Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Two weeks together, That is all it took. Two weeks for me to fall for you."

I am going on only a couple of weeks of dating the 5oh and things could simply not be anymore perfect. I have never dated someone and had so much fun with all while not second guessing every move that I make.

For once, I am happy in every decision and aspect of our relationship.

I should probably start out by saying that 5oh and I met over two years ago through one of my co-workers {at the time} that he had went through the police academy with. He came over to my p.d. to do a "ride-a-long" with our mutual friend Marble and supposedly he says that he seen me that night and had told Marble "something." I really don't think that he seen me though?! This was also while I was working third shift, so Marble and the 5oh would chit-chat like a bunch of little girls. One night we were all starving and everything in our county shuts down by midnight so Marble said that I should call 5oh and ask him to bring us food to the county line. We talked for what seemed like hours on several different occasions.

I was stubborn and as most of you know life ended up taking me on a totally different path. But we still kept in touch by texts and facebook every so often.

Our first date was set up for one night while he was working third shift, although I'm pretty sure this could have been worked in some other time, I think we both wanted it to happen as soon as possible. Since it was so late at night we met at the most romantic place ever Denny's. ha! We talked for hours about work, things we liked, and life in general.

I was honestly scared going into this that the only thing we would have to talk about was law enforcement. But thank Heaven it isn't. The guy can make me laugh life no one else.

Even if he couldn't tell, whenever I left that night, I had ever been so excited for a second date. He called me on the way home pretty much saying he felt the same way, so we ended up planning to cook supper together and watching Lonesome Dove together. {I did not realize there were 4 parts to this movie. What a tricky guy!}

I have mentioned before that I cannot do not cook, so I was very nervous about this. But I must admit that it was the best date of my life. It was so fun to be able to learn more about him and watch him get so flustered about how long to cook the squash.

I am not sure how many guys have ever went in for a first kissed and had a girl freak out and tell them that they can never ever kiss them again unless they throw all of their gum away. (yuck!) It wasn't even a "good" kiss but still the smell grosses me out to end. The next time we kissed...completed every feeling that I thought I was having.........

I love you's have always been so very cliche to me. It's always been at the most awkward time, or whenever I just haven't been ready to say it back and have freaked out. I know the feelings that I have for 5oh, even if it is this early into our relationship. The butterflies that I get every time he is around, amazes me. I thought things like this only happened in movies. But thank goodness I was proven wrong. The day that 5oh started talking, I knew exactly what he was fixing to say. There was no question to whether I felt the same way or not. But the craziness of how fast all of this has fell into place, baffled me. Whenever he told me the way that he felt, he explained to me that this was in no way of pressuring me to say anything back but he couldn't sleep nor stop thinking about it, and he knew he needed to tell me. There is no other way to describe the way I felt at that moment, other than he took my breath away.

A few nights later after work I headed to his house, and was on the phone with him saying I was going to drop something off to my sister. I talked to him the entire way while he was telling me some random story, whenever I was pulling into his drive, I quickly said "hey I gotta call you back" while he was in mid-sentence. Poor thing sounded very confused, then whenever I walked into his house I couldn't stop giggling and he just stood there smiling saying that I surprised him. Eventually after he kissed me, I was still giggling but I finally got the words out and told him "I'm completely in love with you too." {wow.}

You may think we are a little bit crazy but I know these feelings are true and are more perfect than I can ever explain to anyone. I was asked today if I was letting my dream of love and family confuse me with being in love, and the only answer I can give is that, "Whenever I say I love you, it's not just another I love you. There are butterflies that melt my heart. I am amazed each day by something new and wonderful that you do. Each day is more amazing than the last, and every time I look into your eyes I cannot help but to smile because I know I have found my "one." {holy hello, I cannot believe i just wrote that. It gives me butterflies even typing this and he cannot even find my blog because he is so computer illiterate. haha!!}
I can only ask that you pray that this continues to go as amazing as it has been.

Every single day has been greater than the last. Even though we have no idea what tomorrow holds, I do know that I am excited for the future and whatever it brings.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bicycle for two

You'll look sweet upon the seat,
Of a bicycle made for two

Photography by Heather

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whats been going on...

I haven't updated my blog in almost a week. Geez, what is going on?! I have actually been really busy being on cloud 9. Yes, I am being that gushy twenty three year old that is acting like I am 15 again. Get use to it, because I'm pretty sure this feeling is here to stay! =)

Charli met my boyfriend (by the way, we're going to call him "5oh" since that is what I have been refering to him as on twitter - for some reason?) last Saturday and has already became best friends with him and his k9 Gunner.

We have been taking several dates lately, and lots of time to get to know one another even better before we really brought Charli into our relationship. But our feelings are out of this world strong for us only being together for a short amount of time. I really wish I could explain how lucky and truly happy I am. It's seriously the best feeling in the world.

Yesterday, we decided it was time to bring CB out with us. So we decided to take her bowling and to eat at her favorite place in the world; Taco Bell. She had the absolute best time, ever. He bought her a coke without thinking about it first, and she got so hyper. I'm not even sure how he even likes us after how wound up she got. It was hilarious though!

On Sunday, CB had pictures taken with our amazing friend heather. CB should really be a model, she can work a camera like no other. Heather was sweet enough to let CB take pictures of her horse Buttercup. I always love how Heather takes her time with CB and never looses her patience. It means SO much to us! I cannot wait to show y'all these pictures!

Hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend, and thank you so very much for all of the sweet comments on my last post. It means a lot to see how much y'all care!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have a secret....

Well it's not really a secret because I feel like I have been practically screaming it from a roof a top . But I assume this is what happens whenever you are truly happy and excited about everything in life.
I have met someone that is amazing, and exactly what I need/want in our life. Actually, he is my boyfriend {ooo la la} and we only went on our first date a couple of weeks ago. We get along perfectly and it is a bit scary how perfect life is going right now.

More to come...later ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow days

Snow days seem to be occurring more offten than actual school days for Miss Charli lately, as well as many of the southern states. I know a ton of y'all received more snow than you have in many years, but somehow with this snow system we missed the majority of it. I think our county has maybe two inches, but the temperatures are making everything freeze which causes the school to close since buses are not able to get down the hills, over the bridges, etc like they need too. I know people in the north think we're crazy, but it's all about the safety and I get to spend more time with this little mess of a girl...

See I told ya she was a mess? lol.
I'm not sure what pose she is doing?!
She asked to get out her gator after sledding, and she absolutely loved it.
The smile on her face is priceless.
Her big belly Laughs make my heart melt.
I sat on the concrete block to try to help her get traction.....
Then she suddenly took off fast, which slung me backwards and almost flipped us upside down. She was actually sitting straight up in the air.
It was hilarious.
"Momma must have a fat booty"
{ha. I wish I even had a booty! Seriously, I have a flat pancake for a butt.}
If you give a 4 year old a gator, she makes donuts =)
Yes, we are from Kentucky!!!
Yesterday we seen almost 20 turkeys in our back yard together. This is the most we have ever seen while living at this house.
Charli seriously, needs to work on her turkey call before turkey season starts up in April!

The kiddos are out of school again tomorrow, so we shall see what we can get into until she goes back Monday =)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


What is your favorite movie?
I actually do not have one certain favorite movie. Some of my favorites are; Tombstone, Man on Fire, Taken, The Notebook, We Own the Night, Drop Dead Fred (hilarious!)

How did you pick Charli Beth's name?
Charli is named after my late Papaw that passed away whenever I was a child.

What is your favorite high school memory?
Oh goodness, I have SO many memories from high school that I just loved! I played volleyball and it was such a blast to be apart of the team.

My volleyball girls and I made shirts for the football team, and would cheer them on every Friday night. After the games we would wait for some of the players and head to the next town over for waffle house; we became the "Waffle House Crew" and it was hilarious how dorky we were! But I absolutely loved it.

Do you work nights? If so how is that and who watches charli beth? do you catch up on your sleep? I can't imagine sleeping in the day time.
This month I am thankfully working 2nd shift only (Praise the Lord) but like I have said for almost the past three years I have been switching from 2nd to 3rd shift multiple times in the week. It literally kicks my rump. I feel like I am 50, and look 70.

How do I catch up on sleep? ha, please don't make me laugh. jk! My family is so very wonderful in letting me get my rest before working a crazy shift. Not to mention, Monday - Thursday CB is in preschool, so I am able to sleep during that time, except the days that I have classes.

How old were you whenever you had Charli?
I was 18.

I want to know what kind of car you drive?
I drive a 2009 Saturn Vue.

What is your go to outfit when you want to look like a million bucks?
Uhm, can I get back to you whenever I find this outfit?! K. Thanks.
Moving on....

What is the one thing that CB can do that makes your heart melt every single time?
There are so many things that CB does that makes my little heart fall into a million pieces. But one of the things that I absolutely love is how caring she is. The girl can watch a commercial about animals that are hurt, or extreme home make over and will cry! I honestly giggle at her for it, but I do love that she has a heart of gold; she will grow into such a wonderful woman because of this.

What are you going to college for?
I'm really not sure at this time what I am majoring in. Being that this is only my second semester, I have decided to stay undecided for now. It seems that every time I find a major that I think I will like, I find something negative about it as well. I am a very indecisive girl.

Do you like being an EMT?
In general, yes. I love the fact knowing that I am certified to assist in saving lives, although...*see questions below*

Do you just work as a dispatcher, or do you still work as an EMT, too?
Yes, right now I only work as a dispatcher. I am only certified as an EMT, but have not had the opportunity to work as one except at accidents that I have came across in my personal vehicle. I have applied so many times to all of my surrounding counties and for some reason they won't give me the time of day. Hopefully, I will get my chance soon.

Do you like working at nights? Is it hard to catch up on sleep when you do?
No, but if it is a consistent shift then I am okay. Last month, I was working 3rd one week, then 2nd the next. I've been working shifts like that for over two years now and it is killer.

Are you a single Mama? If so, do you get help?
Yes, and yes. I am a single Mama but I have an extraordinary family that helps me out. I am so very blessed.

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?
Married, kids, farm. Ahh! I have huge dreams y'all. I am on a search for Mr. Right, I am so darn tired of Mr. Right now and Mr. Break my heart...they make me want to be Ms. Punch-them-in-the-nose. ha!
All jokes aside, I want to be married, at least two more children, and I will be a very proud member of the minivan mafia, living on a farm, and working somewhere with I absolutely love.

What's your favorite memory?
Do I have to pick just one?

-Playing softball as a kid
-The moment I first laid eyes on Charli Beth
-Walking Charli into school for the first time
-The day my Papaw took me to walmart to get an Easter basket that had a white bunny w/ a purple outfit on. Her name was Penny, and I still have her.
-Whenever my Mom, Sister and I were going through a rough spot in our life as a family, and we would ride together singing Dixie chicks as loud as we could.

What's your gulity pleasure?
Right now while Charli B is at school, my guilty pleasure is napping.
Grey's Anatomy
Shopping for CB

What was the hardest struggle about getting pregnant with CB?
Whenever I got pregnant, I was in my first semester of college and living on campus; not to mention I was having the time of my life. A month before finding out I was pregnant, I was involved in a very severe car accident, where my car was split in half, I was thrown out, life flighted and so forth. It was like I could not catch a break that year. I was so sick for the first six months of my pregnancy with morning all day sickness. Let alone being heart broken because the man that I loved was picking drugs and friends over me. It was such a hard time in my life.

Who is your inspiration in life?
Charli Elizabeth Grace.
She is not only my daughter but my best friend. I want nothing more than to give her the life that she deserves. I try my best to work my butt off to get us to where we belong in life. We have huge dreams together, and I will accomplish them for us. Y'all can count on that!

How do you make things work as a single mom?
To be honest, I'm not sure that I even do make things work as a "single Mom." But if and when I do I have no one else to the thank besides the Lord and my family. I can not express to you guys how blessed we are to have them. Some people just say that for no reason, but deep down in my heart I know that I could not make it with out them. I cry so many tears of thankfulness and sadness as well at times because I just don't want them having to spend all of their time watching my child while I am working or sleeping. I really feel terrible about that, but whenever I say something, Mom's reply is "This is what family is for."
Love them.

how do you balance work, home, parenting, sleep, etc? do you have help?
I think I pretty much answered that one in the question above.

Is CB's father in her life? Does he help at all?
No. I am the only parent listed on her birth certificate, she has my last name and yes all of this was my choice.

I am the one that decided for him to not be in her life, some may call me bitter or wrong by doing so, but in my opinion I am just keeping my girl out of harms way for as long as I can. We never know what tomorrow holds; a road to recovery is always a possibility?!?

If there are anymore questions that you want to ask see this
post, please!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I promise to tell the truth, nothing but the truth

I have put a lot of information out in my blog about me, the type of person I am, the things that I have been through in the past. So being that I have nothing - zero -zilch to blog about right now I thought I could turn this around and let y'all ask me some questions. Even if you want to post annonymous, or if you would rather email your question to me, I will asnwer it. Pinky promise! ha!


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