Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Has Arrived

Although Kentucky has been showing us sneak peaks of Spring time for a few weeks I could jump and shout that the season has finally arrived. Do not get me wrong because I am a snow lover, but we have some exciting things coming this season. Then again, Mother Nature is being moody and giving us chilly weather this weekend. Even though I feel like throwing a toddler fit, I will accept that it could possible..maybe..very well be the last big cold spell.

Since the weather has been getting warmer, the kids have been absolutely loving it. We've been outside and just enjoying it all. Papaw has helped the kids make friends with the new calves. We've had a picnic, and hike. It's just been lovely to say the least.

Watching Cinderella with Charli Beth this month was literally one of my happiest moments. I was never into princesses as a child but Cinderella was just so magical. I believe Charli loved it just as much as I did, and the time with her was even more precious. 

Our local Chick-Fil-A and Younglove Adoorable designs hosted a painting party recently. I was able to meet some friends from church there and it was such a pleasant night "off" from Mommy-hood.  Aren't the door hangers totally ADOORable?! 

Bryar is literally growing up before my eyes. His speech is completely astounding and he talks non-stop at this point. I captured this on our way to the play ground. His bubble and duck tail were right on que, and I thought he looked so big! 

Spring arriving has brought many trails for Papaw on the farm. This photo was taken on a Sunday afternoon as he is explaining to Bryar how the pipes run safe to other areas in the barnyard. Sadly, that pipe had a leak, so he was in the middle of taking care of it. As always Bryar was taking it all in as he watched from behind.

With Spring arriving it means many wonderful things are happening for our family too! Charli's birthday is in exactly one week! Can you guess what she asked for? :) 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

We are almost a month out from Valentine's Day, so figured it's probably time to share our events! We typically do not go all roses and chocolates in our home. To me, flowers especially stinky roses are a waste and I'm really not even a chocolate fan... Yep, I said it. My husband did get me a card this year. Then he forgot about it in the floor board of my car until yesterday when i finally brought it in and told him to give it to me next year. Sheesh... Married life is so romantic ;) 

So our big excitements are Valentines boxes, the rodeo and class parties. 

Charli girl and I always have a blast making her box together. This year she made a plan and stuck to it. I tried something Pinterest worthy but she needed this pig. So "Hogs and Kisses" it was... 

It turned out pretty cute. But honestly all I could think about was how this is her last party of third grade! Where has time went this year? Oh, how it kills my Mommy heart 

She's honestly just pure sweetness and I love the days that reminds me of how she is still so young and my baby as well. 

Now this little firecracker on the other hand... He has my heart wrapped around his finger in a whole other way. He is silly and hilarious at awkward times yet so lovable and squishy at others. Many days I lay in bed and think how exhausted I am from chasing after him (and others) at preschool but honestly I wouldn't change it for the world. Bryar's personality is growing more and more by the day. We just really have to slow down this ninja role playing... Mama's getting old! 

We attended the Lonestar rodeo once again this year on Valentine's Day. This is our sixth year doing this and it's became quiet a tradition. Valentine's night Curtis and I romantically ordered steaks out, brought them home and watched Sons of Anarchy. Then right at bedtime Gunner man was sprayed by a skunk... 

So I locked myself in Bryar's room and slept in his bed. 

Romantic I tell you... 

Lastly, Charli Beth had to make a Mardi Gras character parade float. It's no surprise to me that she picked Little House on the Prarire. Thankfully, with all of the snow days we put it together in no time. It was a lot of fun exploring ways and working together. Minus her blister she recieved from the glue gun. :( Lesson learned. 

Charli's 9th birthday is coming up in less than a month! She is super excited after making this project! 

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