my eye, a few stitches by the same eye and a terrible case of road rash.

Every year this date rocks me to my core. It shakes me and continues to mold and remind me how grateful to be for each moment. I was 5 weeks pregnant with Charli Beth at this time and even though I was completely clueless this event changed my life. I now understand that He was not finished with my life. I am unimaginably blessed with the life He has laid out for me. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Insta-Saturday! {late}

We have had a completely low key week. Charli started ball games on Wednesday night and then played again on Thursday.  We practically stayed home all week and caught up on a lot of rest that I have try desperately been needing. Then again, I am pretty sure that I could still spend days sleeping at this point. 

On Saturday my Mom and I spent time together putting up corn. I have truly never realized how non-stressful  this process is. I could easily go by 12 dozen more, sit down with my pampered chef tool and go to work for hours.

Since we had made a trip to the Habegger Amish Market we had fried okra and green tomatoes twice for dinner. I literally just could not help myself  stay away from this fried goodness. 

Every morning before school Charli has to feed get horse. It teaches her responsibility and she has been great at this task. One morning this week she was gone for a very long time. As she walked in the door she apologized for taking so long and handed me a bundle if green beans. It literally cracked me up but was so sweet too. 

I almost had a heart attack when Bryar asked to go to bed at nap time. He then played in his bed until he fell asleep. This has not happened in many months and just like I stated, it will never happen again. This boy is so stubborn and obviously so spoiled. 

But gracious, isn't he cute? While I was cleaning he found Curtis' k9 hat. When he put it on he said "cheese!" I assume this is a sign that I take to many pictures of my kiddos! 

This week we have experienced 3 days of fall like temperatures. That is 3 days of Heaven on Earth to me. I am even more excited about Fall now. 

Bryar loves looking at his favorite picture book or at flash cards on the iPad. He loves to take it all in. Even though he can only pronounce few words, I we say an item he can usually point to the correct one. 

Another "Cheese!" picture to melt your hearts until next Saturday! 

Want to join in on Insta-Saturday with me? I would love to have a linkup made if anyone else is interested. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Pink Machines

Charli Beth has started another season of softball. We decided during Summer season that it was time to move up and learn a little more about competition. 

We have once again joined a new team. The coach went to high school with Curtis so it was nice to make that connection. Their team is called The Pink Machines. 

Charli's throwing has really improved since Summer ball. I mean dramatically improved even though we failed as parents with practicing with her as much as we could. {To be honest, our free time was spent with Ranger.} She has always been a consistent hitter. But her swing has improved as well. Swinging hard is something with her hitting that we have always tried to work with her on. I suppose all of the scooping in the barn has made her little muscles grow a little stronger! The major thing we are struggling with this season is her attention span. If Charli is not in an active position, she gets bored very easily.

The Pink Machines have played two games this week. Both games were huge loses; 18-3 & 19-7. As hard as it is for my competitive nature, I am just so glad that she is just as proud that she played her best! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Take Time To Inspire.

The best of sermons have been lived, not just preached

When I first heard this quote, there were so many people that came to my mind. Some are people that I have known for as long as I can remember, and some I have recently just met. I can honestly say that the best leaders, parents, preachers, and supervisors lead best by example. I work hard a lot at trying to lead the best life for my family. I also fail a lot too. It is mainly just apart of parenting and human nature. But thankfully, we are given a new day to try again. My Mom has given me the power to be the Mother that I am because she lead a life of love for me. 

The pastors in my life preach a new sermon to me every Sunday morning. It is amazing to listen to God's word. It makes it even more amazing to sit in a pew looking around and thinking how humble, Christ like and wonderful the people are sitting around you.

It does not take just one person to inspire your life for the better. Just like it takes an entire community to raise a child. We are each here to inspire and bring up one another on a daily basis. Are you being the best of you? Are you taking the time out of your day to let someone know how thankful for them you are? I know that I personally need to do better. 

It is never to late to thank someone that has inspired your life too. Life is to short to let someone leave your life without knowing the impact they have made on you. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


It may be easy to tell but I love taking pictures of the littles. They grow and change so much and I love to capture the moments we share. So I thought that I would start trying to post our Insta-pictures one day a week to keep up! 

Snuggle time with Bryar last night before bed while watching Rio. 

Anytime Bryar wakes up in the morning, he always has the funniest cases of bed head.

The night before school we met my Mom at our favorite Boyce store for an ice cream treat. Bryar has a serious sweets addiction, just like his Daddy. He practically chased CB down until he got a bite of her ice cream. 

On Tuesday, I was not keeping kids so I decided to take the kids to play at the park and have a picnic lunch. It was such an icky day so we had to hurry before the rain set it. I just love how Charli is holding Bryar's hand in the picture below. She is always such the great little helper. 

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Friday, August 9, 2013

First Day of Second Grade

It literally feels like yesterday that I laid in bed with my tiny sweet Charli. I snuggled her knowing that no longer would she be all mine. Because she would impact so many hearts of her teachers throughout the years. It is a wonderful thing to watch your children grow, but it is also one of the most bittersweet things I have ever endured. On the first day of preschool, I pulled myself together and I did not shed one tear until I watched her grab her best friends hand and walk into class. From there until the time I picked her up, I worried, I cried, and I smiled at what a big girl she had become. 

Just as I tell parents that are heading back to work after their new baby is born, "it gets easier." Each day does and especially each year. The milestones of reading and the sweet songs to remember things by turn your sadness into a feeling of accomplishment. 

Yesterday, when I told my girl goodbye I reminded her how quickly time flies by - because literally it was just yesterday! But I also reminded her to do well in class, and make a new friend. By the time she got off the bus, one friend is what she needed to accomplish for her first day, and she did just that.

I am pretty sure that I love this years outfit more than words can describe. It's cute, sassy and oh so true! 

This year on her first day of school 8-8-13 Charli Beth is:

-7 years old
-42 lbs
-44 in
-Her favorite color is blue.
-Her favorite food is okra or turnip greens (it's for real y'all, my girl doesn't mess around with her veggies.)
- When she grows up she wants to be the, "greatest cowgirl ever!"

Charli picked out her own backpack and lunchbox this year. She could not have been more excited when it arrived. She has to show everyone possible, that she has a barrel racer on them. Camo though? That one slightly surprised me for her.

My Mom was thankfully able to take Charli Beth to school to capture a few extra pictures for me. I am sure it was pure sweetness for her to be able to watch Charli walk in. She said that Charli started interacting with another girl as soon as she got there.  

This year her teacher is a Mom of one of her friends. She is a former 6th grade teacher that has transferred to 2nd grade. I figured she may need some extra luck, so I may her a pencil bouquet. It was super easy to make but I do suggest that you do the pencils in an up and down pattern if you choose this gift to make. {Glue the pencils to a soup can. }

I am a sucker for comparison pictures of Charli throughout the years. It almost makes my heart sink at how much she has grown, and how much she still looks like her preschool self. 

I pray this year is full of lots of learning, memories and many new friends for Charli Beth. I am anxious to see the accomplishments and tasks that she will achieve in this school year! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tooth #2 is finally gone!

On Saturday the 2nd after our long day of shopping and ball games Charli finally lost her second tooth. We have spent many nights working on this little baby. The "grown up tooth" came through the back while we were on vacation. We knew after it popped through that it was a must that the baby come out. 

Once this happens, the front of the tooth is left with roots intact. It truly isn't a fun process but after a lot of convincing and time wiggling it feel out. 

The tooth fairy left Miss Charli $2. What a lucky girl! She says that she is saving money for a rodeo entry. So after loosing all of her teeth, maybe she will have enough! 

Her top front teeth are loose but nowhere ready. We are just behind the clock a little bit in loosing them, which is totally ok because this means she will stay little longer, right? 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Shop Til' Ya Drop!

Shop til' ya drop use to just be a funny little phrase...until I got old. Now it's very real after a full day of shopping and night of a baseball game where you chase a 22 month old up and down the stairs fifty billion times. Although, even though I was exhausted it was a more than fantastic day spending time with Charli and my Mom. 

We spent the day shopping for back to school/tax free deals at Opry Mills. When it was time for lunch, we checked in at rainforest cafe. But knowing that we had a Hot Rods ball game to attend at 7, our wait was going to be more than 2 hours. {Ridiculous.} So we left, and decided to drive the extra miles to go to Loveless Cafe. My Mom has been several times but CB and I have not. 

Our wait was about an hour long but totally worth it. We visited each little shop and took plenty of photos. It cracks me up that anytime we do pictures now Charli yells "hips!!" 

The food was honestly more than great and the atmosphere was even better. 

But you know me, if there is great food and hospitality I am all for it! I hope to visit Loveless Cafe again soon and let Curtis try it out. It has really baffled me at the amount of people in our area that has never heard of the famous Loveless Cafe.  

When we returned home, we headed straight for the ball game. By 9:45 and to many times to count up and down the stairs I was ready to call it a night. 

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