Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghouls at Grassmere

Last Friday, Charli Beth, Mom and I headed to the Nashville zoo for their annual Halloween festivities. They close the zoo down early, put all of the animals to bed, set up 20 trick or treat stations, carnival area, hayride, and more. I have always wanted to take Charli to a Boo at the Zoo, so we randomly just got ready and left out that afternoon.We had a good time, and Charli really liked showing off her costume to everyone.

But have I mentioned that CB is kind of stuck up? Probably not, but this girl had other little ones saying "aww look at the princess" and she would just squish up her nose and look away, not giving them a Hi or Bye. Poor kiddos! We kept asking her why she wanted to act this a way to other children that were being friendly, to our response she said "I'm not a princess, I am cowgirl but they just keep calling me a princess."

Clearly, she is a cowgirl in her heart but a princess in costume... We walked around to the booths to give out candy, 20 stations - 1 piece of candy each. Nice! haha. Then we were able to ride the "scary-go-round", play games at the "carn-evil" and ride the hayride. I have to admit that unless you live in the area of Nashville, it is not worth the drive. But like I said, CB had fun and that is what counts!
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I am also participating in Morgan's Mama Loves Papa link up of "30 days of Thankfulness" - each day I will post something new that I am thankful for...this could get interesting ;) baha! Link up along with her if you would like, I am sure she would love to have you!

Day #1

Best Friends.

Not that you could have been able to tell through anything on my blog but I've been going through something in the last week that has been simply, hard. Without the help from my besties there is no way in the world that I would be tearless with a smile on my face tonight. Each of these friends have helped in some journey throughout this crazy life of mine, I am stronger and better because of them. I am so very thankful for the friends that I have in my life and the ones that have already went to Heaven as well.

Today I honor a wonderful best friend of mine that is now in Heaven - Happy Birthday Jamie!
Megan, Me, Tara, Kevin (Jamie's Dad) and Jamie

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Montgomery Gentry

Last Monday while dropping Charli Beth off at school I heard through the crackling of my radio the station I was listening to was asking for people to call in and guess what the second most stolen item is. Well, duh, I knew this one! I waited until they gave the # out, then it hit me that I was listening to a Nashville station?! What the...I called anyways, because who doesn't like to be a know it all?

I seriously thought that it would be busy or ring forever, but boy was I wrong. Two rings and they pick up, and our convo went a little something like this...

"995 The wolf, What do you think the answer is" - Radio dude

"Pregnancy test" - Me

"hahahaha...How do you know that?" - Radio dude / Radio girl
"I work at a police department, so I get calls on these silly people" - Me

"That is so gross! What do you think the number one item is?" -Mean Radio girl
"Condoms" - Me

..more eww and all went on after that.

"Well you won tickets to see Montgomery Gentry, Gretchen Wilson and John Rich this Sunday"

" Seriously!! yayyy....I'm sorry my radio is cutting in and out I am in Kentucky" - Me

"Oh okay...wait...ARE YOU AMISH?"
"Umm, Noo wayy!"
Would you date an Amish"

"haha no wayyy. " - Me (secretly I do love Amish families and their produce, but I would never ever.)

It just totally cracked me up that they labeled me as Amish since I am from Kentucky! Usually people come off with the inbred, barefoot and pregnant stereotype. The man and woman that I was speaking with, who actually I have no idea were took down my information and told me that someone from promotions would be contacting me on how to get my tickets. So I waited............and waited........and waited......until Friday morning. I figured that I would call and check to make sure that I had heard correctly and was not making plans for no reason at all. I got tossed around to promotions, promotion managers, help desk until that afternoon. It was insane. Finally, a girl told me that since I was in Kentucky and they would take my tickets with me to concert and for me to call "Scotty" as soon as I got there. So my big sister Ashley and I got dolled up and headed out Sunday afternoon, then guess who did not answer their phone....
Thankfully, after waiting what seemed like to be forever, and sweet talking the amazing Michael Hall (who ever he may be?! I believe he was a manager over The Woods at Fontanel) we got our tickets. Actually we got even better tickets than I'm sure the crappy wolf station was going to give me. We were right behind the vip section and in the middle. No big deal, but hey they were free! So we went in and started listening to the opening act, which was a terrible mixture of country singers. My sister and I were having a blast though, then came the rain...
We have not seen a drop of rain since the beginning of August, and then there we were in the middle of a Tsunami. But it did not bother us because thanks to Michael Hall we were destined to have a good time together! Here are our pictures to show for it...
We were running late, so stopped and ate gyro, which was delish!
Gretchen Wilson, is not just a "redneck" to me anymore but an amazing singer.
She seriously blew me away with "angel from Montgomery" - wow.
"If it rains any harder, I'm going to feel like we are in a Taylor Swift video"
- Troy Gentry

Yes, this would be Gretchen in the middle of the crowd on some dude's shoulders with a beer in each hand. My oh my, no wonder she is known as the redneck woman!

I have been debating all week on calling the Wolf and complaining on how ridiculous their promotions department is. But for now I have decided to just forget it, I got in to the concert and had a blast and that is what matters!

I seriously cannot get over how hilarious and funny this night was. Hopefully, this night will be the first of many big sis/lil sis nights =)

I love you Ash! Thank you for not only being here for me but for listening to me whenever I need a friend. It's truly a double blessing from the Lord to not only get a sister but to get a friend out of you as well. I cross my fingers that we will have more hilarious nights together in the future, no matter if it deals with Drop Dead Fred, Gyros, Physical Therapist rocking out at country concerts or persuading Charli to let us eat school pizza with her! & as always Charli says "askjasjsswccccccccsspllaaiiiwwjj cchar li" - (I love you Aunt Ashley, how are your dogs? Charli)


It's time for another, What I Wore Wednesday hosted by The Pleated Poppy! I know a lot of y'all probably think that I am crazzzy for taking pictures of myself daily, because I kinda think that I am as well! But at least it makes me not wear sweat pants and t-shirts everyday! It is great motivation!

Cardigan: Old Navy $10

Tank: Old Navy $10

Jeans: Target $10

Boots: Target $29.50

Charli wants play too!

Outfit: SheShe Made
I loveee that outfit!!
What is up with my face outfit?!
White Shirt: ?
Jeans: Target $19
Sandals: Target $15
Cardigan: Walmart ?
Shirt: F21 $9
Jeans: Target $19
Boots: Target
Can you tell that I really love these boots too?
They are SO comfy!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Invasion of the SCARECROWS!!!

In our small town, we have a month long festival that is called the "Invasion of the Scarecrows." All of the business or communities can make scarecrows and place them in certain areas around our square. The square is actually more of a four way stop, but it is our "downtown" and is adorable if I must say so myself!
Looking across the square from the library.
My favorite by far is the owl, it is just to darn cute! The girl that made it did a fabulous job, and it took a lot of hard work to get the wings to stay. There are so many more that I wasn't able to get photos of because of Sunday traffic. One day I hope to get pictures of the buildings and stores in my town because like I said before, it is adorable, and is improving all of the time!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Smores & a bit more

On Sunday we attended the annual Hayride & smores roast at Clifton General Baptist Church. my family has been attending this little church for as long as I can remember. Through the rough patches and all of the craziness, we are always welcomed back at anytime with their loving hearts.

Charli is practically the only girl that attends church here. She really enjoys getting to play with these boys, even if they toughen her up a bit! (See that boy in the red..I wish that I could adopt him! He would make a great member of mine and Charli's family. If it were only that simple.)
Heading out on the wagon!

Precious precious girl!
By the end of the ride we looked like this ^ which is bored.
Charli Beth and I must have short attention spans or something.
But smores can keep us entertained for hours =)

Thank you to everyone who answered the questions on my last blog! It was SO great being able to get to know some new things on you all! If there are any questions that you may want to ask me now, ask away and I will be as honest as it gets while answering them!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Questions for YOU!

I seen on Kelly's blog that she had came up with the idea to ask her blog followers some questions to get to know them! We all have a lot of followers that sometimes do not comment but still read our blogs on a daily basis. So this is our time to get to know you or even the ones that we talk/tweet to everyday!

{One} - Where are YOU from?

{Two} - What is YOUR favorite thing about my blog?{Three} - How long have YOU been reading?

{Four} - Do YOU have twitter?

{Five} - What is a random fact about YOU?

My random fact for example: I was randomly selected out of a crowd by a lady to be interviewed at The Grand Ole Opry for their television show, which seemed to air for weeks. Jason Michael Carrol was on stage and I thought I was going to die, because his arms and long hair were ahhhmazzzinggg.

Thanks for playing along!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whatcha Wearin' Wednesday

Here goes my third {I think} Whatcha Wearin' Wednesday post hosted actually by The Pleated Poppy. I have never linked up with them because I didn't realize that you could use your own little theme for your blog - being that mine is budgets and bargains.

Back Row Baptist Sunday Dress
Please excuse the kiss prints on the mirror, my daughter must like kissing herself! haha

Dress: Burlington $9.99

Boots: Target $29.99

Earrings: Premier blog sale by Trina $3.50
Watch out for her sales, they are pretty.stinking.awesome!

911 Outfit
Shirt: Target $6.41
Belt: I borrowed it from another shirt to make it look not to maternity-ish
Pants: Sucked that day so I decided to skip them. ha! (yes, I cheat!)

Until next time =)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Crossing Festival

This weekend I attended the Crossing Festival with my Mom, Sister Ashley, Charli Beth and my Mom's friend Lisa and her daughter. Mom and I had been planning to attend for over a year because we absolutely love this little town that is full of antiques and not to mention their delish restaurant called The Whistle Stop that I have mentioned before. There were soo many booths set up with some of the cutest items, and then again there were some booths set up with some of the most redneck ridiculous items ever (Example: Redneck wind chime: Beer bottles and/or cans)

But we loved the antiques, primitives and girly items that we seen! My Mom also got this adorable watch that is made out of 1920's style type writer keys. It is verry cute. I couldn't find the link for the person that she purchased it from but here is a similar style of some of the necklaces; here.
Then I ran into this man...Seriously, y'all is that Luke Bryan?!
I mean it looks exactly like him! So I convinced my sister into stalking him to get a picture! I am SO glad that his wifey didn't notice!

We waited in line for what seemed like forever, and a day for CB to get her darling little face painted. We also ate at my all time favorite place that I mentioned before. I inhaled my usual "open faced roast beef" and a slice of banana pie. Mmmhmm, it was Heaven on Earth ladies.

I had worked 3rd shift before we left that day so by the time we got home it was around 5, and I crashed out until the next morning. 14 hours! That was a first, I believe (?) and it was ahh-mazing!

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