Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kiddos Check Up Day!

Oh my gracious, can I first off by saying that this is probably my most favorite photo of my sweet kiddos thus far? Ah. Their beauty amazes me. Even with B's serious look going on, this picture describes them both so well.

Last week I took off work one day to take the kids for their check ups, shots for Bryar and dentist appointment for Charli Beth. Thankfully, it all went wonderful and they both did a great job which made my work a million times easier. Poor little Bryar even recieved 3 shots but only cried for a second, but once he was in Mommy's arms he was totally a-okay again. She also told us that he did not have an ear infection as we were told by the ER. Crazy!?

Bryar only weighed 12 lbz 9 oz, so the Dr asked that I start giving him more formula bottles along with his breast milk. Secretly, I think he has done an amazing job so far with his weight coming from 4 lbs and dropping down to 3 lbs. He was 24 1/2 inches long, so pretty much he is long and skinny! Although, hard headed stubborn to much like his Daddy boy will not take a bottle from me but will from Curtis. He is still nursing like a champ though!

Charli Beth only weighed in at 37 lbs and was 42 1/2 inches tall. By the way, she is turning 6 very soon! Where in the world has time went with this girl? Breaks my Mommy heart seeing her just grow up so soon!

Little B found his true voice on Friday and it seems that every day the boy just gets louder and louder. Especially in Sunday School when we had to take him out in the hall for the first time since he was yelling at people across the room and we could not help but to laugh at his cuteness. (I'm sure you guys understand the awkward moment when you think your kid is so stinking cute but everyone around you is thinking shut that thing up? ...yea that is us.)

Bryar goes back to the Dr the first week of May for another check up, shots, and weight check. Hopefully the little dude has put some more meat on his bones to make Dr. Patty happy :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

First Baby Food

The other night we let Bryar try his first real baby food, and as you can see from the pictures our lil buddy had no idea what to think of it.

I gave him bananas first for no particular reason besides that is what cousin Trace tried first too.

At first B would take a taste and then spit them right out after giving us the all famous "What the heck is this?" look. But after a while he started scooping it out with his tounge over top of the spoon. It was so funny.

Each day I try to give him a little for him to get the hang of it before I (try to) start making his own baby food. What is your favorite baby food mixer? I know some have the baby bullet but are there others out there that you perfer? And what is your favorite thing to make for your babies?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby B's ER trip

Yesterday afternoon Bryar gave his Daddy and I a terrible scare that ended with a very late night ending at the ER. We were spending the afternoon together when B started crying out of the blue, and then stiffened up his body, turned very red and quivered all over. I know that some babies have really hard core attitudes and may do this occasionally but Baby Bryar is typically pretty calm, cool and collective by all means. The quivering could be seen by Curtis who was across the room. It was very scary but only lasted a few seconds. About 10 minutes later the same thing happened.

I personally just kind of shruged it off after I was finished freaking out of course and said it was due to a tummy ache. We then went next door after he took a short nap and realized that his hand and feet were purple. I mean verrry purple. When I would press my finger in on them it would take quite some time for the purple to come back from white. This obviously scared us all.

I then contacted his Dr's office and told them all of the crazy things that had happen in the last hour and she suggested us to go on the ER to have his heart checked. Uhm, what?!

After almost dying on the way there due to my Husband's driving We arrived at the ER and were immediately asked about heart murmurs. Which B did have a "innocent murmur" that corrected itself in the NICU. I told them that he had an ear infection almost 3 weeks ago and i was sure that he had another.

After monitoring and a chest xray we were relieved that nothing is out of the ordinary with his heart (Praise the Lord,) and could not advise if it was a seizure (I do not think it was. But that is just me.) although he did indeed have an ear infection. They did give him a shot to try to clear it up even more since the antiboitic must of not helped much last time. B was not a fan of that at all :( But today he seems a lot better, just extra sleepy! He won the hearts of several nurses with his sweet smiles and that big ole' widows peak he has going on. haha! They just loved it and could tell he looks just like his Pop!

We are still behind on his 4 month shots and check up but are heading there in the morning first thing. Hopefully we can still get them done with this infection.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kentucky Farm Life

It always seems that Kentucky weather is such a tease this time of year. One day we can have the most beautiful weather ever and the next minute tornadoes are approaching. As they say March comes in like a lion but leaves like a lamb.
While Charli was out of school for pink eye we took her for a walk thinking that maybe the outside weather would possibly help it out?! Yea, so maybe we were wrong but it was worth the try.

This walk and a milkshake on the way home from the doctor was probably the most exciting parts of those few days for us, especially Charli. Pink eye is undoubtedly the worst thing, ever! Darn you kindergarten germs!

If you cannot tell already Charli Beth absolutely loves living on "her farm."
& Gunner man may very well like it too :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

5 months!

Bryar Wayne today you turn 5 months old! It is just amazing how fast these months have flown by with having you as apart of our family! You have grown so much in just the last month and are already wanting to be a big boy. It just breaks my Mommy heart seeing you talking, wanting to sit up, rolling over because our precious baby moments are going by way to fast.
You are still in a size 1 diaper but I am sure that we will be going into 2's before to much longer! At the doctor last week for your ear infections they said that you weighed 12.5 lbs! What an accomplishment with starting out at just 4 lbs 4 oz!

3 month clothes except for a few brands that are short in the length because I am pretty sure that you are going to be taller than all members of our family. Which is fine with us because Caleb Sanderson (a bull rider) is tall too ;)

Speaking of bull riding, you absolutely love to watch it at night while Mommy and Daddy do. It is actually what was on the tv when I had my first contraction the night you decided to arrive. You talk, kick, and yell at the tv sometimes although Mommy does not like for you to watch it for very long since it can become just "to much" for a little one.

You are the most easy going, laid back mellow baby that I have ever been around. I would say that you are a lot like your Daddy but I must admit that your sister was a lot like you as well. You love to watch everyone and see what is going on. Your big blue eyes just get bigger and bigger as you focus in on things. I am pretty sure that you are storing all of your energy up for around two years and then you will be "hell on wheels" for sure. ;)

I am so proud that we have made it this long with nursing. Honestly every week feels like an accomplishment to me. You are starting to take at least one bottle of formula while I am at work although we did just finish the very first can of formula that was opened for you in the NICU and started another. You are still eating every 3-4 hours except at night, you will wake up to nurse just enough for you to fall back to sleep.

I am not sure if we are teething yet but boy do you drool! (Hence, the wet spots on his shirt) You chew on your hands constantly or are always to pull my fingers to your mouth. I do have to admit though that I am pretty scared to continue nursing once your teeth start coming in!

We do still cuddle at night time although I have been moving you into your bassinet and you have really been doing great in there! (Huge accomplishment for us both!)

We are a month behind on your 4 month well check due to Mommy's insurance changing with her new work but you will be going this month :(

We hope to start you on cereal for your 5 month birthday but we will see how that goes.

I love you so much little buddy and I cannot wait to see all of the milestones that you accomplish this next month!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Boy!

"Whoa, Mommy I am big enough for this."

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