Thursday, August 30, 2012

Party Decor Blog Sale

I have several party items for sale that vary from wedding shower items to girl birthday signs. They are super cheap and have been used but were gently removed if used. All banners can be moved around and/or spaced out to preference. I am using my phone so the photos will follow all descriptions and will be out of order (Thank you craptastic blogger app)

*"Mr & Mrs" Wedding banner $10 shipped (navy & yellow)

*"Photobooth" banner (navy & yellow) $ $10 shipped

*Princess 5th birthday collection:
1 Princess Banner
2 - Number 5 door hangers
6 - Number 5 toppers (they are larger than average toppers)
1 frog sign/hanger
(The pictures do a great job in showing the actual sizes)
$12 shipped

*Sweet Shoppe Party:
1 "How Sweet It Is To Have a Friend Like You.." Hanger
6 "Happy Birthday" decor
3 - Number 4 small decor sign

$4 shipped

*Yellow & White handmade rosette paper kissing balls! I have 8, and they are $10 a piece. I will not ship these items do to size and extreme costs of shipping prices.

If you live locally and want to contact me for prices that do not include shipping for any items please do so! We love parties around our household so I am sure that I will be adding more soon!

Email me at for any questions or interest!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coupon Binder

It is a must that I start this post out by saying that I am NOT an expert at coupons or organization! I saw this idea a few years ago on a few different blogs and I think it is a great idea! Since I am now staying home we are having to budget a little better and be more resourceful with things.

So I started cutting coupons like crazy and really I was not sure what to do with them. Throwing them in a baggie or kitchen drawer is clearly not an option for me due to space and more than likely I would loose the bag.

When I remembered this great organizer I went to Dollar General and purchased, business card holders and dividers. I have recycled an old binder that I used in college, for wedding organizing and again for Bryar's nursery ideas! This binder has really had it's money's worth used out of it!

On each divider I wrote the following labels:

Household Items
For Others

Not all coupons will fit perfectly in the card holders (maybe baseball card holders work better?!) So I fold mine in half, but it is a must that you can see the expiration date and obviously the item. As I make my grocery list, it is now so easy to find the coupon. When heading to the grocery I do place them in a small bag. Then before checking out I go to a corner and make sure I have each item listed; if I do not use a coupon I brought I stick it in my diaper bag to place back into the binder. So simple!

I do not have my process completely perfect yet but hope to in the near future. Do you have any suggestions for me on using coupons? Or do you use another technique that works great?

I would love to hear from all of you that are budgeting queens!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Life You Planned.

"We must be willing to let go of the life we plan, to live the life God has planned for us."

Yesterday in Sunday school we spoke about how we react to a situation or day that spontaneously changes. We obviously are all different, some of us love to live in the moment and others live for schedules and check lists. So what if your schedule is ruined by someone canceling plans or the rain? Do you still think God for the blessing in disguise that it may hold or do you fall in the floor to kick and scream?

I must admit that I am an awful pessimist. I think of the worst situation and make even more horrible at times. I admit it, even though I hate it and I am pretty sure that everyone hates this about me. I wish and pray to change my worldly ways and "set my heart on things above."

I believe that at some moment throughout our week or day we get aggravated at what is occurring. But in all honesty, we do need to remember that no matter the situation (good or bad) God has this all planned for us. I should be thankful for even the smallest blessings and at the hardest times it is to pray we should pray even more.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

7 years ago today

I was blessed to be given a second chance, a new beginning and I could not be anymore thankful than I am today. God had huge plans for my life, and I am so glad that he did.

I pray that I live up to be everything he graciously left me here to be.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am not a fan of comparing my babies to others babies. But sadly, we are all guilty of it. I get really anxious sometimes seeing how behind Bryar may be but then I quickly remind myself how far he has come. I was the same way with Charli Beth since she was 6 weeks early as well.

But what I do love is comparing my two babies and how similar or different they are. I hear constantly of how much Bryar looks just like Curtis. Which is great. I love it! "Never marry a man that you would not want a son just like." Although, I also see a lot of Charli in Bryar, especially as he grows.

This is a photo of Charli around 12 months and Bryar yesterday!

What do you think? Do your kids look alike or do they all look like different family members?

Friday, August 24, 2012

More Family Photography

These are a few more of my favorite photos from our family shoot photographed by the wonderful Brittany from For His Glory Photography. There are so many pictures that I just love and it has been such a hard decision of which to frame! But hey, it is a great "problem" to have when you had so many great photos :))

Class of 2024

It is truly amazing that another year has started up and Charli Beth is now a first grader. What has ever happened to the time when she was itty bitty and walking into preschool for her first day? It seems like yesterday that I held back the tears until she walked hand in hand with her best friend through her pre-k door. Ah.

Now little miss sassy pants is all grown up and way to beautiful for me to even express. Her personality is so much like my own at times that it is scary yet she is a lot like my older sister Ashley. She is really shy and awkward (yes, bless her heart, she is awkward at first) until she gets to know someone very well, then she turns into Chatty Cathy. I was really worried about how her first day would go because a lot of her friends from Kindergarten were moved to a brand new school that was opened in our county. But she did wonderful and I can mainly thank her sweet, cheerful, pretty teacher for that!

The night before school started I quickly made this simple mason jar bouquet for Mrs. Graves because she told Charli that she was so excited when she saw her name because she is a "bow head." The card stated " I hope you have a bow-itful year! Love, Charli Beth"

I know cheesy, but what better way to help break in the first day than pretty flowers and the alphabet!

Charli is still obsessed with horses, and I am pretty sure that it will never change. She has saved her money since April and has $117 for her to buy her own horse with. Yikes! We better get to finding a house with more land!

Mrs. Graves and Charli for a quick photo before they started their day. I can already tell that she is such a fun and caring teacher. At open house she gave each child a package with an envelope that stated for them to open the night before school. I am pretty sure that Curtis was more anxious to open it than CB! Enclosed we found this sweet little poem and confetti "dust" that she placed by her pillow. How sweet is that!

I am so excited to see how this year goes for her and pray that it is nothing but wonderful memories and LOTS of learning!

Featured as BOTW !

This week the wonderful designer of my blog is featuring our blog! I am so excited that Jenn was nice enough to share our simple yet very beautiful blog with her readers!

Want to know more about me? Go check it out here.

Jenn is by far the most wonderful designer that I have had the pleasure to work with. She was a huge help in the transition from Mommy & Charli to our now very different Boots, Bows & the 5-oh! I am the most indecisive person in the world (no joke!) and she was patient and helped me go through tons of designs until I finally just let her go with her gut, and boy am I glad that she did :)

Muchkin Land Designs is offering 5% off to my readers!

Please use the code of BOTWPaige on the order form!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Final Florida

It seems to have taken me forever and a day (no lie) to get caught up on the Florida posts. We had so much time there and with two little ones, there are a TON of photos to pick from!

When we went to see Winter (from Dolphin Tale.) This is actually the second time CB and I have "met" her. But this time since the movie was released, there were SO many people there that we left quickly. Thankfully, the bulding with all of the movie scenes was a great adventure for us.

Our plane ride home was a bit leary with sleepy childern and a rough flight from storms. I was so thankful to land back in Nashville and return to Kentucky!

Daddy and Bryar are one of a kind for sure!

Love this.

& Yes I did go stand out in the middle of a lightening storm to capture it.

I cannot wait until we can take another family vacation together! I have a feeling that we will end up in the good ole smokey mountains this Fall :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tampa Zoo

While we were in Clearwater last month we made a day trip to the Tampa Zoo before flying back home to good ole' Kentucky that night. We luckily went on $5 admission day; along with everyone else and their great grandmothers. No lie. But hey, you cannot beat that price!

This zoo is honestly the best! The kiddos loved it and having the rides to occupy some down time with Charli Beth was so great!

Charli really loved being able to ride a camel, feed a giraffe, and see all of the cool animals. Baby Bryar is not much on heat so a lot of his time was spent snoozing away in the stroller or in the sling as I was trying to show him animals.

As we were getting to the end, it thundered and a strike of lightening came over head, which sent people running and screaming everywhere. We did end up missing several of the animals that CB wanted to see due to the storm but she thought running to the car was the most fun "eva!"

Story of Mommy

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