Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Little House Makeover

This Spring I have been working on having a "greener thumb" and fixing up our yard. I've learned that I really enjoy yard work and taking on new task to better our property. Since Curtis has been working so many hours and we have had some down time, I've taken this role on. We have a small garden out by the corn field, and I cannot wait to learn more about growing our own vegetables. 

One of the small tasks that I had been dying to taken on was to fix up an area for our play house. Bryar has never been a fan of going into it because even though he is all boy, he HATES bugs. Grass seems to cause all sorts of little creatures to gather in these homes. 

My first task was to spray weed killer then wait a few weeks to make sure everything was dead. Then I spread newspaper out before placing mulch on top (Note to self: Make sure the newspaper does not include a very important article about your Husband's awesome fight and arrest at work. Yep.. Wife fail.) Using the newspaper will help eliminate any weeds fom growing to quickly through the mulch. 

Next we went down on the farm and gathered rocks. The kids really enjoyed being big rock collectors.

I placed the rocks that we found as the outline if the mulch. Which was budget friendly as well as cute! 

I then planted some left over annuals infront of the house to just make it a little more, "cute." I'm sure all of my little girlies that I watch throughout the week will enjoy them - or stomp them by accident ;) 

My Mom gave me two flowers for Mother's Day and I planted them in a bucket that was left over from a birthday party a few years back. I purchased a pinwheel for Bryar to play with and once he was finished I planted it in the ground as well. I also remembered that I had a set of numbers that had been lying in my file box for years and thought they would be cute as "house numbers." 

Altogether I spent around $5 for the mulch. Everything else we already had at our home or was given to us. It is so much more cute and now the littles can play without the itchy grass tickling their feet. Hopefully they will enjoy this new little addition as much as I have making it! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Firecrackers Softball

Charli Beth is finally back at playing softball and we could not be more excited about this season. She is proudly back on the team that we started out and I could of kissed the phone when I got the call. This coach is wonderful and the team is just all around so fun! 

Charli has grown stronger since her last season and her strength in throwing has improved so much. Her batting stance has changed per the coaches request, so she is working to get back into her groove. 

Our team consistent of several travel ball girls, which are hardcore and great players. Charli continues to improve and of course that makes me even happier! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter 2014

I am a little late to the game of posting all about our Easter fun but it seems that Instagram is my new blogging tool. Which is a shame I know?! 

We started out Holy Week with Curtis participating in the church play. It was actually really great! He held two roles in the play as there were past and present scene. I wish I could have taken pictures because I cannot describe in words how great everyone who participated made this play. 

We attended a egg hunt with friends and then one at Aunt Amanda's house. We also colored eggs last minute late Friday night. We were all sleepy so they were kind of colored, cracked and thrown away. 

Easter morning Charli woke early to find that the marvelous bunny had left her and Bryar sweet little baskets. Then she found bunny prints outside which lead to an investigation. 

No kidding... She even licked the prints and in one guess she figured out it was flour. But she carried on making a morning of it by finding little fuzz balls and explaining to us that the bunny rides in a basket that has wings. I am still thankful for her innocent imagination. 

Honestly, Bryar could of cared less about any of this except the fact that there was candy. 

Since Curtis was participating in the play on Sunday morning I made the decision to attend church with my family. It's always a blessing to go, "home" and see so many loved ones. We had to leave before church service was over to get back in time for family dinner number one. 

Nice hand placement Bryar has, huh? If I could of got another shot, I would of . But this is the best of  Easter 2014. 

We are lots of good food and had wonderful family time at both family dinners. When we finished with one, it seemed we were right off to the next. That is part of Holidays though right? I love it but boy does it make me wish for an extra day of rest. 

While we were at my Grandmothers later in the afternoon. The great grandkids were in the backyard playing when Charli got her hair stuck in a bubble blower. I am very certain that my face explains this situation well. 

We did end up cutting her hair but you cannot tell it at all thanks to her curls. 

The kids and I made bunny cakes for desserts. If you ever wonder how much d a control freak you are, decorate cakes with kids. Oh my... Charli made it a cute one though! 

The kids were blessed with so many wonderful things this Easter. But most importantly Charli learned even more about Jesus and lots of her questions were answered during this blessed Holiday. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Social Media While Being A Deputy Wife

Do you have that one person in your town that will tweet out information that they hear on the local police scanners? We do. I actually love this guy. He keeps me in the, " know" and I can honestly say that I get on twitter directly more than once a day to read his feed. I assume this reading also helps me cope with missing being within Law Enforcement myself and getting to know all sorts of things. Although, it is human nature to be nosey and that is just what I am 99% of the time.


On Friday Curtis was in a pretty intense situation early in the morning hours. This situation could have been dramatically different and even life threatening for Curtis. I found out on this day that I am not a lover of twitter and local media when it comes to being a Wife of an Officer. Within minutes of this incident, it was already published for all to see in the twitter world. In no time later, Curtis' name and department was published as well.

Can you imagine the phone calls and text messages that I started receiving soon after?

Thankfully, Curtis and I share a certain level of communication when it comes to his calls and the serious situations that he may come across. {In saying that, I also want to remind you that there are several couples who may not share these things.} I have received phone calls before from Curtis letting me know that he was going to a serious call, and to let us know that he loves us. Even though I get a hole within my stomach during the time of not hearing from him. It makes me feel comfortable knowing, as well as being able to sit down and say several prayers for him and the others involved. On Friday this situation was very unexpected and no one could of been prepared for it, just like so many other situations officers experiences regularly.

I know that we should try to never think of the, "what if" scenarios. But honestly, I cannot help but to think how heart breaking it would be to find out my Husband had been injured, or worse by social media. I know there are Army Wives or even civilian wives that this has happened to and it makes me sick for them. I know we cannot keep media from publishing things, but I can ask that our media or even everyone for that matter be a little cautious on what they share and when they share it.

In closing.

I will say that I love you Joe Imel but you scare the hell out of me with your knowledge you share to our citizens.

I also want to thank everyone that has called to check on Curtis, shook his hand and gave him a pat on the back. It really has humbled me at the support he has been given and the amount of love shown for our local law enforcement officers. I could not be anymore proud to be his Wife.

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