Saturday, April 30, 2011

Softball Chick!

Since I was a child myself I can always remember the thrill of playing softball. It's a sport that I never wanted to give up and one that I should of worked a little harder at. Whenever I found out I was having a girl, I was thrilled at the fact that one day I would be getting to watch her play softball. Finally this year, she is big enough to play!!

So far her team has had a few different practices but the crazy weather that Spring has brought on has made for several cancellations. I'm not sure when games start, but I'll assume that it is soon. She is not the youngest on her team but sure does look like it. Being that the this is her first year, she is having a hard time with the whole "step and throw" process and not throwing to the side. She is really working on it hard, and concentrations all while saying out loud step and then throw. I am very sure that this is going to be a sport that she loves just as much as her Momma does!

Friday, April 29, 2011

11 weeks & 2nd appointment

How Far Along: 11 weeks, 3 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: - 2 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but wearing comfy clothes.

Gender: ?! ( I put a poll on the right of my blog)

Movement: None yet

Sleep: Pretty well, some nights I wake up 2-3

What I miss: Nothing really

Cravings: yuck, nothing.

Symptoms: My days are pretty up & down. The morning sickness seems better than it was but it still is rough most days which is something most do not understand.

This Monday, Curtis & I went to our 2nd appointment together and got to hear Jelly Bean's heart beat for the first time. JB's heart beat was very strong, so precious to hear and was 174!!Surprisingly, I had lost 2 lbs since my last appointment even though we had been to a few Easter dinners the day before. My Dr. was concerned because of how my eye looked (3 weeks and it's still healing but looking so muc better) so he called in more Zofran and phenergan gel. The morning sickness seems to be having it's ups and downs throughout the day but it is slightly better than it was! Yay!

Not only is my sister due on Oct 25 (3 weeks before me), one of my good friends Jessica is due 4 days after me, and my friend Krystina that I went through my last pregnancy with is due on Dec 13! How exciting!!

Less than 45 days until the wedding!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Princess Party (5th birthday)

Charli Beth's 5th birthday Princess party was held on April 9th for her and her friends. With out my Mom, the help of a family friend Shannon and her daughter Emily this party wouldn't have happened at all! This party was so adorable and such a fun time for the children. We had the most perfect weather and the day couldn't have been anymore great for CB! =)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I thought I would link up with Jamie's blog this week

I'm loving all sorts of things this week. But since I have made so much progress lately with the wedding then I figured I would just love on it some more ;)

I'm lovin' these signs that I may be copying =)
I absolutely love this scenery. Although, my ideas are a little different, I just love this unique touch.
I'm totally lovin' this handsome fella with that bad a' of a k9 that made the local paper this week. (I swear he is the best dog, ever and has a different personality at work. Which is great!) I am so very proud of these two and all of the hard work. They are quiet the pair together.- I heart the fact that in the last week we registered at 3 places for our wedding shower(s) - Kohls, Maceys and Target. Only one more to go which is a local antique store!

- I'm also loving that in less that one week Curtis and I will get to hear Little Jelly Bean's heartbeat for the first time! We are super ecstatic to hit that milestone as well!

& who can forget about this precious 5 year old princess?
until next time...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Making the decsion to have a child - it's momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body
- Elizabeth Stone
Mother's Day is such a special holiday for not only us Mommys but to celebrate the love for our very own Mother's and Grandmother's as well. Each day our love shines for these special people in our lives, but Mother's day is a day that we want to make the feel extra extra loved. Maybe it is just another "Hallmark Holiday" to some of you, but to me..I personally love it and love being able to treat these people who are so wonderful to me throughout the year.

I will be honest and say that I have always felt like a horrible gift giver. I just stress way to much - that it isn't nice enough, it is not pretty, and so forth. But after finding Shutterfly's website while blogging, I know the most perfect gifts to give these lovely ladies.
Here are some of my ideas for this years gift(s):

Photo Cards to give with gift cards or along with your other items.

^ You can also upload your artwork to add to a card.

photos via shutterfly

My Most favorite item that Shutterfly offers are the Photo Books! These are so handy, unique and fun to have seating on the table. This is the best idea, ever!

photo via shutterfly
Know a coffee drinker? This is another cute little idea!

photo via shutterfly
Or even better add chocolate with it!
photo via Shutterfly.

Are you a blogger and want the chance for 50 free cards from Shutterfly? Then click here!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Family Birthday Party

April 6th was Charli Beth's big number 5! Usually on her birthday we have cake with the family members and then celebrate with a party the following weekend. This was the first year that I have had to work on her birthday, which made me exteremly sad (I think I was a bit emotional to the fact that this is her last birthday as an only child too. I'm strange maybe?)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

8 weeks and 5 days

I have been a horrible blogger lately with posting and comments but I promise that I will try better to start keeping up with information. I have been practically worthless the past three weeks. Curtis says that my room looks like something from hoarders because I have simply got out of bed, ran to the bathroom, then back to my room to change clothes. Ugh...

Since I've been in such a blogger funk lately, I seen these questions that Sarah (thank you!) posted and thought they would be great to use for my blog as well.

-How long have you known/When did you find out?
I found out that I was expecting on Sunday, March 13th. The two pink lines came up instantly, so I actually freaked out and thought that I did it wrong and took......5 more.

-How did you tell Curtis?
We wanted to find out together and as soon as I came out the look on my face told him everything. He just laughed and said "Well alright then" - he cracks me up! I absolutely love his laid back personality.

-How did you tell your families?
Oh me... As we can all tell this was not a planned pregnancy and something that we wanted but wanted to wait for. We told our parents separately mostly due to our work schedule conflicting and us wanting them to know and be apart of this journey as soon as possible. We both have amazing families that have given us 100% support and love.

-Have you been to the Dr. ?
As you can see from the ultrasound picture, we have been. I think we went on the 22 of march. I was exactly 7 weeks that day and the photo was horrible. We go back on the 25th and hopefully we will be able to hear little Jelly Bean's heartbeat!

-When are you due?
My due date is November 15! Which is exactly 20 days after my older sister Ashley's! How exciting is that! Although, my due date probably will not be accurate at all due to Miss CB being 6 weeks premature. My Dr has already started talking of these shots that I can start getting weekly at 20 weeks to prevent my cervix from thinning out so early on. (I went on bed rest with her at 27 weeks due to this.) But this idea makes me nervous, although we will be looking into it closer to time.

-How are you feeling?
Like death. Seriously. I am not able to vomit due to a surgery I had while I was an infant and morning sickness is never kind to me. The last two days have been better but at the beginning of the week I had to leave work twice due to feeling bad. If you follow me on twitter, you can probably notice that I've been a bit grumpy due to it. Sadly, I've also busted blood vessels in my left eye due to all of the "trying" to vomit.

-Does Charli Beth know?
She does! She found out the night that he proposed, which was a huge little time for her. Her little mind was going every where. But she is super excited about this new little family that we are starting and getting a Daddy is the best thing ever to her! She for sure knows this baby is a boy since I already have a girl!

-Is this pregnancy different than your last?
Not really. I found out earlier with this one so that has made it a little more difficult but other than that everything is just the same, so far.

-Do you want a boy or girl?
We honestly just want a healthy little Jelly Bean. Like Sarah said it's Cliche to say that, but it's the honest truth! I am sure that Curtis would like a boy so that he can stop being over whelmed with girls already but I know he will be just ecstatic for a girl too! =)

On Tuesday I will be 9 weeks but I will start my weekly updates later on in the pregnancy!

The rude comments are denied before they are ever published onto my blog, so if you're the person leaving them, you are clearly wasting your time darlin. ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Charli!

Happy 5th Birthday Charli Beth!

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