Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Season to Loose.

I will be the first to admit that I am a terrible, no good, awful sore loser. Yeah, maye it isn't exactly, "me" getting beat. But it's my girl. My heart, my soul and by gosh my softball playing little offspring. So of course I want her to win, and most of all I want her to try. Which she does, and she puts forth the extra effort. 

So obviously it is completely miserable to loose, every single game. It sucks like no other getting beat by 14-20 points most games. It's embarrassing! I just had to hold my head up and say, "Oh, no honey you didn't win." When she asked if they were the team to win. Thank goodness she cannot read score boards very well. Because what kind of feeling would if give a kid who tries hard to see how badly they are being beat? 

What I do not understand is leagues letting traveling teams that practice, play and train constantly play together in average leagues? What sense does that make? Why should we have all beginners ,small girls, young girls and non-travel players on one team? How fun is that? Not very much. 

It seems that we continue to experience this. Over and over. So the only thing I can do is try to practice with her more. It's slightly hard to practice with her much, while trying to throw away from B. But to honest, loosing sucks and I'm so over it and so is Charli girl.

Thank goodness this season is over. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Lee Wedding

My sister in law recently married her fiancé Trevor on 9/14/13. It was such a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. The weather turned off cool and you could sense that fall was in the area. This was perfect for their outdoor reception.

Amanda made such a beautiful bride. She was the most stress free sweet spirit and had things planned to the "T." Which is perfect for such an occasion. 

Bryar was the ring bearer, in which he was broke out from head to toe in hives. What a memory this should make! When asking the photographer, how his spots would show up she quickly informed me that they would not. That was until I showed her a photo and her mouth dropped and she said, "oh.."Thankfully, little heat cleared up perfectly to walk down the aisle with daddy! By the time the reception came on his spots were arriving again. 

My Mom was sweet enough to come over and fix the sweet flower girls hair. Charli and Trevor's daughter were SO incredibly cute and sweet walking down the aisle together dropping petals. 

I was completely honored to be a bridesmaid for Amanda and had so much fun being able to dress up to stand next to her on her big day. It is truly a blessing to marry into such a wonderful family. As I wrote to Amanda on her bridal luncheon day, we have laughed, cried, fought and rejoiced together on many of life's occasions just like true sisters do. I am completely thankful that we were apart of their day and were able to witness a beautiful up ceremony. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 5 of Hives

Yesterday was day 5 of these completely annoying and terrible looking hives. Bryar spirits are well for the most part. The only effect that is causing huge grief is all of the medications that is taking. He has been on a daily dose of steroids along with Benadryl and zrytec. 

We have been lacking sleep during the night once the Benadryl starts to wear off. So I made the ultimate call to kick the Benadryl at night. I was completely exhausted and so was he. But during the   day after taking his medications, he has been sleeping for around 3 hours. 

The doctor said to call back today if things were not getting better. Even though the hives will go away or fade some while the steroid is in, they come back completely. Today is his last dose of it. I'm really not sure that I want to continue it with the amount of viruses going around. 

I am still so thankful that his itching has been minimal. I hope that the hives continue to look better and our allergist appointment gets here very fast. Maybe in the time being my Mommy instinct will kick in and I can figure this out. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Balloons, Tunes & BBQ!

This weekend thanks to a contest that I won from 95.1 wggc, Charli and I shared a Mommy Daughter date to Balloons, Tunes and BBQ. We had a busy day but all day Charli was overly ecstatic about being able to meet country singers. She woke me up early that morning asking that I play their YouTube videos, again. 

Before we left for the concert and the kiddos and I celebrated my nephews birthday with our family. He had the cutest little "CHOO CHOO Trace is 2" party. Not to mention that Bryar loves trains rich now as well! 

When the party was over Charli B and I headed towards the event. We were running behind but eventually made it just  in time to meet Justin Rivers. 

He was incredibly sweet and was the most personable of the three singers. Not to mention, hello he is cuteeee! ;)

After finishing photographs with him we headed over to let Charli play in the bounce houses. At this point I was actually so glad that B was unable to attend. The amount of craziness and unruly children was beyond belief. An hour later we went back to the stage to let Charli meet Brent Rupard. We honestly are not familiar with him but hey... It's another celebrity checked off her list. 

We then had a picnick supper on a blanket next to our car. Charli drank an entire sunkist and before we were finished eating she was up dancing to te music. It was hilarious. She never gets drinks like that and when someone told her that they liked her dance moves, she said "I never drink sunkist an it's soooo good! I drank the entire bottle." Oh Mom fail. But atleast it was super funny! 

There were so many people to meet Randy Houser so our time with him was extremely limited. But the "awws" and band members of his saying "that girl has had her photo taken a time or two" was totally worth jt. After meeting handsome Randy we decided to ride a few of the carnival type rides. I'm honestly not a fan of them,  just because of safety issues. But to have some fun I let her pick two. By the time we were finished she was tired and Randy Houser's concert had yet to be started so we headed back to pick Bryar up. 

It was an extremely long Saturday but so much fun spending time with Charli. It's amazing how fast our children grow and mature. It seems like yesterday that her and I would have weekly dates or movies nights. I miss her little soul so much and it was a great reminder of no matter how much she grows up she is still my precious girl. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Mysterious Case of Hives

We have really been struggling the past few days. It's been a nonstop battle of hives since Friday morning. At first we thought it was another case of roseola but then they got bigger and more extreme. 

My sister in law's wedding was yesterday, and on Friday we celebrated with a dinner after the rehearsal. He ate amazingly well but as the night went on we could tell that they were returning. 

Saturday morning when we woke up, I panicked. I think it's one of the only times that I have ever cried while being scared and sad for him. He was completely covered in huge hives. Not only were the hives scary but his diaper was dry. Which is totally unlike Mr. Bryar. We knew that with how much he drank at dinner and ate as well, he should of been at least somewhat wet. My hair appointment was at 9:15 for my bridesmaid hair style, but I knew that the little ring bearer had to find some type of relief before 3:30. 

So we hauled it to his doctors office. I cannot lie and say that I was driving speed limit. Because I was scared. Like seriously worried that swelling or more may occur at anytime. 

Our wonderful pediatrician did confirm that they were hives. I was the annoying Mommy that showed her a million photos and told her every single sign or symptom. Even though he had ran a low grade temp for a few days prior, she did say that it could be from the viral or other. 

I did ask to be allergy tested and she did think it was a good idea. In which, I plan to make him an appointment tomorrow. She started him on 4 ml of Benadryl, a daily steroid dose and we will start Zyrtec. 

By 12, B looked a million times better. I was so thankful for him and my sister in law. I know it will be a sweet memory down the road but even the photographer said we would not be able to cover his spots. 

As the night went on and his steroid ran its course the hives started coming back. By 4 this morning we were up driving the roads and having horrible crying spells. His hives are back and took even longer to leave for the most part today. 

It's 4:30 now and the hives are now small or faded in some what. I cannot help but to say how thankful I am that he is not feeling to bad with all of this. It's super scary as a parent but I know it could be worse. 

I just pray that we can find the cause quickly, since we have not changed or tried anything new. Please continue to pray for my little B as he struggles through this process. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Week Flown By...

I did it, again. One day I will just quit saying, "I'm going to be better at blogging." And just do it. One day...

This week and next week are probably some of the busiest we have experienced in quiet sometime. My sister in law is getting married in exactly one week! We will spend this time preparing and celebrating for her soon to be Husband and herself. This time has truly flown by since they were engaged a year ago! 

Yesterday, we had two extra little bugs at home with us. My nephew Trace and Charli girl. Trace and I share a bday on Wednesday {9/11} but we are celebrating his birthday today with a train themed party! Charli Beth took the day off from school due to a stye. She has been dealing with her eye bothering her since Monday. She woke up with the corner looking very terrible, almost as if it had been scrapped. Then as it got better, I started getting sore and puffy. She had a substitute teacher today as well. So i decided to let her rest her eye instead of the sub worrying.

I entered this photo in a local radio station contest called, "Show Us You Boots." The contest was put on to pick 3 winners to meet Randy Houser, Justin Rivers and Brent Rupard backstage at a concert. Luckily enough, we won! So Charli Beth and I are going to head out tomorrow night for a little girl time and country music. Curtis is actually working security at this event, which is even better! 

As you can see in the next picture down B woke up Thuraday morning broke out in hives. At first I was worried that it was Hand Foot Mouth. But thankfully, after reassurance from the doctors office I decided it was indeed hives, again. The photo above is after his decoded dose of Benadryl. 

Bryar is down to one long nap a day but he tries to hold out for as long as possible. A lot of days we will just sit next to one another and he will fall asleep on my shoulder. One day he will sleep this easily at night as well. One day... 

Charli Beth finally got to play her favorite position on Tuesday. She actually played very well and was very fast for her age. But stopping the ball with the extra equipment was a little bit of a different story. 

I'm just going to be honest and say that the team we played that night had absolutely no class. They would make sometime of a barking noise every time a girl got up to bat. It's 8 and under people, just shut up and play the sport. I do not believe it effected our girls but it drove me nutty. They also tagged in the face, and run purposely over to knock girls down when being tagged. It is truly a different experience in 8 and under for us. Charli's team has not even came close to winning a game. It's almost sad how much more inexperienced this team is than the rest. Most teams are at least half travel teams or more. It just baffles me that the league will set them up this way. What fun it is to watch them get completely slaughtered every game...not! End of rant. 

Bryar is becoming obsessed with lights and sirens. Any vehicle that we come across (besides and tractor and semi, he knows they belong to Pa and Papaw) he says, "Daddy" at a hundred times. One of the perks of being a toddler and having a daddy that is a deputy is the trips to see blue lights. 

It's actually 4:30 a.m. and I am laying here blogging. I cannot help but to call myself an idiot. But have you ever had those times were you just feel so busy that you're restless? That's me. Not to mention, my son is obsessed with sleeping on the couch half way through the night and I have a little toddler foot jabbed into my spine. 

Oh the joys... 

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