Friday, December 31, 2010

Our journey through 2010

The year 2010 was full of happiness, first times, heartache and fabulous memories. I cherish this year growing as a Mother and within my self as well. Charli turned four years old this year and celebrated her birthday with an amazing Sweet Shoppe party. Without my creative Mom, and the giveaway that was hosted by Kate Landers Events, this party could not have taken place! It was so much fun to be able to host a candy buffet style party.

I became the soccer Mom, that I knew I would always be - CB played on her first soccer team with the local YMCA. She did a pretty great job for her first season playing. She would run after the ball, but then would run straight for her coach. We could never figure out if it was because she was intimidated by the sizes of the other children, or if she just thought that was the game. She ended her season by getting an adorable bendable trophy and not wanting to play in the fall. ha!

Not only did she participate in soccer at the Y, she took swimming lessons there as well. She has a lot of work to do and fears to over come, so we will be signing her back up for more lessons in 2011.

Charli experienced her first time on a big stage for her first ballet recital in Bowling Green at the Capital Arts center. She did such an amazing job, and I was crying like a huge baby as soon as she walked on stage. I surprised her with flowers after wards, and she thought knew she was the best little dancer in the world.

We were involved in a car accident in April, which ended up totaling my car but what mattered most was CB and I were just fine. We then bought a 09 Saturn vue after searching for what seemed like forever.

In January we got to experience 10 inches of snow in our county for the first time in gosh knows when. It made us all act like kids and we loved getting to play!

The flood of 2010 that effected Southern Kentucky and Middle Tennessee, made a huge impact on my life due to working at our local 911 center. We lost one person in the floods and made several rescues. But the damage in our county was nothing compared the tragedies and loss that Nashville suffered. Thankfully, the amazing thing about the south is that they all pull together and do what needs to be done to get back on their feet.

The summer was full of slip & slides, swimming, and heading to Florida on two different occasions. The first trip was to Clearwater Beach, with Mark and his family. I hope to visit Clearwater again, in the future. CB and I had never seen this part of Florida, so it was wonderful to see the beauty of that beach, and have fun with them as well. In August, we headed back south with my family to Panama City Beach. We had so much fun and cannot wait to head back there in 2011.

The week after we returned home from PCB, Charli Beth started preschool at the local school system. I could cry my eyes out thinking about her first day, and all of the emotions that I felt in the days leading up. But she did wonderful, and absolutely loves school and her teacher(s). She was the first in her class to be come Star Student, which I thought was amazing!

October is one of my favorite months out of the year, and this year was no exception. We had our yearly family trip to Gatlinburg, TN and took Charli to Dollywood for the first time. I have never been huge on amusement parks, but we had so much fun there! I won tickets to see Montgomery Gentry and had much needed girls night with my sister!

We took Charli trick-or-treating on several occasions so that she could strut her stuff while being Belle from Beauty & the Beast. My Mom and I took her to Nashville to the Ghouls at Grassmere for their Halloween bash, and I'm pretty sure that we will never participate in that again. It sadly was not worth the drive for us, but Charli enjoyed playing the games at the end of the night. The next week, I took Charli and her best friend Kaylen to town for the local library costume parade. The girls absolutely loved showing off and having fun with one another as well! Then finally Halloween day came along, and CB and I spent the day at Jackson's Orchard in Bowling Green feeding the pets, riding the pony, and sharing caramel apple bites. After wards we headed back to the Ville to get all prettied up for trick-or-treating and family time at Ma & Pop's. We also attended the church hay ride, and made smores with the youth group. See why fall is one of my favorites? There is always so many great things going on!

Thanksgiving was spent off work for the first time since I have been with the police department, so I shared the day with friends and family. It was an amazing day that we were so grateful to have. I participated in the madness of Black Friday as a tradition with my Mom, sister and best friend Krystina. We made out with some great bargains as always. Question is, will I shop again on Black Friday in 2011? Why yes.

Our local high school got state runner-up which was huge for our county. If you remember correctly I was pretty much like a giddy high school girl during football season. I was a little over excited for them, which is acceptable in my book! Hopefully we will see a state championship in the years to come.

I had my heart broken, a-freakin-gin in the fall, but quickly realized that I needed to pick up the pieces and learn from the situation. I grew a little bit stronger, and learned a few things about my self during that situation. For those reasons, I will take the plunge and say that I am thankful for what has happened but I'll never fully recover from a love that I felt that strongly about. 2011 will only bring more peace to this particular journey that ended in o' ten.

I went all country girl on y'all at the end of deer season and took down my first 8 pt buck. It was quite the experience and I loved it. I hope to continue hunting in the seasons to come.

December has been full of snow days, breakfast with Santa, lunch with Santa at O'charleys, school parties, and our very first white Christmas.

This year has had it's up and downs just like the years in the past but over all it has been an amazing year filled with wonderful memories, and amazing people. I must thank everyone of you that has been apart of our lives in 2010; you help us grow into better people just by being in our lives. I thank you my blogger friends for always encouraging me, and reminding me of the good in the future. I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for not only my family, but yours as well!
Happy New Year!

-Mommy & Charli

Thursday, December 30, 2010

If We Are Going To Be BFF

I seen this link up hosted by Little Miss Momma and thought it would be a terrific way to tell a little bit more about me. Which is a great way to bring new people to your blog and not to mention tell a little more about yourselves.

So there are some things that you should know about me, if we are going to be BFF!

I guess you could say that I am a single Mom, but I have a heck of a lot of support behind me (Family and Friends, thank goodness for them!)

I love me some Sweet Tea!

I am kind of a shorty only measuring in at 5'3 ft tall.

If I am using a public restroom, I always tear the first half of the toilet paper off the roll because I know the last person has touched it.

I wear my heart on my sleeve most days. But beware, there are some pretty thick walls up to protect my heart.

I am an action movie kind of girl.

Helloooo, Gerard Butler!

I have been wholeheartedly in love twice, even though both have failed me, I believe that love is out there somewhere......somewhere far far away I assume. ha!

Sarcasm is my second language.

Turquoise is my absolute favorite color!

I eat out practically every day (Hi Erin!) because I simply do not have time, and I may not be able to cook that well. But I want to learn.

I never paint my fingernails.

I am slightly obsessed with the state of Montana. Not sure why though?

Mommy/Daughter dates = the perfect day.

Bubble gum grosses me the hello out. Nasty!

Oh, and I do not like chocolate.

I could never diet! I love food way to much. In saying that...

I can down an entire bag of bbq chips by my lonesome.I can save your life - hence the fact that I am an EMT.

Big, gawdy jewelry makes my heart so very happy.

I would like three more children, and I already have their names picked out (Sorry to my future hubby in advance.)

You can find me on the back row of Clifton General Baptist Church

My Facebook status' are full of quotes; the kind that define who I am.
"There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go."

I despise roses. I hate the way they smell, everything.

I am freaked out by the number 11.

My Mother is my strength on weak days. She is more of a Mom and friend than I could ever ask for. Seriously, y'all should be jealous that she is mine!

I absolutely love storms. The chaos is purely an adrenaline rush.

I have besties all over the country thanks to blogger/twitter.

I love old ragged quilts.

I still cannot decide what career is best for me and my life. Oh well!

You will either love me, or hate me.
But to most people, (mainly myself) I am ahh-mazing.

If you want to know more about me, ask away!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Favorite Songs of 2010

Last year I did a post telling which songs quickly became the favorites for Charli Beth and I. I think that this is a great tradition to continue on with, so that I will be able to look back in a few years and laugh at some of the ridiculous things that we so call love.

Charli Beth:
Voices - Chris Young
The Man I want to be - Chris Young (her "boyfriend")
Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland
Little White Church - Little Big Town
Cowgirls Don't Cry- Brooks & Dunn (they also broke up this year)
American Honey - Lady A
Love The Way You Lie - Emineim
Farmers Daughter - Rodney Atkins
..and pretty much any Taylor Swift song.

The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert
Little White Church - Little Big Town
What do you want - Jerrod Neiman
If I die Young - The Band Perry
A Little Bit Stronger - Sara Evans
Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood
Keep on lovin' you - Reba
Who are you when I'm not looking - Blake Shelton
I can't love you back - Easton Corbin (new song, but it is soo good)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our 1st White Christmas

This year was not only white but a magical one as well! There is nothing like being able to see the snow fall on Christmas while spending time with family and friends. Christmas Eve was spent wrapping gifts, baking goodies, and with family at Ma & Pop's house where we snacked and played in the snow.

We woke up the next morning to the gifts that Santa left for Charli Beth. I had no idea that she had been such a good girl this year! It amazes me how many things one child can get. (I'm pretty sure that all parents think the same thing after birthdays or Christmas)

Charli came into my room and woke me up around 7:30, and to tell me it was time to open gifts. Thinking back on how excited that she was, melts my heart into a trillion pieces. Although, she wanted to open her gifts, she was determined for me to open my ring from her first. She is the sweetest, to make sure Santa gave me what I wanted!

Christmas 2010 was a huge success thanks to our family and friends that made it possible and worth while. We wouldn't be half as blessed if it was not for them, and most of all the Lord.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Play!

Here is Charli singing with the youth group in their annual Christmas play at Clifton General Baptist!

It was a really cute musical, and all of the children did a lovely job.

I did not get many picture because I was wanting to capture the play on video this year rather than trying to squeeze in pictures since it was a musical.

CB was known as a "Choir member" along with the three other girls standing behind her wearing the "J stands for Jesus" shirts, but would not wear her shirt because it did not match her pants.

Ah! The struggles we face from having a 4 year old fashionista!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Party @ ACPC

Charli Beth's preschool celebrates their holiday parties a little bit different than most of the classes that I have seen, but I still love going to them and seeing her enjoy school.

Whenever the parents first arrive with the food the children get a little wild for the first few minutes showing off their parents or whomever is there to see them. Then they settle back in for carpet time, where they either listen to a book or dance to music. It is incredibly cute!
Carpet time!
Instead of listening to a book, they showed of their skills.

After wards, they all picked out a seat and ate their cupcake, cookies and chips!
We were to bring a $5 gift for a girl to open at the party, so we decided on a princess floor puzzle! This is surprisingly the gift that CB received. She LOVES dogs and has already named her Sophie!
I was totally in love with the gift that I got for her teachers {Ms. Lesley & Ms. Peggy} I think they turned out SO cute!

Yes, Charli Beth does go to a public school and yes I did give gifts with scriptures on them for their Christmas party....Jesus is the Reason for the Season after all! =)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ONLY in the ville!

You gots to be kidding me?!

Friday, December 17, 2010

A silly looking Santa

Unlike the last Santa I posted about this one sucks looks totally unreal and Charli laughed at how fake he looks. As soon got close to Mr. Claus she said
"These Santas are so silly, dressing up like they're real...they makin' me crazy."

I'm telling you, I have a very smart, sassy and sometimes loud mouth little girl! But she still jumped right up on his lap and smiled for the picture, took her candy cane and never even spoke a word to him.

At the mall in the next town over, they have had the same Santa for as long as I can remember. He tries hard to look real, but sadly he is not very good at it! I mean you can honestly see the awful yellow in his beard from smoking way to much, not to mention he is very sweaty and kind of stinky....Does it ever make y'all giggle about how fake some of these Santas look?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Monday was Charli Beth's very first snow day since she has started school. Here in southern Kentucky an inch or two of snow can close school for several days; we're just scaredy cats like that I guess. I was determined to get outside and play with CB before the snow melted away, but little did I know it was going to be freezing cold for the next couple of days. We are not used to this crazy winter weather, especially whenever it is not winter yet! I believe the coldest temperature we got to was around 3 degrees one morning, which also caused half of our county to go without electricity for a while.

CB and I only stayed out for just a few minutes but we had a blast in the little time we did share together in the snow.She was very determined to make a snow angel

"Climbing up the mountain" as she said

Then "rolling down the mountain"

Nothing is better than sharing a cup of hot chocolate with my girl after playing in the snow.

CB has been out of school all week due to the snow, and slick roadways.
At this point we're not even sure if she will have school today due to the ice that has moved into our area. We shall see though!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I believe -- We seen Santa!

We ran into this jolly fella at O'Charleys in Bowling Green Friday afternoon at lunch. We were even able to sit close to him, where I bribed her for the next twenty minutes to please let me ask him to take a photo with her.

Finally, Mr. Claus decided to leave where I stopped him in his tracks and asked him to take a picture with my girl. After giving her the "Mom look" and telling her to quit picking at her teeth, we finally snapped a photo!

He was the sweetest man, looked the part all to well and even gave her an ornament to hang on the tree (minus the fact that it said on the back - bah humbug! Good thing Lil Miss cannot read!)

Anyways, this was such a huge deal to me since I remember the time that I seen Santa at Shoneys one morning! I hounded Charli about him all day long, and even though she did not get the toy that I bribed her with, she still thought it was super cool, especially whenever he walked out and the radio just so happened to say "ho ho ho" ....ahh it makes me wish I was a kiddo again!


Friday, December 10, 2010


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to anyone that is interested in meeting up! My schedule is super crazy this month (working a swing shift of 3rd one week then 2nd the next), not to mention finals are coming up next week!

Would meeting in Bowling Green next Thursday December 16 at ( I have no idea where to pick, just wanting to pick a place that has the most variety for everyone) O' Charleys or TGI Fridays work?

We will not do the ornament exchange since it has taken me so long to get back with you all. My fault, I'm terribly sorry but hopefully it will help out since Christmas is right around the corner!

(Elizabeth or anyone else that lives that way since you live in TN if you want to email me we maybe we can meet up and you ride with me ?!)

Anyways, y'all just email me at and let me know what works, then I will set a time!

I will not be around blogger until late this weekend but will have my crack-berry with me!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa - from the cowgirl

I promise, she told me what to write!

She just knows what her Momma needs wants!

State Championship Game

The Patriots played one heck of a game on Friday night at Western Kentucky University, but sadly it just didn't happen for them! We are still very proud of their accomplishments this year and how hard they have played. The team they were playing are now back to back state champions and have 6 other state football titles. It was an amazing game to watch and see both teams pour their hearts out into the game (minus the horrible calls and official that clearly didn't know his head from his rump...anyways)

I had to leave 10 minutes before the game ended to get to work in time and over heard a entire group of men talking about how this was one of the best state games they had ever seen. I am crossing my fingers that they were scouts and some our boys will get picked up. They truly deserve that.

Whenever Charli Beth and I left our town to head towards Bowling Green Friday afternoon there were people lined up along the side of the road holding signs and cheering. Charli and I may or may not have rolled down the windows yelling and blowing the horn at them. We would never do anything so childish?! haha. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I seriously teared up at how everyone was showing their pride in our county. We may not be or have much but we are proud of what we have.

The Final Score
BC Rebels -21
ACS Patriots - 14
Now I'll hush until next fall =)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Are you sisters?

It seems to be a reoccurring question for individuals lately to ask if Charli Beth and I are sister or if she is my daughter. Which I assume is understandable being that I possibly look like I am twelve at times, and we do kinda act like sisters majority of the time. I'm not exactly sure if this comes from being a young parent or if it is because certain days I act like a kid myself. We constantly play fight, pull pranks on one another and are always giggling about something. It is truly a blessing to have your daughter as a best friend. I never really did understand that phrase until Charli was born; whenever my heart started walking around outside of my body.

Some people say that I am doing nothing but spoiling Charli by taking her out to eat, eating ice cream for breakfast and doing Mommy/Daughter dates on a regular basis. But the way that I look at it is we are friends and friends hang out, they have girl time and girl talks, so we will continue to do this and making these wonderful memories for as long as we can. Because the good Lord knows there will come a day, that I will not be the cool Mom to my girl (boo.)

For now, I may get frustrated and angry with her constantly because at times I just do not understand the sassy stage that she is in. But I am truly blessed to be able to be apart of Charli's beautiful life. Some days I become so very forgetful with all that I am blessed with and she is for sure at the top of my list."Such a big miracle, in such a little girl."

Heading to state!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that our boys were the region high school football champions and were heading to Louisville Western to play for the semi-state championship. I then failed to mention that they won!

Tonight these players and coaches are heading to Western Kentucky University to play for the State Championship against Boyle County.

Boyle County has the longest winning streak in Kentucky with 29 games so far, are back to back state champs, their ex head coach is now a coach for University of Kentucky and have a player that is the size of Goliath .

Shew! I feel a bit over whelmed saying all of that!

But what matters most right now is these boys have the will and the determination to win this championship. Can it be done by our small town? Yes.

& Yes, even though I have been out of school for five years I will be there in my red, white and blue bundled up because this is history folks! This is the first time that little ole ACS has even been to state championship in football!

I honestly get chills every time I speak of it. No matter if these boys win tonight or not, they have made a huge impact on everyone, it has made our entire town go back to our high school days and I absolutely stinking loveeee it!

So watch out Bowling Green, our town will be invading you with a total red out tonight =)

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them; a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”
- Muhammad Ali

Good luck to our Boys of Fall!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thats what she said.

She may be amazingly beautiful.
But the girl, stinks....

She is at the stage where every time she passes gas is just hilarious to her.
She stop whatever she is doing, smiles ........then yells SURPRISE.
I must admit, it is truly hilarious, even if it does embarrass the heck out of me while we are in public.

Other funny Charli Beth things/sayings:

"I love protein"
- okay Muscle woman?!

We were play fighting the day and she stopped, looked at me an said, "That was interesting."

One of my Mom's FB status':
"Charli Beth just told me her baby knows a lot of "Street Folk" and she needs to call 911...when I asked her what she was talking about, she told me it's what her momma and I were saying Aylee has...I had to explain Aylee has "Strep throat" and she didn't need to call -love her little heart!"

"I need to put these pictures on Facebook"

"We cannot listen to Lady Gage. She is weird, and we don't do that weird stuff."

"Nana, you are not a princess, you're to old, your like the fairy God Mother."
-Sorry Mom! I don't think you're old, can I please be the favorite again? ha.

"Ok. I'm kinda freakin' out"

My favorite...

"I look dickless" - Charli
(meaning ridiculous)

Story of Mommy

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