Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 years ago

5 years ago the Lord decided to keep me here on earth to become a Mother and continue being a daugther, sister and friend. For this I am so very thankful, because I can actually say that I am one of the lucky ones.

On this day in 2005, I never realized that I would be life flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville due to an accident that would actually change my life forever. I took my seat belt off, a mile before this accident happened, because it was rubbing neck. I now wear my seat belt daily no matter what. My car was split in half by the impact of an suv, and since I was cowardly enough to remove my belt, I was thrown out with the back half of my vehicle. The first half of my vehicle stopped on the left side of the road in a fence, I was on the right laying in a church yard and the back half stayed where the impact took place.

I remember the day like it was yesterday from the words that I said when the impact took place, flying out of my car and wondering if I was still alive, to landing on top of Vandy. The look in the paramedics eyes, the firemen that kept me awake until ems arrived, the women screaming and running because they knew "someone was just killed." I remember the look on my Mother and Sister's face and the tears that they shed standing over the bed.

I had road rash, two black eyes, a few stitches but zero internal injuries.

One thing we didn't know and found out a month later is - I was pregnant and the baby was just fine.

If you do not believe there is a God, this should make you think twice about that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you really knew me

I am joining in on the MTV idea of "If you really knew me." I have watched this show on a few different occasions, although for the most part I try to stay away from most of the MTV shows. This show kind of breaks my heart for some of these teenagers that feel so lost in the high school world that they are in.

Cliques are such a horrible part of high school, I am sure that I can get an amen out of that! I am thankful that our class did not have a horrible time with them, everyone spoke to everyone.

Since I hardly ever write about my fabulous self on my blog I figured that I would copy borrow everyone's idea and share somethings that you may or may not know.

If you really knew me, you would know that...

*I constantly think that people are possibly talking about me. I always have. I truly believe it's because I am self conscious on so many levels.

*I want nothing more than to just be the happiest of happy - stress free is defiantly for me.

*Whenever I was 5 my Mother married a man that turned abusive several years later. I hate him with a passion for hurting us. But thankful God lead her to my Dad now.

*I work 3rd and 2nd shift each week. It is such a struggle to keep up and I complain about my job daily.

*I do not know my real Father and am thankful that I do not.

*I want more children and get baby fever, way to often than I should.

*I play softball until I was 17 and then played volleyball my Senior year of high school. How I wished those days away, but miss them so much now.

*I do not have many friends. I can count about three off the top of my head and two of them are my Mother and Sister. I can never figure out why it is so hard for me to make friends.

*I am in love.

*If it looks like I am some hilly billy crack head in a picture with two missing teeth, I promise I'm not, I have two baby teeth.

*He picked drugs over my daughter and me, which is totally okay, because I have found love.

*I cannot vomit (tmi, i know) it is not "physically" possible for me.

*I have several scars from surgery while an infant, dog bite, stitches, road rash.

*I build up walls to protect my heart because I do not ever want to go through that kind of pain again.

*Going to college is not only for stability and more money in the future but because I need to feel accomplishment in my life.

*I am horrible with pets, but I love having them!

*Sarcasm is my second language.

*I lost a best friend 5 years ago, which was also 5 days after CB was born. I am helping with her sisters wedding next weekend, and I pray that I am able to make it through it without breaking down.

*If you would have known me as a child, you would know that I am not scared of snakes. I scared my Mom half to death by putting a baby copperhead in our kitchen trash, because I didn't want my pups to get into it.

*I almost delivered a preterm baby that it's Mother had done meth the day before and didn't "know" she was pregnant. It was the scariest yet most exciting moments. I see her every so often and she cannot look me in the eyes.

*I listen to country music only. Rap music gives me a headache now, is this a sign of getting old?

*I blame myself for a man that drown in our county during the May 2010 floods, because we didn't have enough units to get to him.

*I am a 911 dispatcher and a EMT although I still feel like I have not helped anyone.

*My birthday is on September 11 & the number 11 freaks me out.

*I had my nose pierced two days before I turned 18 with my dorm roommate. I tragically lost mine while getting my epidural.

*I named my daughter after my Pappaw even though I have very few memories of him.

*A boyfriend of mine in high school got in a fight with my "hick" friends as people call them around here and his parents forbid him to see me. I went to his Dad's work the next day and showed by butt by trying to ask for forgiveness and let him know it was not anything that I did. They still hate me today, but I secretly think it's funny because that boy deserved a black eye ;o)

*My family grew tobacco whenever I was growing up and I actually miss it. I want to live on a farm so bad I cannot stand it. I long to be a farmer's wife.

*Bubble gum freaks me out. I secretly want to throw up when Charli looks under the table and tells me how many pieces of chewed up gum are under it. YUCK!

*My first high school boyfriend was whenever I was freshman and he was senior. I thought I (insert throw up here) loved him. He ended up dating my best friend right after me, oh and then he married her once she graduated. It was awkward and caused me a little to much drama throughout my high school years.

There you go now you know a little bit more about yours truly. I would love to know more about some of you all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


How long does it take to get in a "normal" routine for school age children? I feel as if our life cannot be in a routine since I am working third and second shifts, not to mention starting school next week (which I am also starting to get very nervous about!)

Charli Beth had a wonderful first week of school, although she has been extremely wild every day whenever I pick her up. This is so very unusual for her especially since they have rest time during the day although she does not sleep. The girl will not take a nap to save our lives.

She finally crashed out after a birthday party on Sunday afternoon around 6 or 7 and slept all night. That was amazingggg. She has never went to bed this early, but I knew it would not last long since she did not fall asleep until 9 o'clock tonight. I hope this week will be as easy to wake her up as the last week was!

I am still walking her to her class room each morning and plan to do that for the next little while. I get some dirty looks by the other parents of older children (not sure why?) but I guess I disrupt their morning traffic flow with my big booty walking in their parking lot.

CB takes me to her "locker" each morning and puts her items away but forgets to grab her lunch box and folder to take to the class room with her -- this is the reason why I am there =) In a few weeks, if I can teach Charli how to unbuckle the bottom of her car seat she will then get out with the older children on the sidewalk. There are teachers out there to assist the kids out the car but I have never seen them help a preschool child out their car seats. Miss Priss will probably still be in a car seat when she starts Kindergarten so they had better start helping out now!

She loves her teacher Ms. Lesley and has already learned quite a few songs, numbers and other things. I cannot wait to see what all she continues to learn this year!

These are pictures from Gulf World in PCB from our trip, I have been pretty lazy about getting the rest of our photos on the computer. I will add some later on...
I cannot believe that she let ^ Duke kiss her, his teeth were NASTY!
I hope she picks a better boy to kiss in the future ;o)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st Day of Preschool

1st day of preschool is practically like 1st of Kindergarten to some parents in my county. The school is at the Primary Center and they go during the same times as the other grades except they get out about 20 minutes earlier if you pick them up. I'm not sure if I have announced that I did decide to send Charli Beth to our regular school system that she will always attend due to funds and scheduling.
Excuse the mess please, she had me sleeping in her tiny bed with her last night.
But this is whenever I first woke her up to get ready!
A good way to insure new friends is to not have a stinky mouth!
Bed head!!
Whoa, my face is huge.
Preschool rocks cheer!
Another cheer
Her big school while we were waiting in morning traffic
My lovely Momma (Nana) and CB before walking in!
She looks so excited!
This is Kaylen's best friend since birth (her Mom is Krystina, my bestie too)
Preschool Hallway
They had to lock the door because kids were escaping I think?
I looked so nervous here but as you can tell by Kaylen's smile they were ready!
CB's locker
The lady walking into the door is Ms. Lesley her teacher!
This picture is a glimpse of one of the sweetest moments of my life - before the girls walked inside their class room they grabbed each others hands.
It was extremely precious and Krystina, Mom and I all lost it at this moment.
Caught her yawning
Ice Cream time!
Pretty girl!
Showing off her backpack to her great grandparents!

I am absolutely in love with the fact that she has Kaylen there with here to go through this with. It was such a blessing to my heart whenever I seen them reach for one anothers hands before they walked into their room. I pray that they can always rely on another just like they did then. It melted this Mommas heart into pieces!

CB had a fabulous first day of preschool! She said that she didn't nap at rest time, and was wilder than a buck deer all night. I just hope that I can get her up for her 2nd day whenever I get home this morning! We shall see how the rest of this year will go...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear CB

Charli Beth,

I cannot believe in a few hours I will be waking you to brush your teeth, dress you and fix you hair then will be walking you into your school. You will be attending this school for the next several years. I cannot believe that you are already old enough to even put a back pack on your shoulders. I am simply amazed at how fast these four years have went by.

I am sitting here crying like a baby because you have already warned me that I better not cry or kiss you in front of your friends. Sorry to disappoint you sweetie but I am pretty sure that my alligator tears will be in full force before we ever even pull out of the driveway in the morning.

I am so excited for you to be able to learn and make new friends I can hardly stand it but my heart just breaks that our Mommy & Charli time bonding while you are a toddler is practically over. I know we will have our Fridays to hang out but I will be oh so lonely without you hounding me every 5 seconds and saying "What are we going to do today Ferb?" -- I already miss you. =(

You make the most proud Mommy in the entire world. I can never love anyone or anything more than I do you. I pray that your first day into your new big school is everything that we both hope for it to be. I pray that you make tons of new friends and are able to find your cubbie and locker. Please be nice to the boys, they really do not have cooties nor drool.This is your picture that you had to draw of your family to take with you for the first day. I just LOVE how you added our earrings and your huge bow. That is us for sure! You did such a wonderful job. I cannot wait to wake you up to tell you how perfect this picture is, I wish I could frame it and keep it forever!!

You are going to amaze everyone with how beautiful and smart that you are, just like the other students. I am so very blessed to be your Mommy. I thank the Lord for blessing our lives with you each day.

Your best friend forever,

I think I have drowned Nana's laptop with all of my tears.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yard Sale = Cash Money BABY

All I can say about our yard sale is: WOW!

We made lots of money and if you follow me on twitter I have already revealed how much we made but will not flaunt it anymore because I will probably curse myself and it never happens again! Whenever I first left work Saturday morning it had already sprinkled a bit and the skies looked pretty clear for the most part. I truly thought we were in the clear. Although, around 7 am while our yard was full of cars and people with arms full of Charli's smocked dresses, it started pouring. I made Charli scoot under her lemonade stand while I "checked" people out. I thought every one would make a dash for their cars but they didn't! I was soaked, but whatever as long as that money kept flowing in!

CB did fabulous with her lemonade stand too. Lets just hope this doesn't encourage her to grow up and want to sale lemonade at a circus or a fair. Yikes!
I promise we do brush her hair.
Pancake time!

After pancakes, syrup and 5 million glasses of lemonade Charli Beth was running around like a little chicken with her head cut off. I have never seen her so crazy! It was hilarious.

My Mother and I love the money but thank goodness it will be next summer before we even think of another yard sale!

Monday, August 2, 2010

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I'll be adding more later!

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